Painful weekend + MMMM

Alright ::cracks knuckles::  going to try and bang out some kind of post in between what will probably be a lot of students here soon; it’s the first day of classes! It doesn’t usually get crazy until the first class ends (so in about 30 minutes.)

My weekend was pretty darn decent. Friday afternoon, I was a little late leaving my office but Ash and I still made it to hibachi and then saw Expendables 2, which was mad entertaining but full of awful dialogue. We then retrieved the boys and I made them dinner before running 4 miles. Randomly, around 8:15, I got a call from one of my friends about an impromptu Girls’ Night Out. I didn’t meet up with them until 10 but we ate then went dancing. I am not much of a dancer but still had fun. The place we went usually plays decent stuff but once the weird reggae/wannabe Rage Against the Machine band finished, they played some really horrible mixes. Highlight of the night was this guy who kept trying to dance with us and hit on my friend. He told her he’d be fun but wouldn’t rape her. Wow, buddy!

I knew I should not have been out so late; I crawled into bed at 1:30 and my morning 4 miler was crappy. I was all kinds of tired for the rest of the morning. Luckily, we all took a nap and then went to the pool then Costco, then I made spaghetti. That night, I was flat-out exhausted, mostly from the lack of sleep but also, the weight of knowing Sunday morning would entail a 13 mile run.

For some reason, Ell woke up at 4 AM the next day and after putting him back to bed, I fell back to sleep only to dream about running! Then I woke at 5:45 and had to actually run. That is THE worst! Run itself was fine; I was pretty damn sore when I got home but after a night of sleep, my muscles/knees feel good. Except, I do think I have pulled an abdominal muscle. Lame, but at first I thought it might just be gas but I am pretty sure it’s the muscle. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t move and it especially hurts near my pelvic bone on the side, right where said muscle probably connects. Crappy! The thing I have going for me though is that tomorrow will probably be raining so bad I won’t get to run anyway; the rest will do me good.


I love today’s MMMM theme: top hits from the year you graduated high school (or prom song but screw prom!) 1997 had a lot of awesomely cheesy songs so here goes:

Sadly, I bought that album.

Next one has innuendo but is not necessarily explicit.

R&B /Hiphop used to be better, y’all.

Last one: I listened to this song pretty much non-stop with my freshmen roommate. Well, my second one. The first girl did NOT work out.