Friday Confessions –


I confess… without having a whole lot of pressing extra work this week, I kind of felt at a loss. Though, I did do the one lunchtime thing I had planned: went to Target to buy last minute Easter things. And I treated myself to Chipotle.

I confess….There are a lot of things I have to take care of/finish up. One of these is closing out my comic pull list. I don’t think I’ll be able to continue to collect/read them with all this work I have. And this also means I have to contact John at my review site and tell him I’m up and leaving too. It’s really sad but I have to bite the bullet; I am overwhelmed.

I confess… it’s not yet 8 AM so I am NOT doing any actual work until after then. I have a TON to do in the two hours I have before I teach.

I confess… after teaching I am headed to the doctor, though I am not going to tell you what for. But it’s something I have been meaning to do for a while and I am glad I could get in this morning. I need answers.

I confess… I got really nervous yesterday right before I had committed to making a phone call… to Monument Tattoos. We’ve really gotten so accustomed to texting and email that phone calls have become nerve-wracking. Am I right?

I confess… I am both saddened and relieved when the only time I could schedule my tattoo is June 1st. Craig, the artist I chose, is going on tour with his band soon. I planned my consultation for the 29th of May and then that Friday, gettin’ it!

I confess… I am not going to email about 60 people – individually – and then get my butt outta here! Have a good weekend!