Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Give and Take edition

Back to work, back to the annoyance that is an endless string of unexpected costs, and life in general. Le sigh.


Seriously Shawn

  • Aside from the awesome water slide at the Disney hotel being broken, we had a great time there. It was everything you’d expect from Disney and even things that were less than perfect (like the busted cabinet door – which was soon fixed – and the soda machine taking my money – which got reimbursed at the front desk) were pretty awesome. I mean, it was a nice stay.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, we were totally harassed in a movie theater. I’m sorry but no, I do not have to move over for you if you walk in here just as the movie is starting. I am really sick of people thinking that just because they ask for something, they’re going to get it. Maybe I should have just bowed down and given up my principles but I just didn’t think it was necessary. Also, you cannot expect to sit in the middle of the theater if you’re late. Plan ahead, people.
  • Orlando has changed A LOT since I lived there; I kind of can’t believe how bad traffic is, how bad drivers are, the sheer amount of toll roads, and just the state of it in general. I kind of hope my parents do move up here at some point. I’d miss having O-town people for staying for other events but I am thankful for small-town traffic, let me tell you.
  • Conversely from our bad theater experience, on our last morning, we were in the little cafe picking up breakfast when a woman came by and basically offered to buy our breakfast because she had gotten the meal plan for the duration of her stay and had four meals left. I offered her cash for it but she said no. She just wanted to use it and not lose it. Sometimes, people can be really nice for no reason.
  • My neighbour brought back our key  – she was taking my dogs out and feeding them in our absence – and she brought over some BBQ chicken and brats from their party the night before. Seriously, some people are just so kind.
  • All this kind of makes me think that I need to do something kind for someone or for the world. I am going to do Locks for Love here soon, soon as I can make a hair appointment. But there has to be something else… What do you do to be charitable?

In closing, here’s my charitable contribution to you: Julian Gabriel. ‘Nuff said.