Friday Confessional – Avengers edition


I confess… I have a literal ton of things to do this morning; I am getting them done little at a time but I realize I need some info from people upstairs. And you know what? No one is there! Slackers.

I confess… I took Zoey to the vet yesterday because she was due for her annual shots, and it turns out she has some kind of liver disease. The vet said it could be just genetics; there’s nothing we’re doing wrong. But I do kind of feel bad for her. I mean, once I had kids, the dogs definitely have become second class citizens in my house but I still love ’em. I don’t want her to suffer. They prescribed something and she starts on it today. We’ll see how it goes.

I confess… I have to be super good with money this paycheck because it’s a normal one (no extra job pay) and I have to save for the mid-month check which is gonna suck. It also falls right around a time when we have some extra expenses (Elliot’s end of year party at an amusement park, for one.)

I confess… I still really want to go shopping though. Isaac needs some new blue shoes (he’s wearing hand-me-downs from Ell and theys have holes!) and I want some new shorts. And a bracelet.

I confess… I also really want to get my hair cut. I was going to donate to Locks for Love too, but now I am afraid that in order to get the required 10 inches, my hair might be shorter than I want. We’ll just have to see!

I confess… I had to give one of my students an F this semester. The situation is complicated but all in all, she pretty much deserved it. But I keep waiting for the fall-out. Will she contact me and be mad about it? Irregardless, she had 10 absences in a course that allows six. And I sometimes even give leniency for seven.

I confess… I am getting a pedicure tomorrow and I cannot believe how excited I am. I am no stranger to a good pedi but it’s been a long time coming. Between money and time, I have not gotten out often enough. This one will be amazing.

I confess… I rag on Toms shoes all the time but since I have been wearing equally odd Vibram FiveFingers, I think I should lay off the Toms people. I still think they’re ugly as hell but then again, sometimes Vibrams are called Gorilla Feet. So there!

OK folks, what is it you’re confessing??