Friday Confessional – Longest week EVER!





I confess… with running off the table for a little while, I am planning on doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this weekend. I’m going to eat breakfast! on Saturday and sleep in! on Sunday and try to actually clean my house! without overdoing it on my abs. Just thinking about this almost brings me to tears.

I confess… the giddiness I feel at this mandatory break from running worries me; like, I was burned out and didn’t realize it. Only 6 weeks into 16 should not be burned out.

I confess… I am thinking about switching to the half marathon, if they’ll let me. I just don’t know how I am going to feel and f I can even catch up now. It’s kind of depressing but in some ways, a relief. This week has been hard.

I confess… I didn’t think about all the stuff that would be hard to do after having my, you know, ABDOMINAL CAVITY ripped open. (Ok, so it’s three tiny incisions but EITHER WAY…) But yeah, everything is difficult.

I confess… I was really irritated by my kids this morning. I hope my day goes better and that when I get home, we can just chill.

I confess… I am SO ready for Fall. And pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes and red/golds/orangey leaves and for things to slow down, though they totally won’t!

Well, here I am

Yes, I went to work today. To be honest, I feel pretty good. It’s still a bit difficult to get up and sit down but it’s minor. Just feels like I did ten million crunches and my abs hate me. The residual gas that they pumped into me for the procedure was actually the most painful thing. It supposedly can get stuck up under your ribs and in your shoulders – which it did – and that is seriously painful and makes laying down and getting back up a total bitch. Otherwise, I’m just a little slow and I can’t go lifting anything. I even drove today, even though the doc had said not to. Turns out he meant that only if I was going to take the Vicodin, which I am not. I don’t need it and hate how I feel on it. Extra strength Tylenol for me only.

It’s really weird losing two days of work time and being so out of my own life. I am trying to do extremely ordinary things to get back into it. For instance, I made the boys pb&j sandwiches for lunch and got them all packed up for school and just doing that made me feel normal. I am catching up at work but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not very fair for this to happen right at the start of Fall semester but it’s the norm, I suppose. Last year, Ell bit through his lip and needed stitches on day 2. When I was pregnant with him, he came 2.5 weeks early, on day 2 of the Fall semester. It just seems like I can count on something going awry at the end of August. Well, screw you August; be gone!

I am ready to start feeling better. I am ready to start my semester. I am ready for the weekend. I am ready for Labor Day Monday.

WWTK = What would you rather…?

Well, I’d RATHER be at home but I am still waiting for the doctor to clear me. My abdomen incisions actually feel fine, but they pump this air/gas into you when they do the surgery so I still have weird pain from that. BUT, since I am laid up, let’s do WWTK!


Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

{one} WYR…Never be able to look in the mirror again or always get dressed in total darkness?

I’ll say get dressed in darkness because you’d get to know your closet and organize it. Plus, if I can look in a mirror still, I can double check how I look and go back to amend.
{two} WYR…Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now?

If I can still keep working, I’d take the 50k now and invest it. Yeah, the safe answer.
{three} WYR…Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of tourette’s?

God, both seem awful! I’d say tourette’s and try to hone it just to say mean things to people I don’t like. ;)
{four} WYR…Be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year or consciously control your dreams?

Ooh, good question. The dream one would be cool and probably make my life happier. I cannot consciously choose rewind because there are some things you cannot control. We learned that in Groundhog Day.
{five} WYR…Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?

Be the best in the world at one thing. I don’t know what but that would be a real honor to be the best in the world at something.

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Appendix edition


Seriously Shawn


Coming to you live from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital!

  • As previously mentioned, my stomach ached on Sunday. Well, it got progressively worse so I made an appointment with my doctor yesterday afternoon. Pretty much right after she poked and prodded, she sent me to the ER.
  • I sat in that damn ER for nearly 5 hours! The wait is not normally that long but it was a crazy day. There was a drug addict puking her guts out and an inmate in shackles. Classy!
  • When I finally got in a bed, I didn’t even care about anything else except the fact I got to lay down. Every time my mind started to go crazy thinking about missing work and the surgery which was inevitable, I thought: “At least you have a nice bed to lay in and you can rest.” It was comforting.
  • Sometime around 1 AM, I got taken for my CT scan, which is worse than surgery. Let’s just say that “rectal enema” is nothing you want to deal with. Blah. But everyone was super nice and they explained stuff and by about 4:30 I was en route to the OR.
  • I don’t know when I woke up but I remember thinking, “Yay, I made it!” Ash and Ell were getting off the elevator right as they were wheeling me to my recovery room so I got to see them.
  • I had a nice breakfast of broth, jell-o, coffee, popsicle and italian ice. It was pretty good; I had not eaten since noon yesterday and I was starving.
  • They put these inflatable things on my calves that inflate on and off to prevent blood clots. It’s like a constant massage. I dig it.
  • I’m looking forward to lunch and a nap and seeing my kids later. This is pretty much no fun but I am thankful for laptops and internet. For realz.
  • No eye candy today as I haven’t got the energy to find it but let it be known, next week, you’ll get something special. LOL. Take care, y’all.

Painful weekend + MMMM

Alright ::cracks knuckles::  going to try and bang out some kind of post in between what will probably be a lot of students here soon; it’s the first day of classes! It doesn’t usually get crazy until the first class ends (so in about 30 minutes.)

My weekend was pretty darn decent. Friday afternoon, I was a little late leaving my office but Ash and I still made it to hibachi and then saw Expendables 2, which was mad entertaining but full of awful dialogue. We then retrieved the boys and I made them dinner before running 4 miles. Randomly, around 8:15, I got a call from one of my friends about an impromptu Girls’ Night Out. I didn’t meet up with them until 10 but we ate then went dancing. I am not much of a dancer but still had fun. The place we went usually plays decent stuff but once the weird reggae/wannabe Rage Against the Machine band finished, they played some really horrible mixes. Highlight of the night was this guy who kept trying to dance with us and hit on my friend. He told her he’d be fun but wouldn’t rape her. Wow, buddy!

I knew I should not have been out so late; I crawled into bed at 1:30 and my morning 4 miler was crappy. I was all kinds of tired for the rest of the morning. Luckily, we all took a nap and then went to the pool then Costco, then I made spaghetti. That night, I was flat-out exhausted, mostly from the lack of sleep but also, the weight of knowing Sunday morning would entail a 13 mile run.

For some reason, Ell woke up at 4 AM the next day and after putting him back to bed, I fell back to sleep only to dream about running! Then I woke at 5:45 and had to actually run. That is THE worst! Run itself was fine; I was pretty damn sore when I got home but after a night of sleep, my muscles/knees feel good. Except, I do think I have pulled an abdominal muscle. Lame, but at first I thought it might just be gas but I am pretty sure it’s the muscle. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t move and it especially hurts near my pelvic bone on the side, right where said muscle probably connects. Crappy! The thing I have going for me though is that tomorrow will probably be raining so bad I won’t get to run anyway; the rest will do me good.


I love today’s MMMM theme: top hits from the year you graduated high school (or prom song but screw prom!) 1997 had a lot of awesomely cheesy songs so here goes:

Sadly, I bought that album.

Next one has innuendo but is not necessarily explicit.

R&B /Hiphop used to be better, y’all.

Last one: I listened to this song pretty much non-stop with my freshmen roommate. Well, my second one. The first girl did NOT work out.


I’m almost to 2000 posts written on this blog. I think Tuesday might do it, which would be cool, since it’s my favorite blogging day. I opted out of posting yesterday because I had a million and one things to do, though today is no different. Goal one: grade papers. Goal two: finish weekly plans for my Fall syllabus. Goal three: give mailboxes back to the three people I thought had graduated. Oops.

My run yesterday was 7 miles hills. But my watch got all messed up because I stopped it myself, instead of letting it auto pause, so I then forgot to restart it. Went a different route and it turned out to be close to only 6. I was kind of disappointed, especially because it took me roughly 80 minutes, but that included a bathroom stop and subsequent chat with the girl who works there. I think I could have done better. But I should also know not to take chances on new routes. Though it was interesting, I didn’t reach my goal and I was slow. That would be fine if I wasn’t training. I actually enjoyed going a different way. Oh well. It is what it is.

On my rest days, I tell myself not to think about running at all. And yet, when I sit at my desk doing work, I still subconsciously think about it. It’s a vague idea, barely even there, but it IS there and I kind of hate that.

We watched Lockout last night, the weird space convict movie with Guy Pearce. It was just OK; I drifted off during some of it for sure but it had some funny lines. I should let Ash pick the movies. (But then we would have watched Wanderlust, which I wasn’t in the mood for.)

I’d kill for one day without rain.

I’m slightly worried about West Nile Virus. Like, do I really need another thing to worry about?

The rain makes me sleepy. So sleeeepy.

There are loud sorority girls in my building and I want to kick them.


Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – TMI edition


Seriously Shawn

Ha ha aha Tuesday! That shouldn’t be a joke, but it is!

  • SO, Elliot went to Kindergarten yesterday! I was very strong and did not cry. In fact, I actually didn’t even need to; I was brave for us both.
  • Today, we experienced the after before care/before class begins thing. Basically, kids wait in the front of the school with minimal supervision, then someone from their grade comes to get them for the next 30 or so minutes before class actually begins. I didn’t walk with him to that room but once the Kindergarten supervisor got them, he was out. Guess he’s acclimated already!
  • Oh, so here’s the TMI portion of this post. My Sunday run was preempted by some, well, digestive issues. I thought I was good to go so I was about to head out when Ash woke up. (It was about 6:30). He told me to take wipes in a baggie just in case and I was like, “no no, I am fine.” Every long distance runner knows that at some point, bathroom issues will catch up with you and you’ll end up diving into the bushes. I have never done that before, not even when I have had to pee REALLY bad. Well, Sunday was a first for me. I knew it was inevitable so I darted across the street to where I saw some reasonably thick bushes. Mind you, I have never done this while camping or anything so I  was running on instinct. Being early, there weren’t a lot of cars so I waited for two at the intersection to pass then cozied up to the bushes. Not one of my finer moments but the Circle K was about half a mile away and I could not wait. I did stop at said gas station though since, you know, bushes don’t come equipped with toilet paper.
  • I should have taken the wipes.
  • A leaf fell out of my gear when I got into the bathroom.
  • The rest of my run was amazing! Then I ran out of water on the way back so I again stopped into the Circle K. When I’d gone in earlier, the girl working came out of the bathroom just before me, crying. When I went back in, she was regaling her co-worker of some sob story so I had to interrupt to ask if I could have some water; she obvs didn’t care since she’d probably just broken up with her BF or something. So I’m searching the bank of soda dispensers for water, to no avail. So when she went back to her bawling, I took some ice and Powerade and took off. I owe them about 57 cents worth of drink!
  • Hey, you do what you gotta do and even though I had gotten caught in a torrential downpour and it wasn’t very hot out, I wanted something ice cold.
  • Running is NOT glamorous.
  • BUT, I do feel pretty good that I was doing this plan Ash had suggested but neither of us noticed that it was for “intermediate runners who have done a marathon before.” I would consider myself intermediate but this is my first full. So I am going back to Runner’s World’s old plan and um, it’s a lot less hills and overall mileage. This brings me great joy!
  • I have a literal ton of work to do today so I’d best be starting. I have to work on my syllabus and I am trying to find a way to talk about running as some kind of metaphor for their college careers; it’s not working. Peace out!

Don’t know this one’s name but that’s just a sexy scene. And you’re welcome. Happy Tuesday!

A New Era + MMMM

Oh man, you guys. I have been SO busy lately that I haven’t even blogged since last Wednesday! That’s crazy talk. Thursday was busy at work, then Friday I stayed home with the kids because daycare was closed for teacher planning day.  I was busy then too: cleaning, lunch with a friend who’s leaving town, then Ell’s all-school orientation. Then I ran 6 miles and my parents got into town, the water slide was delivered and we got Chinese take-out. I actually skipped my Saturday morning run, we went out to breakfast, then got to work setting up for Elliot’s 5th birthday party. He did go to swim lessons then got home in time for everyone to show up. I have to say, I was worried because people kept backing out last minute, whether they were sick or stranded in an airport, I thought no one would show. But we had 8 total kids and it was a VERY manageable number. If everyone had come, we would have had 5-8 more and that would have been nuts. But the party was a total success. I think we were all totally exhausted too.

I woke up uber early Sunday to do my run but didn’t leave the house as early as I wanted; had some stomach issues. But the run itself was fine. Well, ok, I definitely experienced some weird and new things but I’ll talk about those tomorrow in my Tuesday post. I finished up, took  a shower, then we all went out to breakfast before my parents and aunt left, letting us get back to our normal lives. We all napped, I did laundry, we hit up the store, then the evening we just chilled.

This morning, I took Elliot to his first day of Kindergarten! I can’t even believe it. He was so excited too, right up until I had to leave and then he lost it a little bit. I said my goodbyes and walked out of the room. He looked at me through the rectangular window; that sad, whimpering face he gets, but then his teacher ushered him back to his seat and though he still looked forlorn, he didn’t look for back me, which made me feel a whole lot better. I didn’t even cry! I was glad I held it together; we couldn’t BOTH be crying, you know? I am sure he’s going to love it so there’s that. He’s getting big, I tell you that much.  But I am excited for this whole new thing. The morning routine is doable and I think everything’s going to work just fine.



It’s a Freebie week so here’s my contribution today:

Nothing special, nothing new but this is a song I used to sing to Elliot when he was a baby; the chorus anyway was perfect for that time of our lives. Think about it in non-sexual terms and it’s wonderful.

WWTK – What would you rather…

nullHosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


{one} WYR…have your own private jet or your own private island?

Island! I don’t care that much about flying and the island would be way cooler. I’d love a place where I could just get away from everyone.

{two} WYR…be very good looking or very smart?

You know, that’s tough. I used to be “very smart” and only recently have I realized that I am of average intelligence (though I did get final Jeopardy last night when NONE of the SEMI-FINALISTS did…) It might be nice to be super pretty for a while. Just long enough to know what it’s like. But I would definitely rather be super smart. imagine what you could accomplish with an amazing mind… the possibilities are endless.
{three}WYR…have the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly?

Fly, hands down. While invisibility would be pretty cool for a little thrill, the flying thing – oh, how I have dreamed of it. I may not like planes but if I myself could take to the skies, I would be in heaven.
{four} WYR…have the ability to read minds or control the weather?

You know, Sookie has a hard go of the reading minds thing so I guess weather. But that’s a big responsibility. I would make it sunny when I felt like but be sure to send lots of rain to the Midwest when they’re in a drought!

(Storm, from Xmen.)

{five} WYR…be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

I’m going to go with take back stuff, even though it’s rare I regret something, when I do, it’s an awful feeling!

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Ch-ch-ch-changes, ducks, slippery slides


Seriously Shawn

Oh Tuesday… again? Really? I’ll try to make the best of you, I really will.

  • People, do you realize that my oldest child will be a Kindergartener in  six days? That just blows my mind. I sometimes can’t believe I’ve been a mom that long. As excited as he is about it – seemingly no fear about the change – I have to say that I am starting to worry just a little. Mostly over the new morning routine and how many new things we’ll need to learn. I have never been good with change!
  • In fact, I got a wee bit overwhelmed the other night thinking about just how much we’ll have going on in the Fall: new school for Elliot, my normal job plus my face-to-face class plus my online stuff plus another course later in that semester, my training then the race in early November, Ash’s training which will overlap mine for two months, a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then a sixteen hour drive to Chicago for Christmas! ::Breathe, Claire, breathe::
  • We had a realization yesterday, Ash and I, that we’re sticking to the rules too much lately and it’s stressing everyone out. Obviously you want your kids to understand that there are limitations and eat their vegetables and get enough sleep, etc… but when you spend so much energy implementing the rules, it becomes  tiresome. And then no one is happy. So we’re easing up. You want to eat cheese and grapes as soon as you get home and therefore won’t eat dinner? Fine. Are you full and happy? Good. That’s what matters.
  • I love breaks between semesters; there’s no one around so a lot less pressure. I am catching up this week: cleaning my office and reorganizing and making sure all my ducks are in a row. Where did that saying even come from? Who lines up their ducks? Don’t they line up on their own? At Peabody hotels they do!
  • There’s another hotel in Orlando (I forget the name) that does a penguin parade now, trying to one-up the ducks.
  • Remember last week when I blogged about one-upping other parents’ birthday parties? I don’t know if Ell’s will do it but we DID buy a triple slip n’ slide so that COULD be the deciding factor.
  • Where were those when we were kids? We had the plain old yellow one. The only extreme thing I ever did was this one church get-together thing where this whole field had been turned into a mud pit. Then they had huge tarps that had both mud and water so you slid around. Needless to say, my clothes were trashed after that night but it was hella fun.
  • I honestly can’t believe I just used the term “hella.” I’m showing my age!

Ok folks, that’s a wrap on another Random Tuesday post. Last week was pretty lackluster for comments; I know y’all are busy but show me some love. After all, look what I give you!