Craziness recap + MMMM

I am really hoping that this week will be slightly less crazy than the last one because I am burned out!

On Thursday, Elliot graduated from VPK (pre-K, for those who are used to the old school terminology) and his ceremony began around 5:30. The whole school participates in the program but then there’s a separate thing just for the grads. It was nice and I cried, of course, but only because you realize just how fast kids grow up. Right after their little program, we headed to the community pool where, each year, our daycare rents it out for the evening for them to play. It’s always a blast for them because there’s a whole kid area with slides, etc. Then they get pizza and cake and everyone gets to let loose. Well, the kids anyway. We didn’t get home until almost 8:45, which is Ell’s bedtime and WAY past Isaac’s.

The next morning, we dropped Isaac off at daycare then met our friends (whose kid also goes to school with Ell) at a certain loc so we could caravan with them and some other parents up to Wild Adventures. What a great time we had though. It was an all-day affair filled with rides and animals and food. I was feeling brave that day and went on a couple coasters, but nothing crazy. Ash went on this Boomerang thing and this other nutty Cheetah ride. He hates drops the same as I do but he’ll suck it up and face his fears whereas I cannot. The highlight of the day was when we did this log ride and got completely soaked. I don’t think we were really aware of how wet you’d get. We thought the people getting off the boat before us had been up on the splash deck that sits above the ride. Nope. You get drenched. So that was interesting; for about 2 hours I was just totally wet and sort of uncomfortable. We finished up with some river rapids ride and it seats 9 but on one part, only about 2-3 people will get the water. Yep, me again.

(Look for the Batman shirt; that’s Elliot and me)

(The wet ride)

Wet all the way home (about an hour and 10) but then we decided to go out to dinner with our friends (after we picked up our respective younger children) so we all had some awesome Mexican (and margaritas) before finally getting home. I didn’t even get to change out of my wet clothes either because Isaac had to go to bed and my new sod came (from where the city ripped up my yard to put in our new gas lines) so I had to mess with that before the sun set. Finally, though, I took a hot shower and fell fast asleep.

Now Ash had previous plans to go fishing with some friends on Saturday so he spent another entire day out in the sun. One day was enough but I don’t envy him the second. Saturday was very long and trying, as my children were both awful. I don’t know what got into them but they were exceptionally argumentative and pushy. I was exhausted by the time Ash got home and I was totally ready to hand the reigns over to him. Of course, he didn’t actually get home until after 7, which seems late. Turns out the people he went with were novices at this whole boating thing. I did start to worry around 5:30 or so because when our neighbours go out, that’s about the time they get back. And I didn’t have a float plan or anything on them. Supposedly the guys were going to spend the day drinking but on the drive out, one of Ash’s friends knocked into him and sent his glasses right off into the surf. Gone. Ash was PISSED and didn’t feel like drinking anymore. It sounds like it was an awful day but he did catch A fish, so I guess that makes it ok.

On Sunday, we all really just needed a day to recover. I ran first thing, around 7:30, and we went to Costco, had a big lunch, then napped. I mowed and fertilized in the afternoon then we watched Puss in Boots later ion the evening. All in all, we did a ton and had a great time. The only thing I missed was my friend’s dad’s funeral but I had no one to watch the kids and, honestly, I don’t do funerals so it worked out.



Vacation theme! Oh Lindsey Buckingham, you were better with Fleetwood Mac but this song did rock.

Bryan Adams’ contribution to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which I watched over and over and over when I was 13.

The Indiana Jones theme is one of the best things John Williams has ever composed.

Of course, Williams also composed the Superman theme which is one of the best of ALL TIME.

There you have it; my contribution to this week’s theme of Theme Songs from Movies. I hope everyone has a good and productive week!