Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Trees, tats, time

You guys, seriously, how does anyone find time to blog? I used to think I was the one with the most time but lately, I have struggled to get in a good solid 30 minutes. So this morning, I am here early JUST to write this post!


Seriously Shawn


  • So ten trees were taken from my yard yesterday. This was quite a spectacle, as they had a crane the size of a bus in my driveway and the one guy was pulled up by said crane until he could cut a notch and secure a massive rope, then chainsaw through a portion of the tree, which was then hauled straight up and over my home, then laid carefully in the front yard. I was only home from about 3 PM on but Ash said the neighbors came by at intervals during the day and everyone hung out, just watching.
  • I am glad to be gone with those things, as they were huge and dangerous if they were to fall. However, I am now missing my front ones. Maybe if just one had stayed, I’d feel better but when I look at my torn up grass and the wide open space – though that will be awesome for the boys – I just feel a certain sadness. Have I mentioned that I kind of hate change?
  • Am I the only mom who gets home from work and has no clue what to make for dinner? I used to plan these things out but lately, I’ve been winging it every night. Sometimes, it’s nuggets and fruit for the boys and Ash and I forage for sustenance later on. That’s not living!
  • But back to the trees… my deck is now more open and no longer a receptacle for the sweetgum spiky balls of doom. This will be AWESOME, especially when my A/C unit is finally moved from back there to the side of the house (where air conditioners belong.) Maybe for once, I can have an actual backyard area that I don’t avoid like the plague. Wee!
  • Oh, so yeah, on Friday, I got my tattoo. I admit to being really nervous during the day each time I thought about it but as it got time for my appointment, I reached my zen moment; I was confident and excited.  It was a pretty awesome experience. The pain was intense but after a while, I numbed out. I am really happy with how it turned out. (Still a little shiny from the layer of Aquaphor; see also: edited during the healing phase.)
  • I am now considering doing a cover up of my other calf tat, which is basically a tribal pair of wings, though pretty abstract. I would like them to be more wing-like, with a lot more detail. Alas, money situation forbids it any time soon.
  • If I had one wish today it would be for a few more hours. I have one million things to accomplish and just three or four more hours would rock so hard.
  • Ok, that’s all for today. Man Candy is model Kevin Freed. Not much to say about him other than he’s just really good-looking.