Evenings, breakfasting

Yesterday was gross. I can’t remember a more humid day this summer. Literally, it was like a sauna out there. Luckily, it was a rest day so I didn’t have to run. Also fortunate, the kids didn’t want to go outside so we stayed indoors and watched some TV, played some Bey Blade, and had dinner. Lately, dinners have been on the fly as running dominates evenings and Ash also goes out two nights a week to play cards. Which I don’t mind but it interferes. I make the kids healthy things, sure, but it’s always thrown together. Last night they had chicken nuggets, corn, and raspberries. Meanwhile, I cooked up some hashbrowns, bacon, and a fried egg. This has become a staple lately.

Remember a couple weeks ago when all I wanted were cheese and crackers? This is my new cheese and crackers. I want it all the time, at any time and it is both awesome and bothersome; dinner cannot always be breakfast.

Summer… I can’t figure out if we’re smack in the middle or if it’s waning now. Florida is summer for more time than any other season so the months don’t mean what they do in other states. Right on up through September and early October it’ll still be kind of hot but the crank back from HOT to WARM will be so subtle that the first cool-ish (60s?) day in October will catch me off guard and make my heart do a little dance.

Elliot was getting out of the tub around 8:45 last night and I went outside to check for fireflies, which I have seen surprisingly few of this year. Twilight cast its purplish glow across our yard, freshly mown, and the air was cool and dry for the first time all day. Checking for mosquitoes and seeing none, I could have stayed out there far longer than I did, but the boy needed to have a book read and the Olympics were on. But I kind of wished I had pulled up a chair and sat down on my front porch, just watching as the sky turned from that lilca-y purple to more of a cornflower blue, the color right before darkness takes over. I sometimes forget to revere in things, like dusk and dinner and the times when it’s quiet, right after the kids have gone to sleep.

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me


Seriously Shawn

Ok guys, get yer random on today and tell us what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back!

  • SO, I somehow bit the side of my tongue and, since I am prone to mouth sores anyway, it turned into this horrible affliction. I can barely swallow, eating is painful as hell, and the worst part is that it hurts too much to blow my nose. I have been miserable since Friday! See also: swallowing issues lead to ear pain and everything sucks right now.
  • Pile onto that pain the soreness on the top of my foot and I am just a mess today.
  • BUT, no more complaining. Because overall, I am in a pretty good mood. Today is my mom’s birthday (I ended up getting her this other version of the Magic Bullet [a brand named Bella] and it was just in time because she broke her 30 year old Cuisinart last week!) and the month of July is practically over, which means only one more month of less than stellar pay, and it also means one month closer to cooler weather. Because this heat and the HUMIDITY are seriously doing me in.
  • I’m STARVING this week. It most definitely has to do with training but seriously, I want to eat everything all the time. It’s insane. I mean, I caught myself looking at photos of food online. That’s bad!
  • A bunch of my close friends are now moving away because they got jobs. It’s not like I don’t know this is coming but it’s always a little depressing. Bye bye spur of the moment lunches.
  • I have been watching Olympics like whoa and I have decided that aside from swimming, the archery is coolest. Those guys are redic far from the target but still spot on. I also like how our team looks like a bunch of hillbillies from Tennessee, which totally makes sense! However, it’s too bad that USA isn’t really dominating this year. We’re just so-so on most things. I am looking forward to watching the marathon though.
  • In case you cared, Isaac is going through a particularly annoying phase of his early 2s right now: he is loud and obnoxious one moment then cuddly and sweet the next. Angel, meet demon. Now, get along.
  • Is it bad I am still daydreaming about the beach from a few weeks ago? I could go for another vaycay, honestly.

Today’s hottie is Leo Peixoto. He just seems like an average sort of guy, even though he’s built like a machine. Happy Tuesday indeed.

Low key weekend + MMMM

Well, our weekend was fairly uneventful, but in a good way. I went to a spa party Friday night; the newest thing in GNOs, they try to sell you expensive-ass beauty care products, while letting you try them and also, getting hand massages. It was pretty fun but I didn’t buy much; just a body scrub. On Saturday, I ran early then took Ell to swim lessons. In the afternoon and evening, we mostly napped and watched Olympics. It’s hard not to get totally engrossed; it’s one of the few times I really feel patriotic.

Sunday, I got up early to run but it was AWFUL. Not only was I not feeling it energy-wise but about 5 miles in, I hurt my foot. It’s a pain I have had before but it had waned. Not this time. I had to make the executive decision to stop with 2.5 miles to go and call Ash to pick me up. The girl working at Circle K was so nice and let me use the store’s phone. She was also only 20 and super chatty but I am thankful for kindness, especially when injured. I tried to stay off my foot as much as possible and thankfully, today’s a rest day. Also, I believe this week is identical to last week so I can give that nine miler one more try. It’s a little disappointing but I am trying not to dwell on it and move forward.



Music Monday’s them is funny songs today and I am going a different route and picking ones that are not traditionally funny (like Weird Al, etc.) but nonetheless, these have amusing/funny lyrics. (Some F-bombs in the second one.)

Sifl and Olly – a comedy show on Mtv a long time ago. SO random.

Lagwagon – Wait

The Ataris – I won’t spend another night alone. The last stanza slays me

Friday Confessional

I confess… I have been eating a lot of breakfast this week. Big ones, complete with hash browns and bacon. I have not, however, been craving any sweets. Only salty things. I blame all the running.

I confess… Today has already been kind of funky because Ash got up at 4:45 to run (which he never does) and then I got off to a late start because my parents were in town dropping off Elliot and stayed over. We had breakfast and and then started the day.

I confess… If I see someone put an apostrophe in a date – i.e. 1950’s – I want to scream. The date does not possess anything, omit the apostrophe, dammit.

I confess… I somehow bit the back of my tongue or have a little sore type thing so it hurts Every. Time. I swallow. Annoying!

I confess… school supply shopping time is upon me and as much as I want to get all this stuff now while it’s on sale, the specific list for his class won’t be given to me until orientation, which is the Friday before school starts! Ugh!

I confess… there are times when I feel overwhelmed by Elliot going to kindergarten, mostly because it’s so… big. The place he is now has size but it felt, I don’t know, safer somehow. This is a big old elementary school and though close to both home and work, I have this odd feeling like he’ll be so far away.

I confess… things feel stagnant this week, even though I have begun marathon training, Elliot is back now, and our weekend shall consist of runs, swim lessons, and a Costco trip. I think it’s the impending month of August, which will probably fairly crazy. Maye I should revel in this holding pattern for now; it’s about to go nuts ’round here.

Running in this heat – a love/hate story

Running in the summer means that on some days, the only time I can run is between five and seven PM and it is sweltering. It means that I have to run on the concrete side of the street to find any bit of shade but I still feel dizzy and disoriented, even by the end of a quick three miler.

It means that some days, a torrential downpour will consume you a good two miles from home and you have to adjust your electronics so they don’t get drenched. It means stopping at bus stops in hopes the rain will quit but you really only end up sitting next to a skeezy looking guy awaiting the bus. And wondering if you smell horribly of sweat but then realize he smells worse.

Marathon training in summer means those hill intervals are way more difficult because the humidity is insanely high and the humidity is what keeps you from sweating effectively. Your lungs feel constricted and even if you have the actual energy and even if your legs still feel fresh after that Blairstone climb times three, you want to fall into a heap in the next shady spot and curl up, clutching at your ribcage for relief.

But oh, how sweet it is to be jogging past those last four houses, just past the neighbour’s boat where I can slow to a recovery walk for the duration of my driveway. Typing the four number passcode For the garage is such a magical moment because as the door lifts up and reveals home, I can taste my gatorade already and know that a cool shower awaits.

And once that run is over, I can put it away, compartmentalize that aspect of my life and move on. I wash dishes, read to Isaac, play a card game. I don’t think about the next run until the day of and even then, I try to keep it on the back burner until it’s time. if I can just take each day’s run in stride, then i will make it through this training.

Writer’s Workshop Prompt – Seething

Via: http://www.mamakatslosinit.com/blog/

2.) List 10 things that make you angry.

I was reluctant to do this because it would put me in a poor frame of mind but my laptop’s webcam program wouldn’t let me save my vlog; I did it three times and on the final one, I was just so angry, I gave up and chose this one!

So, I used to be a lot more unforgiving so I had a long list of things that pissed me off. This may actually be hard now. (Oh, who am I kidding??)

  1. People who a.) flick lit cigarettes our their car windows or b.) drop them, still lit, right outside a store. I mean, seriously people?! There are others around you so don’t go thinking that your bad habit is acceptable to any and all. This leads me to number…
  2. People who are inconsiderate of others around them. When we were at dinner on vacation, we sat next to a larger group and one guy was totally obnoxious. He thought everyone dining wanted to hear what drunken slurring he had to spew. What ever happened to being civil in public and treating others the way you would want to be treated?
  3. Lateness. If you and I have plans for a certain time, be there 5 minutes early. And if you are going to be late for any reason, we’re so GD connected these days that it won’t kill you to text me. I HATE waiting for people.
  4. Entitlement. My students feel entitled to As just because. Grad students feel entitled to privilege because…. I don’t know, because they work hard for peanuts, I guess. I believe in hard work and nothing for free.
  5. 50 Shades of Gray. There, I said it. That is one gigantic steaming pile of (excuse my language) SHIT. The writing is god-awful, the pacing is disjointed, the main female character had little to no experience (therefore, unbelievable in said role) and Christian, no matter how hot he may be, is a stalker. Also, BDSM – you’re doing it wrong! And this author is now a millionaire; is there no justice???
  6. People who ride the merge lane all the way to the end then swoop in front of that long line of cars. That really makes me stabby.
  7. People who feed stray cats.
  8. When the Jimmy John’s delivery guy calls me from downstairs to meet him. I asked for delivery; that means you walk to my office. Did you want a tip…?
  9. When co-workers pawn work off on other people.
  10. When co-workers step on the toes of others and do thing secretly behind another area’s back. (This one just happened yesterday!)

WWTK – Star studded edition


Your co hosts Mamarazzi and Crazymama:

So The Lovely One asked this question:
The Lovely One wants to know:
{one} What Disney character do you most resemble and why?

I’ll have to agree with Mamarazzi on this one: Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I am sort of bookish and down to earth and plus, I dig that whole storyline. See also: dark hair.

{two} Who was your teenage celebrity crush?

You don’t know me very well if you don’t know I had a MILLION of them1 I am going to give you three though. My first? Probably Harrison Ford. Second that was huge? Axl Rose (Guns n Roses). And lest we forget Christian Laettner (NBA.)

{three} What celebrity would you love to be BFF with?

You know who seems really cool? Emma Watson. (Of Hermione fame)
{four} Who is your celebrity look a like?

I don’t think I have one! Though I am apparently someone’s doppleganger because I frequently have people mistake me for their friend, and I – of course – have no idea who they are.
{five} Which celebrity/celebrity couple would you want to portray you/your honey in a movie about your life?

I’m going to have to say Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry, because their Friends characters remind me of myself and Ash and I think they’d be pretty good with the overall appearance and attitude.

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Bats, Boys, Beaches


Seriously Shawn

Oh Tuesday, I really do love you. No, really. Please, let me love you…

  • It’s always good to come home from a vacation, no matter how long or short. Our beach getaway was exactly what I needed.
  • You know what’s funny about the beach? It’s that any old schmoe can go, so you always see some weirdos; beach bums and other freaks. When we went down to read Saturday morning, a boy and a girl – who couldn’t be more than 17 – were sitting on the lifeguard stand. She had bleached hair with blue highlights and he was sporting the scruffy emo look; they had a guitar and bag of snacks and every so often they’d get down and take pictures of each other posed with the guitar or splashing in the water. That is, until the beach patrol came by and told them not to camp out on the lifeguard stand. Silly hippies.
  • SO, Dark Knight Rises was pretty fun. BUT, it really didn’t have the same intense feel as the other two. To me, it felt like a step outside the Nolan version. I still think he did a nice job with what he was given (in the face of NO Joker option) but there were plot holes and omissions from canon that I cannot reconcile.
  • I have but one boy this week and it’s SO weird to have to only deal with him. It’s quieter, he goes to bed a good two hours earlier than Ell so my evenings are freer, and it just makes me realize how much chaos there is with two children. I cannot imagine if we had more; my brain very well may have exploded.
  • I got the daycare call late yesterday saying Isaac’s eyes were crusty and puffy and looked like headed towards pink eye. I started him on drops but today, they are still not really red. Allergies?
  • Have I mentioned that marathon training has begun? Yup, I have to log 25 miles this week, including a 9 miler on Sunday. One day at a time is my motto. It’s the only way to make it through without killing myself. (i.e. becoming incredibly depressed and skipping runs.)
  • My mother’s birthday is the 31st and since she’ll be bringing Elliot back this Thursday, that’s my opportunity to give her a gift. Any ideas? I wanted to get her a new digital camera but even a cheap one is not possible right now. So what do you get a 63 year old woman who isn’t all that materialist? Please, I am dying to know your thoughts!

Boy have I got a treat for you. I have found a new source for super rugged men, so you get something special today!  Tom Hardy, whom I don’t find inherently sexy but can be, depending on the role. I certainly liked him as Bane in Batman.

MMMM + Weekend by the sea

Did I ever need that vacation, I tell you what. We got all packed Thursday night and then left in the AM, but not before heading to Jenny’s for breakfast. (For local folks, I do realize that they’re simply calling it The Lunchbox now, but it will always be Jenny’s to me.) The drive down was fine but Elliot kept asking when we’d be there. He’s in for a serious surprise when we drive twice as far to Chicago! Once to my parents’ we ate lunch then Ash and I started our journey to the coast. There was some sort of accident on the Beach Line so we went about, oh, three miles in thirty minutes. But it is what it is and we didn’t freak out. Once in Cocoa, we checked into the The Inn at Cocoa Beach, where a nice guy named David showed us the honor bar, the 24/7 beverage area, where they have breakfast each morning, and where they do the complimentary wine and cheese each evening. I’m telling you, this place was awesome. (Right before we left, I saw someone had posted an awful review on TripAdvisor so I didn’t read it. I don’t know what happened to them but my experience was great!)

In the afternoon, Ash and I got on our suits and walked down the beach to the pier and back before going into Ron Jon. I wanted a shirt to wear over my bathing suit and Ash needed a hat. After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We went to a place my mother recommended – Grills Seafood and Tiki bar – which is owned by a family friend. By the time we sat down, it was already 8 PM and I was starving. I wanted seafood but ended up having steak tip kabobs because after a couple beers, that sounded great! After our meal, which was all in all pretty tasty, we stopped into ABC and got one of those premixed margaritas bottles and, well, that finishes up our night. ;)

On Saturday, Ash wasn’t feeling so hot in the morning so I went down for the free breakfast, which was awesome.  They provide a variety of breads and bagels with jams, butter, etc and a couple toasters. There’s a station to boil eggs, and they then give you a tray that has the mini quiches and breakfast bread of the day, plus juice. Good deal! By the time I got back, he was feeling better so we got ready to hit the beach and simply read. I’d say we were down there for a good two hours before feeling hungry so we went to the surf shop right next to Ron Jon, which happened to be at the Sheraton where they had a restaurant. Typical grill food was had but it was nice. They had a huge indoor tank with sharks! Oh, they also had a Starbucks so that made my day.

After recovering from lunch, we went to the beach to boogie board, which I’d say we did for about 3-4 hours. Good waves! We saw a lot of people surfing and I’d say the waves are better than Daytona’s. We were pretty worn out after that so we took a nap before driving about 40 minutes to Melbourne to visit El Chico, a Mexican restaurant that we used to have in Tally. Not only that, but it was OUR place. We probably went at least twice a week before kids. They closed while I was pregnant with Elliot. The  drive was TOTALLY worth it: the food was exactly as we remembered and it was GOOD. They have the best chips and salsa and the only place I have been to whose spinach enchiladas have fresh spinach leaves instead of some frozen or canned crap. We definitely overate but we were in Tex Mex heaven, y’all. To rid ourselves of that uncomfortable feeling, we walked around the mall right nearby and then drove back to our hotel. The route along A1A is pretty; we got to see Patrick Air Force Base and we looked at all the cute little beachside homes, speculating on the possibility of buying one.

We wasted some time after dinner and before going the ten minutes across the inter-coastal to Merritt Island, where we saw The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. I have to admit, I was eying the emergency exits every time someone shot a gun in the movie, but come on: we were in a tiny coastal city. One fruitbasket doesn’t mean every theater is unsafe – I KNOW – but it definitely puts the idea in your head. Anyway, the movie was pretty good but nothing compared to the other two. Nolan did a good job with what he had to work with, considering this was supposed to rely heavily on the Joker. i was damn happy with the ending (as a comic reader) so that made it totally worth it.

The next morning, we ate breakfast then got on our way back to my parents’ to retrieve Isaac and head on back home. Ell is staying with the ‘rents until Thursday, as he does every Summer, so we’re kickin’ it old school with only one child this week. Weird! I am happy to be back in the office and connecting to the net. I checked some stuff on my phone but there wasn’t any good wireless for my laptop down there.But sometimes it’s nice to disconnect from all that.

After we got home, I immediately changed into running gear, for marathon training begins this week (!) and I had a seven miler to bang out. I was dreading it because the arches of my feet were hurting from the 2 miler we ran on the beach the night before. However, it wasn’t so bad. I got poured on about 15 minutes in and did stop for about 2-3 minutes under a tree so my ipod and Garmin didn’t get too soaked. But then I was good to go. As this week’s MMMM is a freebie, I am going to share with you a couple songs that I play when I get really mad at a run; when I get in the frame of mind and have to tell myself, “You can kick this run’s ass; do it!”



Mastodon!!! (Second video seems… creepy. You’ve been warned.) Not everyone’s taste but I dig it. Happy Monday!

Writer’s workshop prompt


Via: http://www.mamakatslosinit.com/blog/

1.) Recycle a favorite post from July of any year that you have been blogging.

From July 2007, before children:

Two o’clock already? Where does the day go? Actually, I’m not complaining about this. No, the sooner we get to midnight, which is when my paycheck deposits itself right into my little bank account, the better. Even if I am sleeping at the time, I’ll do a dance; the happy dance of fat summer paychecks.

Speaking of summer, I really do like this season, regardless of the heat. I guess maybe I have lived in Florida all too long and have adapted the way our ancestors did. I no longer feel the strain of the heat and shuffle into the closest shaded corner, cursing the blinding rays of the sun. Perhaps it was the three summers in a row I schlepped myself to and from school and work in an air-conditionless car whose front windows didn’t roll down. Mind over matter and in this case, I don’t mind the swelter.

Further musings about summer: in the evenings, even though the mosquitoes swarm and find my calves extra tasty, I stay out on the deck and look for the fireflies. I’ll see one, two, three and four, then none. I make a deal with myself: I’ll go inside the next time I see one. Then I will and say to myself, “Just one more, and then inside.”

Eventually, the heat will only annoy me in that I grow tired of the same ol’, and I will beg for Fall and Winter, which then, by mid-February, find me desiring those mid-April days when the temperature is just right and I can sit outside without giving one thought to the heat or the cold. I look forward to November, though, when the heat has broken and I can enjoy mornings on the deck with toast and tea and baby Elliot. Just me, the baby, and the morning birds.

What do you like about summer?

I think I have changed since then; this heat is killer! Mostly though because of the ungodly humidity lately. It makes breathing during runs quite difficult.

And a recent summery photo to tie it all together: