Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Weekend of scandal and more!


Seriously Shawn

Ok ok, I may be over dramatizing my weekend but I will show you a few pictures that will tell the story of our one crazy drunken evening.

  • So, like I mentioned yesterday, our friend turned 40 and his wife rented a limo to take us to Angelo’s, which is about 40 minutes out in Panacea, on the Gulf. Everyone came committed to getting trashed; they had huge bottles of liquor and Jell-o shots and lots of beer. Ash and I premixed margaritas and put them in water bottles.
  • The ride out there was INSANE. For old folks, we had a pretty crazy time.
  • That’s us being calm at the restaurant.
  • This is us being not so calm.
  • I will not show you any more photos because it’s not my place to embarrass my friends.
  • The weekend is just a blur now but I know somewhere in there we ate some good seafood and saw the super moon rise out over the water.
  • What this did for me was make me really want to spend a day at the beach, which we now have plans to do this coming Saturday. Yay!
  • When I was a kid, we lived a mere 5-10 minutes from the Atlantic ocean so most weekends were spent there in some way. I kind of miss being that close.
  • BUT ANYWAY, let’s see, what else is going on around here? Oh, the construction is still annoying the heck out of me. I am forced to park in this other lot now; the one where everyone else parks. THAT’S why I stopped; I don’t want to be social in the morning.
  • I’m out of sorts during weeks when there’s no school. Summer B session begins Monday but all this week, I have time to myself, time to prep for my course and just organize. It’s really nice but also, kind of weird.
  • Elliot is back to being scared at night. Last night he’d gone to bed and I was out in the living room and yet, we carried on a conversation. I told him that his bear (which is a pretty large stuffed animal) protects him while he sleeps. We went back and forth about why he was safe and now nothing was in his closet and eventually, I didn’t get a reply and he’d fallen asleep talking.  It was actually sort of adorable.
  • We have a ton of things coming up next week: the release of Diablo 3 (Yes, I’m taking the day off to play a computer game!), Elliot’s VPK graduation and the pool party that follows, and then on Friday, we go to Wild Adventures as part of the end of school. It’s gonna be crazy busy!
  • I’m ready for a real true vacation though. Mid-june, baby: Disney hotel! (And maybe one of the parks, depending.)
  • Ok, that’s what I got. Oh, besides this:

Alexandre Cavaliere