Freebie Week + Weekend Recap

Oh you guys, I had a delightful weekend. Friday night, Ash and I started watching a movie once the kids were in bed but we bailed halfway through to head to bed ourselves. He ran in Saturday morning’s Springtime Tallahassee 10k and the boys and I cheered people on. We were going to go to the parade but the rain looked like it was going to be bad. Everyone was talking about awful storms making their way in. So we went home and got ready to go to lunch instead. Of course, the sun came out and it never did rain. Oh well! We ended up going for pizza and in the lot beside Momo’s, Tallahassee was having some sort of Sand Festival so we watched people play volleyball and Elliot got some cool airbrush tattoos. Naptime then a quick dinner and I went out with my friends for Painting with a Twist. See my picture below:

Sunday morning we had bagels as usual and then Elliot went with me to church. I was very proud of him. Not only was he very well-behaved and patient, but when the kids were called to go hear the special young person’s homily, he wanted to go and he was so brave! I kept thinking he’d come running back to me because he was scared and didn’t know anyone. But he handled it very maturely. We ran in the afternoon – he and I – and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sprinkler. I bought some Shocktop Lemon Shandy and that sh!t is good, people. I had a grand ol’ time watching the kids play after a few of those. It’s a really light beer, good for sunny afternoons. Capped the day off with chicken tacos and a walk around the neighbourhood before bed and there you have it.


Freebie week! Woot. I love the themes but I also like sharing stuff with you that isn’t restricted by anything.


So this week I decided to just set my ipod to shuffle and dish up what it produced. This could be good OR bad!

Blake Shelton – Drink on it. He doesn’t have a video for it but this was the best audio I could find.

Ok, here we go; Jose Gonzales – Heartbeats. This was in an episode of Bones, season 5.

And some old school rock – Ozzy Osbourne – Shot in the Dark