Friday Confessional – Vet’s Day edition

PhotobucketI confess… I wish I had had the money to do the Autumn Swap but with a lot of other expenses this pay period, I just could not do it.

I confess… This next paycheck works out to leave me with extra and I have it aaalll planned out. :)

I confess… I kept forgetting all week that we had today off. It was nice to suddenly realize it right before bed last night.

I confess… I am trying hard to look at the good things we’ll do today, knowing I have little to no money to spend.

I confess… I am pretty darn excited for the parade this morning and going to the fair in the afternoon.

I confess… Earlier in the week I was so anxious to get started on a certain project that I freaked out when I could not begin…because it wasn’t actually due for the other people yet. I was just a bit TOO on the ball there. Maybe paranoid?

I confess… I’m not doing this thankful for something each day thing but I kind of feel like I should. Except it’s a it too late. Le sigh.


OK, that’s enough. I have kids to take care of and a house I could be cleaning; utilizing this day off!