Writer’s Workshop – Ten Fall Things!

I wanted to choose the house prompt but I don’t have a way to a.) find good photos or b.) draw and scan so you get this:

5.) Fall is here! List your top 10 favorite things about this Fall season.

  1. The leaves. I know that’s basic but how amazing is it to see trees going through their yearly cycle of turning beautiful golds/pruples/merlot colors and then dropping them to the ground, only to start budding and living again in a few months?
  2. Festivals/Pumpkin patch. Last year we went to the Havana pumpkin festival and I have always loved taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Actually, I went there even before I had kids. you can ask my roommates; I always dragged them to get ‘kins.
  3. Pumpkins/gourds/Fall fruits and vegetables. There’s something so cozy about them!
  4. Tea season. Soon as it gets cooler I live on tea in the evenings. Lemon zinger, Earl Gray, you name it, I drink it.
  5. The colors. I love all the cozy reds/oranges/yellows.
  6. Burning Autumn candles and tarts. My sister works at Yankee candle and there are so many good scents!
  7. Not sweating as much! Once it gets to that sweet spot temperature-wise. I won’t break a sweat just walking from the car to my office. but hey, that’s typical Florida.
  8. Houses getting all their Halloween decorations put up.
  9. Thanksgiving!
  10. That eventually, Fall ends and it’s tie for Christmas, which is such a magical time of the year, one where I get to be with family and reflect on the past year, looking forward to a new one.