Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Various things to entertain me and you


Seriously Shawn

  • Well, I haven’t floated away yet on the waters of Tropical Storm Debby, though if the rain keeps up, we may need to invest in snorkels. I’m eying this old wooden gate on the side of my house in case we need a raft; you know, in the event of biblical flooding.
  • What I am really irritated by is the inability to go out and run. If it’s only raining – not storming – later on, I’m running regardless.
  • Speaking of running, here’s my tat submitted to Fuck Yeah! tattoos on tumblr. About time! The first time I submitted, it didn’t work. It’s cool to see all the likes it’s getting and all the reblogs. Little bit of an ego stroke, I have to say.
  • Ok so I was really sad on Sunday. You know why? Bruegger’s stopped making egg bagels! I don’t think they understand how much I love those. And how they were the only place in town that carried them. Seriously, I nearly cried. Then I got angry when the moron behind the counter told me to get plain “because it tastes the same.” If they tasted the same, they wouldn’t have different names, dumbass!
  • Are you guys keeping up with the Sandusky trial? I don’t want to talk about the verdict; that was assumed. What I think is interesting is how long it took. Which is to say, not long at all. I listened to both the Michael Jackson murder trial and the Casey Anthony trial on the radio on my way home from work for what seemed like weeks. This one? Over in a few days. If anything, this definitely proves his guilt. That guy is so skeevy, it’s crazy.
  • For those of you playing along at home, I’m considering this sandal, as well as this one. Thoughts? I am so bad at those things, honestly.
  • We watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last night and man, I really had higher expectations for that movie. It was SLOW and too complicated, along with not necessarily making me care WHAT happened.  I will say, it made me interested to see Tom Hardy’s transformation into Bane in Dark Knight Rises though.

Alright folks, that about does it for me this week. I will throw you this: Samir Goulart. You. Are. Welcome. Happy Tuesday!