Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Brandings, Retriement, Big Fish


Seriously Shawn

Aye, Tuesday. Once again. (End semi-creative lead-in)

  • Ok readers, I want your honest-to-God opinion here. I think I have figured out a time when getting my tattoo is feasible but now I need to decide on text.  Design #1 or design #2. Please tell me which one you like better. Be honest!

  • As I explained before, the orobouros is the snake eating its tail, representing the cyclical nature of life, death, etc. Here, the text breaks free and refers to my running and how it has changed my life. This sounds all very smart and cool in my head but each time I explain it, it sounds cheesier.
  • It does mean a lot to me though and I feel like I want to do it as the impetus to keep running… to make sure I remember why I want that to be part of my life. Some might say that I have a silly notion – trying to brand myself to remember. Like I couldn’t just stick to running through my mental toughness; why put something permanent on you? To them I say, I don’t know. It just feels right.
  • I’ve been kind of foggy-brained lately. Perhaps one of the only times I am thinking/thinking clearly is when I am running.  I think it really is time to admit that I am stuck with running.
  • Easter is quickly approaching and I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to tell Elliot that the Easter Bunny fills his basket or just tell him it’s me. I’m leaning towards me. We already do the Santa lie so why not let him believe Easter is all about mom doing something nice for him? What did your parents do? (If you did baskets and such.)
  • A woman who helped me out a bunch at FSU retired last week and I keep wondering what the day after retiring is like. Do you wake up and just feel at a loss or are you overjoyed? I would feel empty.
  • Ash and I got hooked on River Monsters over the weekend. There’s something really exciting about the moment when he’s about to pull this big creepy fish out of the water and you don’t know what it’s gonna be but it’s prehistoric and overgrown and it has adapted. I cannot stop watching this show.
  • I walked out to the garage twice over the weekend with the intention of doing something and both times, forgot promptly upon entering. TWICE. Is this because I’m 33 now?
  • Ash shared with me an article he read about how 33 is, on average, the happiest year of a person’s life; financially and family-wise. I AM done having kids and I DO make more money now. Aside from that, I’m taking this information as a reminder to just BE happy.
  • And with that, here’s some Man Candy that makes me happy. His name is Phillipe Brisson and his tattoos fit with today’s theme. Enjoy!