MMMM + Busy weekend recap

Man, some mornings, my coffee is SO GOOD.

Auugghhhhh. Ok, that was my morning guttural groan; this Monday seems worse than normal. I’m pretty tired and unwilling to accept the fact that I have a whole week ahead of me. Though, we did have a fairly good weekend. Ash went to a party Friday night so I was on my own. Which worked out because I had to clean for my family’s Saturday arrival. (I hope you don’t mind reading my day to day recaps; sometimes I do it just so I can go back and see what we did.)

Actually, I did a good portion of my cleaning Saturday morning but I was stressed. Ash didn’t feel well and I was all angry about cleaning. But the kids were great. They stayed out of the way and played in their rooms; they were little angels basically. Around 1 PM, my parents, sister and her boyfriend got in. We pretty much just hung around the yard for a few hours because the weather was so great; sunny and breezy and not too hot or buggy. Then around 5:30 we went to Bonefish, which was amazing as always. After that, we were all pretty worn. In fact, Ash went in to change his clothes and when he didn’t emerge, I went to check on him. He’d fallen asleep on the bed, still in his  clothes from dinner. LOL. That night was weird b/c that happened around 8 PM and around 10, I went to sleep and he got up and watched TV with my sister’s boyfriend for a while. I woke up around 1:30 and heard this awful moaning, which was Elliot having growing pains in his legs. But Ash was in there with him already. So I know he didn’t get a whole lot of good sleep. Sigh.

On Sunday morning, my parents came over around 8 and we made a big breakfast: eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits/toast, and coffee. So awesome. Around 11 or so, we did Isaac’s presents and after that, back outside to play. I guess around 1, Ash and I decided to bang out a four miler; it’s so rare he and I get to run together. It was really nice. Soon after, we had hot dogs and did the whole birthday cake thing. It’s funny; it doesn’t SOUND like much, but we were all tuckered out. My parents left around 3 and the boys went down for an abbreviated nap. When I woke the kids around 4:30, we played outside AGAIN (can I stress enough how wonderful this weekend was?) before taking a walk up to TCBY, which is about a mile away. We took the dogs then sat outside to eat. That’s two desserts in one day but eh, it was Isaac’s birthday. We don’t often eat dessert anyway!

All in all, great weekend. I have a ton to do this week so I needed to start it off right.


Freebie week!!!


As I mentioned last week, I’ve been playing the sounds of Jimmy Buffet lately, but Pandora has linked him – obviously – to artists like Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton; anyone with songs about drinking beer on the beach. So without further ado, songs that remind you to kick back and enjoy the ocean.

Jimmy Buffett Come Monday

Jimmy Buffett – Son of a son of a sailor

Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.

Blake Shelton – Some Beach (from the mullet years; OMG; bad!)