Weekend recap + MMMM – Wedding edition?

Well, I can’t complain; my weekend was not bad at all. It started – really – around two or so Friday afternoon when I drove to Elliot’s new elementary school and got him registered for kindergarten. It was more paperwork than expected but I suppose you have to do all those legal-type things. My favorite sheet was the one where I testified that my child didn’t have a criminal record. Geez. It’s ONLY an elementary school! I am hoping that form was for all Leon County schools. After that, I took a brief nap then got the kids, because it was supposed to be my half-day with Ash but I have to save my leave for our June vacation. So he went to a movie with his friend. Got the kids, got them fed, then around 6:30, our babysitter showed up and Ash and I headed down the road a piece for my new tattoo. (I will unveil this tomorrow for Random Tuesday.)

I’m not gonna lie: it did hurt some. But nothing awful. I didn’t have tears. Took longer than I expected but it turned out nice. I kind of hate the healing process; it’s like I’m pregnant again, having to lay on my side in bed. I think I probably could have slept on my back but I was a little paranoid I’d mess it up, even with the covering. Healing up nicely now and, luckily, the guy said I should be good to go swimming in a couple, which is good since we’ll be chillaxing in a gigantic Disney pool around then.

The rest of the weekend was pretty darn good. The kids played in the pool both afternoons and since it was really hot, Ash and I sipped on these sweet frozen margaritas we found in the store:

I’m typically an on the rocks type girl but the slushie ones were good for the sunny day and we enjoyed our time off work. With all those things I mentioned last week that have stressed us out (dog tooth, TREES) I needed the time to sit back and not think. And that’s about it for the weekend. We did some grocery shopping and I managed to clean a little bit and do laundry; all those basic homeowner things. Today, Ash is meeting the tree service around 9 and they’ll begin removing 10 of the 15 trees we have on our property. I like living in a pretty wooded neighborhood but 15 trees that make it near impossible to grow grass is just a wee bit too many. We’ve been wanting to thin out since we moved in seven years ago; it’s about time!



This week’s theme is songs you typically hear at weddings. I’m going to pick one I love and one I hate.I was listening to the radio and this song came on, and the DJ said this is a popular weddings song. Um, listen to it: it’s awful!The second one is a song I chose for my wedding, not even knowing it was a typical wedding tune. I first heard it in Pleasantille.