What were you doing last year? – Writer’s Workshop

Mama’s losing it wants to know…

1.) Share what you were blogging about last year at this time…what has changed?

This time last year, it was a Tuesday so my Random Tuesday post looked like this:

  • So I’ve been grinding my teeth at night because of this sore thing on my gum. In the same evening, both Iggy and Isaac managed to flail into my face and hit the same spot on my lower canine tooth. It became this irritating thing that hurt so my mouth decided to grind my teeth, leading to horrible headaches and neck pain.
  • I ate a sausage from this country store yesterday, knowing full well I’d regret it later. I was… totally right about that. Luckily, me and Tums became quite acquainted during pregnancy and I had a lot left over.
  • I have to speak in front of about 35 people today and though I do it every summer, it still makes me slightly nervous.
  • You know what we’ve been dominating lately? Raspberries. I can’t seem to get enough of them.
  • I put raspberries in that Jell-O, as previously mentioned, and now all Elliot wants to eat is said Jell-O.
  • I wasn’t going to mention it but I got a raise! Sure, it’s only 5% and since we’re getting a 3% cut on the first it’s more like 2% but hey, it’s something and it’s even more awesome to get that little nod from the higher-ups. Like, yeah, we see what you’re doing and appreciate it.
  • I am not good with numbers but if the raise gives me even 15 bucks more per paycheck, I am totally taking a hot yoga class. That or the easier, slower flow class.
  • I haven’t taken a yoga class since I was pregnant.
  • I’m gonna be the person with the spare tire but oh well; it’s still baby weight.
  • That’s all I can muster this morning; I’m sure you understand.


So I was talking about grinding my teeth (which I am doing this week, for some reason), raspberries (which I ate an entire thing of last night), and money (which is flowing in right now.) Things have changed, of course, but seeing this makes me realize how in some ways, they’re still relatively similar. I do still have some extra baby weight and haven’t taken the class! How awful. I am busy, you guys. That’s probably the major difference. I have far more going on now than ever before and though I am not complaining, I could sure use an extra hour or two per day.

WWTK – Reader Qs; specifically, mine!

nullHosted by Mamarazzi and CrazymamaLook! I’m on here! I feel so… special. 

Scriptor @ http://allstarme.wordpress.com wants to know:
{one}Hmm, I’d love to know how many tattoos our readers/bloggers have and if they don’t, do they want one and of what?

For those of you who read my blog, you may know that I have three tattoos: one small tribal on my left ankle and then a tribal on my left calf and my ouroboros running tat on my right calf. I do want more; I would love some kind of tree with the incorporation of my kids’ names.
Jenn @ http://joshandjennhaas.blogspot.com wants to know:
{two}What is the best present you ever received?

This should not be true but the year I got my ipod was awesome because Ash made me think he hadn’t gotten me anything then he gave me a laptop box, which turned out to be box wrapped in box wrapped in box, that then held my ipod. I like the creative gifts. (I was going to say my firstborn but CHEESY!)
Chelsea @ http://createinspirejournal.blogspot.com wants to know:
{three}Tall dark and handsome or pretty boys?

Tall, dark, and handsome! I admit to spending time perusing model/hot guy tumblr sites so I see a lot of guys; every now and then, a pretty face will turn my eye but for the most part, I want rugged and manly. Like David Gandy:
Jo @ http://willthekidsturnoutok.blogspot.com wants to know:
{four}How did you meet your significant other?

Ash and I met for the very first time in Cawthon Hall on FSU’s campus. I was there with my h.s. friend, Steve, and Ash had recently made friends with him. After that first meeting, which he does not remember, Steve started bringing him to other outings with our group and the rest, as they say, is history.


Mamarazzi and Crazymama  want to know:
{five}OK..YOUR turn, what question your you like to see featured on a future WWTK?

Do you keep any little (harmless) secrets from your significant other?

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Various things to entertain me and you


Seriously Shawn

  • Well, I haven’t floated away yet on the waters of Tropical Storm Debby, though if the rain keeps up, we may need to invest in snorkels. I’m eying this old wooden gate on the side of my house in case we need a raft; you know, in the event of biblical flooding.
  • What I am really irritated by is the inability to go out and run. If it’s only raining – not storming – later on, I’m running regardless.
  • Speaking of running, here’s my tat submitted to Fuck Yeah! tattoos on tumblr. About time! The first time I submitted, it didn’t work. It’s cool to see all the likes it’s getting and all the reblogs. Little bit of an ego stroke, I have to say.
  • Ok so I was really sad on Sunday. You know why? Bruegger’s stopped making egg bagels! I don’t think they understand how much I love those. And how they were the only place in town that carried them. Seriously, I nearly cried. Then I got angry when the moron behind the counter told me to get plain “because it tastes the same.” If they tasted the same, they wouldn’t have different names, dumbass!
  • Are you guys keeping up with the Sandusky trial? I don’t want to talk about the verdict; that was assumed. What I think is interesting is how long it took. Which is to say, not long at all. I listened to both the Michael Jackson murder trial and the Casey Anthony trial on the radio on my way home from work for what seemed like weeks. This one? Over in a few days. If anything, this definitely proves his guilt. That guy is so skeevy, it’s crazy.
  • For those of you playing along at home, I’m considering this sandal, as well as this one. Thoughts? I am so bad at those things, honestly.
  • We watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last night and man, I really had higher expectations for that movie. It was SLOW and too complicated, along with not necessarily making me care WHAT happened.  I will say, it made me interested to see Tom Hardy’s transformation into Bane in Dark Knight Rises though.

Alright folks, that about does it for me this week. I will throw you this: Samir Goulart. You. Are. Welcome. Happy Tuesday!

Weekend of drowning + musings on running

Ok so most of Saturday wasn’t wet but after T.S. Debby debuted here in north Florida, it’s been non-stop rain. Luckily, it was nice Saturday and I got to get out early and get Ash’s side mirror installed. Yay! Mistake corrected. Soon after, we went to do a little shopping then made plans for the afternoon. We decided to meet up at a friend’s parents’ house and use their community pool, because it’s nicer than my friend’s condo pool. And we don’t have anything but a blow up thing. So it was a huge step up. We were there for about two hours and the kids missed nap but usually they’re ok. Not so much. Isaac melted down around 4 so we put him in his crib and then Ell was watching TV. Ash fell asleep too. So then, when I went to nap, I was hoping to get just a tiny bit but Ell woke me complaining he was hungry, even though I gave him food then implicitly stated not to wake me. I was petty annoyed by that so when it was around 6, I was getting everyone up and out of the house for food, but no one was happy. I didn’t want pizza but they all did. So that’s what we got. BUT, I was vindicated when we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch on Sunday, amidst the rain. So we mostly napped and ate and stayed dry. I have not been able to run, however, and this bothers me. But it just won’t stop raining!


I was supposed to run the  Monday before vacation – after a short Friday run – but I didn’t. I was too caught up in flying solo while Ash was out of town so I didn’t utilize time home before the workmen came that morning. And though I promised myself the elliptical after the kids went to sleep, I played a game instead. I was supposed to run at least one day of my vacation; maybe just a lap around the lake at the hotel. But no. I was just too caught up in everything else. So Sunday afternoon was my first time back and it was… OK. About halfway, one of my toenails was digging into my other toe so I stopped and took my sock off, fixing said nail. When I put my shoe back on, I tied it a bit too tight and after maybe five minutes, I started having shooting pains throughout that entire leg. I walked. Tried running again; pain. I walked some more and tried running and it was OK for about 50 feet before hurting again. It’s at that point I started to worry a bit; marathon training begins in one month. I cannot get injured!

After Tuesday night’s run, I felt better. At least, the nerve pain had subsided and the only residual pain was in my knee, as usual, and some in my right ankle. I won’t lie: the three miler was a bitch. I felt pretty good the whole time but the general fatigue that took over afterwards was unexpected. I guess it’s true that time off will allow your muscle to atrophy and getting back into the routine is hard.

It’s hot out but I’ve been leaving the house around 7:30 and that seems to help some. The heat is unavoidable and I can’t – and won’t – use it as an excuse. My ipod needs new music; I need to tape my training plan to the kitchen cabinet so I can hold myself accountable. I will probably go back to using KT tape, not just for my knee but this new-found ankle problem. I wish I looked better in running gear. All this weighs upon me and I know it’s going to come down to a mere moment when everything clicks and I get serious.


Hope everyone else had a good weekend. I am super busy this week but must hold it together. Off to grade papers, as usual!

Friday Confessional – …And I Don’t Care Who Knows It edition

PhotobucketOk guys, time to ‘fess up!

I confess…I am totally all about this Magic Mike movie. It may have zero plotline and be totally embarrassing but I cannot pass up that many hot men, grinding and doing that thing they do. Mmm! And to boot, Kevin Nash will be playing one of the stripping mentors, and he is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, though now I am sure he’ll look pretty aged compared to how fine he was in, oh, 1998.

I confess… Going on day 21 of not shaving my tattooed leg. I have shaved all around it so now it doesn’t look as grisly but I cannot wait to take a razor to that thing!

I confess… I am sick and tired of these punches to the gut. I mean, one thing after another! I have complained too much on here, I know, but yesterday, I got “the all” from daycare about the, uh, contents of Isaac’s diaper. I know they have rules and it could mean he’s sick but what they don’t realize is that he’s never solid. This is normal for him! Le sigh. (P.S. Friday morning he was solid again; still can’t go today though!)

I confess… I found myself shoe shopping on Amazon… for actual sandals that look feminine That’s so unlike me but I got the idea I needed some fancier flats for dressing up in summertime. Look at me, growing up.

I confess… this image is ME. I mean, that’s really me….

I confess… I feel kind of bad that Ash had to stay home with Isaac because it’s actually my turn. We try to be very fair about who stays and how often. But I have grades to calculate and a student coming to my office. But I still feel bad.

I confess…  I have no plans for this weekend… and I like it!

WWTK – Summer edition

Back to WWTK this week and here are my awesome answers! Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


(1) What is the usual summer high temperature where you live?

It’s pretty hot here in North Florida. We honestly get hotter weather than Miami; we’re in this strange pocket of the jet stream and we have no ocean breezes.
(2) How do you keep cool? Do you have central air?

Everyone in Florida has central air! You pretty much run it at least 8-9  months out of the year. We keep cool by keeping the house darker – keeping blinds closed – and going to the pool. We have a little kid pool and if it’s really hot, we’ll all be in it. Here’s a pic of our brand new A/C unit. The old one was as many as 25 years old, though none of the guys could really identify it. LOL.
(3) Do you swim? If you get in the water do you get your hair and make-up wet?

I wish I swam for exercise more but typically it’s just if we go to a friend’s pool and yes, I am all about getting in, no matter what. Here I am in my parents’ pool last summer. (Semi-embarrassing?)
(4) What is your favorite summer look? As far as outfit , shoe choice and hairstyle? (Pics are rad or just describe it.) Do you wear less make-up in the summer?

I usually wear shorts and some kind of t-shirt or collared top. I have actually been wearing tanks lately, though I hate my arms. And it’s Target flip flops every day. Again, here’s a photo from last June’s vaycay to my parents’.
(5) What is your favorite summer meal to make or eat, either way? (Score extra cool points for a recipe.)

Hmm, I don’t necessarily have a meal but we do cook out a lot more. I’m always down for some hamburgers, beans, and fries. Here we are last July 4th.

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Give and Take edition

Back to work, back to the annoyance that is an endless string of unexpected costs, and life in general. Le sigh.


Seriously Shawn

  • Aside from the awesome water slide at the Disney hotel being broken, we had a great time there. It was everything you’d expect from Disney and even things that were less than perfect (like the busted cabinet door – which was soon fixed – and the soda machine taking my money – which got reimbursed at the front desk) were pretty awesome. I mean, it was a nice stay.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, we were totally harassed in a movie theater. I’m sorry but no, I do not have to move over for you if you walk in here just as the movie is starting. I am really sick of people thinking that just because they ask for something, they’re going to get it. Maybe I should have just bowed down and given up my principles but I just didn’t think it was necessary. Also, you cannot expect to sit in the middle of the theater if you’re late. Plan ahead, people.
  • Orlando has changed A LOT since I lived there; I kind of can’t believe how bad traffic is, how bad drivers are, the sheer amount of toll roads, and just the state of it in general. I kind of hope my parents do move up here at some point. I’d miss having O-town people for staying for other events but I am thankful for small-town traffic, let me tell you.
  • Conversely from our bad theater experience, on our last morning, we were in the little cafe picking up breakfast when a woman came by and basically offered to buy our breakfast because she had gotten the meal plan for the duration of her stay and had four meals left. I offered her cash for it but she said no. She just wanted to use it and not lose it. Sometimes, people can be really nice for no reason.
  • My neighbour brought back our key  – she was taking my dogs out and feeding them in our absence – and she brought over some BBQ chicken and brats from their party the night before. Seriously, some people are just so kind.
  • All this kind of makes me think that I need to do something kind for someone or for the world. I am going to do Locks for Love here soon, soon as I can make a hair appointment. But there has to be something else… What do you do to be charitable?

In closing, here’s my charitable contribution to you: Julian Gabriel. ‘Nuff said.

MMMM + Post-vacation… stuff

Oh man, you guys. Vacations are SO nice. But you know WHY they’re so nice? Because when you get home, you appreciate things just a little bit more. I’m fairly realistic about these things; vacations can’t last forever and I am thankful when I get back to my own bed and can clean my house and get back to the normal daily grind. This vacation we just took was full of both highs and lows but it was definitely a nice break from normal life.

Wednesday afternoon, I packed up the car before leaving to get the kids, eat a quick dinner, and get on the road. Wait wait wait, I am forgetting the first speedbump along the way. I was backing Ash’s car out of the garage and I, uh, well, I broke the side mirror. Our garage is a little narrow for his Pilot and I just did not even notice how close I was on the right side. I didn’t obliterate it – I wasn’t going fast! – but it did fall apart. The mirror came out and the outer shell did detach from the inner workings. I first thought I could duct tape that baby on but no. I was pretty upset but I knew I had to admit my mistake to Ash, who was upset but not angry. I was feeling better once I told him but then, as I was finally leaving, the garage door wouldn’t go down. Now to my credit, it has been having funky issues the week before. I put that thing into manual mode and got on the road. I wasn’t even that far behind schedule and we got into the Disney area around 8:45, even before the sun had actually set.

The first night at the Coronado Springs was nice. The kids were a little weirded out by sleeping on a king size pull out couch by themselves but soon fell asleep, as did Ash and I. (He’d been there since Monday – this was a work trip anyway.) The next morning, I took the boys down to the pool early – before anyone else actually – and we messed around a bit before heading back to “El Centro” where we got breakfast then met Ash for a little while before my parents arrived. (They live all of 30 minutes from Disney.) There was a trip to the pool and various naps (but not for the kids!) and arguments, and rain, but dinner, and more playing and happy children. The next day was better; less rain, more pool (though the water slide pump was broken and that was a huge part of what excited us about this trip.)

Friday night, Ash and I had plans to go out with my sister and her boyfriend but then he got called into work and she didn’t want to be the third wheel. It actually worked out; we went to a Bonefish down the road from our hotel, Ash got a haircut, then we walked around Downtown Disney until our 10:30 movie. That’s when it all went downhill. We got into the theater about 30 minutes early and then it started to fill. At 10:30, a whole bunch more people came in and we had a seat on either side of us. People kept asking if we’d move over but we said no, because I don’t have to, just because you ask and also, that is why you get there early. Typically if a theater is full, the usher comes in and makes people scoot to the center anyway; we would not have had to move. We were nice about it but no, thanks. That was our seat. Well, after four people asked, the chick behind us started throwing popcorn then stood and told us how mean we are. Now, I tell you, this was the final straw and what prompted us to leave a day early. (We actually just left the theater and got our money back.) Instead of staying over Saturday night, we checked out then went back to my parents’ house until about 5 PM then drove home.

It’s sad to see Orlando not being the same as I remember – in terms of its residents – but REGARDLESS, the time away from work was nice but I am glad to be home. We spent Sunday catching up on laundry and yardwork and went to the mall in the afternoon so Ash could buy new work shoes. All in all, it was a good decision  come back a day early. I needed a day to recover… and to run. I hadn’t run in so long, it was sad. I felt awesome once I got back out there, though it was a fairly tough workout.

This week holds many more (annoying) things but I am still thankful that we got to get away for a little while. It’s something some people do not ever get so yeah, glad for it.



This week’s theme is ‘Summer songs” so let’s see what i can dredge up.

I used to love this one!

Who doesn’t love Don Henley?

This is one of my husband’s favorites.

List style – pre-vacation musings

  • Because we head out today, time – of course – drags by.
  • My tattoo is just about done peeling, and not a day too soon. We’ll probably be in the pool by noon tomorrow. Though now I am thinking I should hold off until Friday. Although, my artists said 2 weeks is plenty of time before a pool and internet opinions are mixed. I’ll play it by ear.
  • We are totally eating Chik-fil-a on the way out of town this afternoon.
  • Even though I slept plenty and had coffee this morning, I am dragging. Sigh.
  • I’d better get it together before I need to pack up the car and remember everything.
  • The real question is: try to squeeze in a nap or load up on caffeine?
  • Four hours in a car with just me and the kids; le sigh.
  • We don’t have DVD players for this trip (because it IS only four hours) so I am hoping they’ll look at books and play. LOL. I don’t know who I am kidding!
  • Ideas for keeping a 5 year old and a 2 year old happy in the car? I know they won’t be sleeping, that’s for sure.
  • Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind. I have to go teach and then meet with a few students before I go home!
  • I’ll be back Monday, y’all.