Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday


Seriously Shawn

Tuesday. Blah. At least we have blogging…

  • While waiting in line at the deli the other day, a random woman got annoyed that I didn’t take a number. They only recently put the number machine out there and since the deli folks never call them, I never take them. Asking me once was one thing, but when the four of us who were waiting were tended to, the woman made sure to point out that SHE was the only one to follow the rules. Whatta bitch.
  • We went to the playground this weekend for a birthday party and Isaac was climbing around on stuff as usual. A girl, maybe six or so, picked him up around the waist and moved him from an area he was climbing that led to a slide. How do you feel about random kids doing that? I have seen it before and I just don’t know how to handle it.
  • I love that instagram finally came to android phones. I dig it. Follow me if you want: Scriptor79.
  • I’m slowly piecing together items to make solar jars or sun jars. About a year ago I looked into it but then my friend, Mike, mentioned making one and it kicked me into gear to start actually doing it. So far I have frosted spray paint and a solar light.
  • So the above random bits were written Monday evening. Today, I am at home because Isaac puked up breakfast shortly after being left at daycare. Fun for me! /eyeroll. Poor kid.
  • Save me; we’re watching Bubble Guppies. Gah.
  • I began 50 Shades of Grey last night and um, so far so good. It’s so bad it’s good, actually. I will perhaps review it; I’m making mental notes on the things I dislike. I’ve only gotten to chapter 8 but it’s pretty enthralling; that girl doesn’t know what she’s in for (insert delicious laughter here.)
  • Ok, best be on my way here, as Isaac is wasting away on the couch (not really; he seems totally fine except, you know, he can’t eat.) I leave you with this: Victor Galvez, who, in the spirit of 50 Shades, would make a great Dom. In my humble opinion…