Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Mad at The Man

I am going to whine in this post, just a little. And probably talk about things you don’t want to hear. Oh well!


Seriously Shawn

  • Isaac has always, since he was very little, had stomach/bowel issues. Now that he’s 2.5, he gets pretty watery diarrhea about every 2-3 months for about one day. Then it goes away. Unfortunately, the state rules don’t help him much and he – according to them – has a horrible virus and cannot go to school. OMG, screw up my life harder!
  • I may have been a little harsh on the daycare director. Kept my cool for the most part but I was really just frustrated. Le sigh.
  • I follow all these home/design blogs around the country and they are all packing up summer and setting for Fall. And, slowly, it is becoming such here. Our morning temps are finally consistently low 60s and I know that soon, I too will bring out the quilts and other blankets for the couches and at some point, be turning on the heat.
  • Speaking of quilts, I have one that was my paternal grandmother’s; actually, I think it may have been my great grandmother’s and I want to use it but I also have this fear that it will suddenly fall apart or get chewed on by a dog or get spills from a kid. But it’s meant to be used and has made it this far…
  • I really want to make some kind of veggie bake; you know, winter veggies and cheese of some sort. Sounds easy, right? But I can’t seem to find a recipe I like.
  • I am not as angry now as I was before but the whole Isaac thing is really irritating. Did anyone else have this issue with a kid? I found this online:

Toddler’s diarrhea If your child has multiple loose bowel movements per day, perhaps containing undigested foods and mucus, he may have what doctors call toddler’s diarrhea. There’s no discernible cause, except perhaps the addition of new foods or other change in diet. Your toddler will continue to gain weight and grow normally, soon outgrowing this condition.

  • I am thinking this is exactly what he has. Wonderful! I would take him to the doctor but the thing is, he’ll just look it up on the internet and charge me twenty bucks.
  • Anyway, I have probably grossed you out by this post so to make up for it, here you go: