Fall, running

I had a hot latte instead of iced this morning; it just seemed right. After all, it’s been many months since I did that. Perhaps I am just ready for Fall. At the same time, I am desperately hanging onto that idea of high summer; the feeling of freedom and hot days that are quenched by the pool and anytime naps and popsicles on the lawn. I think every August is like this: the days are so very disjointed because the beginning of the month is still summer session at work, then a few are in-between, and then the end of the month, the semester begins and it’s back in full force. It’s so jarring for each part of the month to be something else. Throw in there my sister’s and Elliot’s birthdays and it’s just a busy time. September is no less busy but I ease into that month, taking my face-to-face class in stride and balance it with my online work.

Of course, I have to balance it all with running. I am halfway through week 3; here’s how one and two worked:

Monday(1)- Rest; Monday (2) – Rest

Tuesday(1) – 3 miles easy; Tuesday (2) – 3 miles easy

Wednesday(1) – 5 miles hills; Wednesday(2) 6 miles hills

Thursday(1) – Rest; Thursday(2) – Rest

Friday(1) – 5 miles easy; Friday(2) – 6 miles easy

Saturday(1) – 3 miles easy; Saturday(2) – 3 miles easy

Sunday(1) – 9 miles LSD (Long slow distance); Sunday(2) – 9 miles LSD

Week one was 25 total, week 2 was 27. Week 3 is apparently 29, made up by my Sunday run, which is slated to be 11. I’m slowly building and soon enough, running will be all but dominating my life. I have, so far, managed to make evenings work. I don’t take lunch and try to leave my office by 4, which I am technically not supposed to do but I figure so long as I work the correct total number, it is justified.

Rest days make me understand just how truly grateful for something I can be. Those two days are little gifts every week. I don’t know if I was actively aware of gratetfulness before these past few weeks. Even though I have trained before, it was only four days a week; that fifth day changes everything.

It’s funny the different phases I go through when training. Some days I’m all “Oh God, I really don’t feel like running.” And others, I go through the entire day knowing, having committed, that I will do my run and shut my mouth. Some people don’t even have legs, I tell myself. Be glad you can walk, let alone run. I have also given up worrying about rain. Summer thunderstorms are inevitable here so if it’s 5 PM and the only time I can run, but pouring rain, I’m just getting wet. Though it may only be a matter of time before my ipod stops working.

There are always trade-offs, I suppose. I have to have music but my armband cuts into my arm every run, leaving a half inch scab. It doesn’t hurt but it leaves a mark. I’m ok with this. I am waiting for the other effects of running to show though: pounds lost, muscles gained, miles and miles behind me.

WWTK – Blast from the past


Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

{1}What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I suppose it’s when I get pedicures. I tend not to splurge on anything except coffee so I think this is the only thing that qualifies. I wish I could say massages but I get them so infrequently. Sigh.
{2}What is the ONE thing you’re never too busy for?

I know I should the kids right? And I’m not, but I’m going with running. Even though, honestly, I AM too busy for it but I always make the time anyway.
{3}They say love is in the little things. What is a little thing someone does to show you love?

It’s when Ash will randomly send me an “I love you”  text or, out of nowhere, offer to take care of dinner. He knows  love that stuff but does it just infrequently enough that I keep appreciating it.
{4}What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

I was leaving daycare and driving into town, towards FSU. I was also on the phone with my friend, who wanted to know if I was annoyed by the daycare’s new supply list too.
{5}If you could be on any game show what would it be?

Ha! I remember answering this one before. I said Jeopardy but if I didn’t make the cut, then it would be Price is Right. I used to be so damned good at guessing those prices!