Disjointed + MMMM

I would love to say I am back to normal blogging but this week will probably be another interruption. Monday and Tuesday will be normal workdays but after that, it’s all family to-dos; Thanksgiving with lots of people, traveling and all that jazz.

I’m talking myself out of the stress I usually experience in that type of situation. So far, I am very mellow. However, I haven’t begun packing yet and inevitably, that’s when the weight of the upcoming trip will finally hit me. I can’t get freaked out about all the little details because I won’t be able to function that way. Fact of the matter is, I have to deal with my immediate family, the extended family, Thanksgiving meal, and try to squeeze in my running and my online job. I want to say I’m awesome enough to do so.

Our weather has been wonky lately. It was warm for a while and then it got cold then tapered off to simply cool. And enjoyable. The tick problem we had over the summer up and disappeared. Then the weather got confused and turned warm and muggy again and the ticks reemerged.  I am eagerly awaiting the next big cold front in hopes they’ll go away again. I’m tried of picking them off our poor dogs.

I feel the urge to Christmas shop but must temper myself, as I only have a little money now, but will have more soon. I don’t want to buy the kids too much stuff because I feel like our house is full of toys as it is. On weekends,  I can’t tell just what they play with and how many toys go unnoticed. Oh, maybe some day they’ll be rediscovered but I feel like we just HAVE too much at this point. And it looks like my mom’s copping out; says she’ll get ideas from me and just give me money. That’s no fun and though I don’t want her going overboard for them, I think she ought to buy them SOMEthing.

But let’s not get too far ahead. Thanksgiving comes before all the crazy Christmas buying. SO… This week’s Monday Music theme is songs about thanks for that you’re thankful for. The following is both for me:

Golden Girls somehow made this comeback not that long ago when Betty White became the sole living Girl. But I have watched each episode at least 5-6 times each and don’t regret it one bit. :)