MMMM + upheaval

Things have been fairly hectic around here, especially with the weather we’ve been having: tons of rain and it stops just long enough to make you think you can do something outside, then begins again. I basically went home around noon on Friday and Ash and I both supervised the workmen as they installed our new A/C. They did a great job but didn’t finish all the new returns and registers so I am home with them today. It’s a bit nerve-wracking; Ash normally does this stuff but he’s gone to his conference. And I have to get all this stuff done before we go down there to join him,

But the weekend was enjoyable; we did end up getting all the mulch from the ground tree stumps moved, though it took many trips out when the rain subsided. In between, I went to a baby shower and we took the boys to a birthday party and we ran errands and watched some TV. It was nice in spite of the rain. I’m sore today from the manual labor and sort of at odd ends with myself, seeing as how I have to just be home so the guys can work. I’m thinking about scanning old photos, though we’ll see how motivated I feel. I should really take advantage of the time.



It’s a freebie week so let’s see what I can dredge up. Well, I am still playing the sh!@T out of my Jimmy Buffett spotify list so here are a couple lesser known songs of his that rock.


Love in the Library

Treat Her Like a Lady