Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – One week later edition


Seriously Shawn

Coming off the three day weekend, I am actually sort of shocked that it is, indeed, Tuesday!

  • By the time you’re reading this, my appendix will be one week gone from my body. I am still weirded out by the procedure; I showed the boys a youtube video of a laproscopic removal and even I was a little squicked. On the video, they took it right out through the belly button!
  • I fully enjoyed my three day weekend, from no running, to going out to eat with my family and seeing old friends.  I didn’t get to go to the FSU game but Ash did on the fly and the boys and I went to Target to acquire FSU shirts for them. We’re geared up for the season now!
  • We also walked around in the woods Monday morning and the boys ran themselves silly on the playground. Too bad it was exceptionally hot. So ready for Fall!
  • Speaking of, I took myself to the mall in hopes of finding a new top to add to my wardrobe and I had my first salted caramel mocha of the season. Honestly, if it was not a mocha but just a caramel latte with the whipped cream and caramel/salt, then it’d be better. Guess I CAN order it that way, can’t I?
  • The top I ended up getting is Ralph Lauren, on sale, and a lime kinda green, a new color for me but I own A LOT of black tops already. Branching out!
  • I let the boys do the Creepy Crawlers machine I got Ell for his birthday. I know now why my mom never let me have that; what a mess! And it takes, like, ten minutes for the thing to heat up to melt down the goo pods to fill the mold, which then needs to cool to be solid again. Seems so counterproductive. The thing I had was this, which involved putting this green putty stuff on bones and then watching it disintegrate in an alka-seltzer like liquid. I remember that I had to play with this outside on the porch.
  • Even though it’s going to be painful and torturous, I am going to attempt to pick back up on my marathon training. I didn’t want to start back over with it for another race because – God, I already suffered through six weeks – and it felt sort of counterproductive. We’ll see how today’s short run goes but if I feel good, I will try for Sunday’s 16. If that one is just all-out terrible and painful, then I’ll consider dropping down to a half instead. I just want to complete one marathon and then start dominating 15ks and halves.
  • I realized how much I enjoyed not running but I am also sort of grouchy without it. And I can’t justify the way I eat, either.
  • Running still makes me exceptionally grateful for any downtime I get. Just laying in bed is a heavenly experience these days.

Well, that’s all I got, except this here tasty treat: Ben Godfre, in a final tribute to Summer. It’s starting to fade out; Fall is nigh!