Friday Confessional – …And I Don’t Care Who Knows It edition

PhotobucketOk guys, time to ‘fess up!

I confess…I am totally all about this Magic Mike movie. It may have zero plotline and be totally embarrassing but I cannot pass up that many hot men, grinding and doing that thing they do. Mmm! And to boot, Kevin Nash will be playing one of the stripping mentors, and he is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, though now I am sure he’ll look pretty aged compared to how fine he was in, oh, 1998.

I confess… Going on day 21 of not shaving my tattooed leg. I have shaved all around it so now it doesn’t look as grisly but I cannot wait to take a razor to that thing!

I confess… I am sick and tired of these punches to the gut. I mean, one thing after another! I have complained too much on here, I know, but yesterday, I got “the all” from daycare about the, uh, contents of Isaac’s diaper. I know they have rules and it could mean he’s sick but what they don’t realize is that he’s never solid. This is normal for him! Le sigh. (P.S. Friday morning he was solid again; still can’t go today though!)

I confess… I found myself shoe shopping on Amazon… for actual sandals that look feminine That’s so unlike me but I got the idea I needed some fancier flats for dressing up in summertime. Look at me, growing up.

I confess… this image is ME. I mean, that’s really me….

I confess… I feel kind of bad that Ash had to stay home with Isaac because it’s actually my turn. We try to be very fair about who stays and how often. But I have grades to calculate and a student coming to my office. But I still feel bad.

I confess…  I have no plans for this weekend… and I like it!