MMMM + Weekend Recap; good mood edition

I think it was Friday I had this sudden realization that I was in an exceptionally good mood. I mean, oddly upbeat and just high on life, so to speak. Ash went home after lunch with a sore throat and I used my afternoon to get some errands run. After a brief nap, I got the kids and I also ran, though I can’t remember my run; guess it wasn’t that bad! As promised to Ash for his birthday (which was Thursday) I picked Bonefish later on in the evening. Normally, I get the Bang Bang shrimp but I opted for the steak and man, their sirloin is somewhat of a marvel. Just SO tender and a great marinade. On Saturday, I got a bit of cleaning done before a baby shower mid-morning. In the afternoon we hit up Costco and Publix, though on the way out there, we stopped into a store and bought a four pack of Drumsticks and ate them right outside. Impromptu ice cream trips make the boys happy. Though it rained, we enjoyed hamburgers for dinner and a nice quiet evening.

On Sunday, I knew I had to get crackin’ on cleaning because the day before, we invited our neighbours over for lasagna. So I ran and then cleaned and around 5, they showed up with salad and bread. We had a nice time, though I don’t understand Elliot. When we took him to their house for the fourth, he was good for a while then just got obnoxious. Like, so hungry for attention that he acted all out of control and silly. We figured at home, he’d be better but no, he was crazy. I don’t know why this is; he’s hung out with plenty of people and he knows how to behave. I hope kindergarten will take him down a peg, honestly.

Anyway, even though the weekend was extremely hot and we never did get in the pool, it was nice and relaxing, unlike the weekend before when we went through the whole putting Iggy to sleep fiasco.

And that’s why I opted out of Music Monday last week…


I wasn’t up for songs last week; I was pretty depresse about losing our Iggy. But I am past it now and remember him fondly and without too much sadness. But yay! This is a freebie week. I know I have inundated everyone with Buffett songs for w while now but – no kidding – I ekep finding good ones! Seriously, move past Margaritaville and Come Monday and you’ll find so many well-written tunes.

Schoolboy Heart; a nice little tune.

and Mexico, a catchy song.