WWTK Wednesday – Triumphant Return

PhotobucketHoly crap, it’s been a while since I did this meme. I have been busy every Wednesday for a few weeks now. BUT, since I am home with a sick kid, I can dally about the net and get some blogging done.Please visit your temp host Crazymama and the usual host, Queso.

1. what is the worst job you have ever had

Far and away the worst job was the summer I needed something quickly and got involved with the Florida PIRG (Peoples’ Interest Research Group.) They support various environmental causes and we went door to door petitioning for cleaner air and water. The reasons it sucked: all that walking before I ever lost weight really killed my feet. We canvassed for about 7 hours straight. Then, the pay was all based on signatures/donations. So I didn’t make much because people are MEAN. I quit after 3 days.

2. have you ever been fired?

Nope. I quit all my other jobs voluntarily.

3. what would your dream job be?

I would say writer but honestly, I would love to do part-time admin type work for some kind of office and spend the other time writing. That would be ideal.

4. what did you want to be when you “grew up”?

I have always wanted to be an artist of some kind. That or a teacher. And I am still doing that. I used to joke with people I’d be a starving artist but I’d be happy.

5. how old were you when you got your first job?

I suppose, if you count babysitting, young. But my first real job was CompUSA in 2002, so 23.

Random Talk to us Tuesday – Got Cold Again edition


Seriously ShawnI just might bitch and moan a little in this post. Bear with me.

  • Seriously, Florida weather. Get your shit together.
  • Also, I hate leaf season. My yard is COVERED in leaves and pine needles. Soon as I do something about it, we have another storm and the wind blows all that stuff right back to where it was. I want to move out of town to this neighbourhood where we used to garage sale; there are very minimal trees there!
  • Oh, did I mention that Elliot is sick? Yup. Started yesterday. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming; Isaac got sick over Thanksgiving. Yeah, he woke up Wednesday night with a raging fever and of course, not one single store was open that night. Truth be told, had we been in Tallahassee instead of Palm Beach Gardens, we’d have found at least one 24 hour/holiday CVS and/or a Walmart. Plus one for Tally.
  • When we got home from our whirlwind vacation, on Saturday I got out our Christmas decorations at Elliot’s request. This is by far the earliest I have ever put stuff up.
  • We have all original ornaments on our tree. Not one single shiny ball nor other basic tree decoration. I kind of like this. I had all mine from my childhood and I get them every year from my mom or aunt and then we went through a box of Ash’s family’s stuff and found more.
  • Oh yeah, and I was totally reluctant to try that Ellf on a Shelf thing because, well, it’s pretty creepy. I mean, this little elf watches you and supposedly goes away at night and comes back (the parents move him around to different spots in the house) and he tells Santa all the good and bad you do. I didn’t think Ell would like him – at first he was totally creeped out – and then he suddenly got it. He named the little dude Raphael (after the Ninja Turtle, of course) and on multiple occasions has he stopped himself from doing something bad, for fear the elf would see. So I am now a firm believer in the power of religion I mean, the Elf on the Shelf. (Same thing.)
  • Is anyone else completely suspicious of all coaches now? I wish all this accusation stuff amongst ball-players would just go away. But on that note, I am so glad the NBA will finally start in a few weeks. Thank God for another sport to watch as we near the end of football season, which eventually wears on me.

Ok folks, that’s all I’ve got. As a reminder, I am doing a Christmas Card exchange and f you’d like to participate, go to the post and follow the instructions. Thanks!

Oh! Almost forgot Man Candy. This is Zascha Knochell, an Australian underwear model. He’s not your traditional hunky guy but I find him intriguing nevertheless. Happy Tuesday!

Woo hoo! Spotlight dance for MMMM

Spotlight DancersPhotobucket

Yay! I made the Spotlight Dance this week. Since all of December is Christmas themed, I shall choose some songs that I particularly like but aren’t that mainstream.

This is definitely one of the best Rat Pack related Christmas songs.

Snow, with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney.
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Also, don’t forget about my Christmas Card exchange.

Hey everyone, I love sending out Christmas cards and this year, I have made a lot of new bloggy friends from various memes. I think it would be awesome to exchange cards with you guys, if you’d like. Click the above button to email me your address (and your blog addy) and I shall reply with the same. I look forward to your cards!

Holiday Card Exchange!

Hey everyone, I love sending out Christmas cards and this year, I have made a lot of new bloggy friends from various memes. I think it would be awesome to exchange cards with you guys, if you’d like. Click the above button to email me your address (and your blog addy) and I shall reply with the same. I look forward to your cards!

Friday Confessional – Post Turkey Coma edition

PhotobucketI confess… I did NOT overeat on Thanksgiving. I ate just the right amount, though I wish I could have stuffed a few more spoonfuls of everything into my gullet.

I confess… I am VERY ready to get home. We drove the 2 hours plus last night from Palm Beach back to Orlando and we’ll go back to Tally tonight.

I confess… I actually really like hanging out in my parents’ house without them here. It’s some much needed quiet time I think I needed. Even though the kids are with me, it’s just our family here.

I confess…that I also like having access to all their cable channels and stocked pantry.

I confess… I really don’t want to go shopping later but Ash likes it. As I recall, last year we went around 11 AM and most of the hardcore nutjobs  shoppers had dispersed. I have only ever done really early Black Friday shopping once and I absolutely hated it. I hate crowds and I hate waiting.

I confess… I’m worried about Isaac, though I think he only has a cold. His fever spikes then levels out, his eyes are watering and he’s congested. But he seems to feel fine during the day or after meds.

I confess… We’ll probably put up our tree tomorrow and that’s earliest I have EVER done it. I’m usually a first week of December/when the spirit hits me kind of gal.

And finally,  I confess that I will be super happy to be done with all this driving!

Random Talk to us Tuesday – Pre-turkey edition



Seriously Shawn

  • I made a pumpkin pie for fun on Sunday but then took it into the office. People kept asking why I wouldn’t just keep it. Ha! Don’t they know I’d eat it all within a matter of days (maybe hours?)
  • I like pumpkin pie but I am actually not that fond of the crust. I guess if I used a graham cracker crust instead it wouldn’t be so bad.
  • My kids know something is up; they’re acting funny.
  • They hate car travel just about as much as I do.
  • It’s all worth it for the Turkey Day food though. I think my favorite is when I have one bite of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce left and I combine it all together for a flavor explosion.
  • What’s your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal?
  • I kind of hate that I tend to overeat then fall into a food induced coma. But it’s kind of nice to sleep on the couch with a football game on in the background.
  • I DO have to run 5 miles that day though.
  • It is my job to make mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. I have a special way of making both that my family really likes but I am kind of worried that everyone else will think they’re weird. (Nothing crazy like Cheez-its in the mac – I’ve seen that and it’s weird!)
  • Now, for something completely NOT Turkey related: (or is it?) Who really cares about Christina Aguilera’s weight?? I know that I, for one, couldn’t care less. We’ve all been able to accept overweight singers before (i.e. Adele) so what’s the big deal? Get over yourselves, people.
  • I wonder what vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving and if they don’t feel just a slight bit gypped out of the “real” meal.
  • It’s time to make the pre-trip ultimate “don’t forget this!” list. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

I tried to find a picture of a guy in some Thanksgiving related pose; either with a turkey or eating or sleeping post-meal. Alas, nothing. So, since I just saw both Immortals and Breaking Dawn, here’s Kellan Lutz.

Disjointed + MMMM

I would love to say I am back to normal blogging but this week will probably be another interruption. Monday and Tuesday will be normal workdays but after that, it’s all family to-dos; Thanksgiving with lots of people, traveling and all that jazz.

I’m talking myself out of the stress I usually experience in that type of situation. So far, I am very mellow. However, I haven’t begun packing yet and inevitably, that’s when the weight of the upcoming trip will finally hit me. I can’t get freaked out about all the little details because I won’t be able to function that way. Fact of the matter is, I have to deal with my immediate family, the extended family, Thanksgiving meal, and try to squeeze in my running and my online job. I want to say I’m awesome enough to do so.

Our weather has been wonky lately. It was warm for a while and then it got cold then tapered off to simply cool. And enjoyable. The tick problem we had over the summer up and disappeared. Then the weather got confused and turned warm and muggy again and the ticks reemerged.  I am eagerly awaiting the next big cold front in hopes they’ll go away again. I’m tried of picking them off our poor dogs.

I feel the urge to Christmas shop but must temper myself, as I only have a little money now, but will have more soon. I don’t want to buy the kids too much stuff because I feel like our house is full of toys as it is. On weekends,  I can’t tell just what they play with and how many toys go unnoticed. Oh, maybe some day they’ll be rediscovered but I feel like we just HAVE too much at this point. And it looks like my mom’s copping out; says she’ll get ideas from me and just give me money. That’s no fun and though I don’t want her going overboard for them, I think she ought to buy them SOMEthing.

But let’s not get too far ahead. Thanksgiving comes before all the crazy Christmas buying. SO… This week’s Monday Music theme is songs about thanks for that you’re thankful for. The following is both for me:

Golden Girls somehow made this comeback not that long ago when Betty White became the sole living Girl. But I have watched each episode at least 5-6 times each and don’t regret it one bit. :)


Just Doing My Civic Duty, Sir

Jury duty is… interesting. Obviously it would not be in anyone’s best interest for me to discuss the case but I will mention some of the things I found to be most striking. Firstly, on selection day, I found I had a very different experience being called for the AM selection as opposed to last time when my reporting time was 12:45 PM. Employees seemed a lot more polite and less disgruntled than last time. The judge who came into our waiting room to explain some of the statutory exemptions was very down to earth and kind, considering, as he pointed out, no one really wants to be called to jury duty.

I was the very first potential juror to be called out of the waiting room and therefore, also the first to enter the courtroom and be questioned. This meant I had to stand the longest because the judge elaborated on each question in between. I was the first juror chosen out of the potentials to be on the jury. I find this all very interesting because when asked how I’d handle a student who was lying about say, the lateness of a paper, I totally said I would judge him/her based on past offenses. I was reminded by the judge that in the courtroom, that would not be a factor.

And yet, I was chosen. To be honest, the seven of us picked were all upstanding folks who had no beef with anyone. They did not choose the woman whose now-deceased husband had been a drunk and an abuser. (The victim in our case had prior domestic abuse charges.) They did not pick the older man retired from the DOD. (He had specific beliefs about handguns and the two men in our case had been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly firearm.) And of course, they didn’t pick the sociologist whose specialty was in deviant behaviour or the unemployed man who had three relatives on Death Row.

We were the best of the bunch.

I reported on Tuesday and spent from 8:30 until almost 5 listening to witnesses and experts and the victim himself. I must admit that when he got a little choked up, so did I. But I had to remind myself that I could not let emotion decide the law.

Today, once we heard closing statements and were released to deliberate, I was nominated the foreperson. First again! I did take the reigns on things once in our little juror room. We had relatively little argument. We easily figured out the conviction of 2/3 of the charged and though we did waver on the third, got all verdicts decided in two hours. That includes calling everyone back so we could hear a recorded phone call again and lunch that they provided.

One thing that happened that none of us expected was when we were released to deliberate, they kept one girl. She looked scared to death when they told her to stay behind but it turns out she was just the alternate.

When we got back into the courtroom, I answered the judge’s questions to the jury and then after the verdicts were read, we were all escorted out of the courthouse and almost all the way to our cars.

I have to say, it was a very interesting experience. I found it very cool to see how they run the little operations behind the scenes of a trial and all the specific rules they have. It felt very intimidating though, especially when we messed something up and the bailiff had to correct us. I know a lot of people dread jury duty – I was one of them – but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again.

I hated being out of touch with my normal daily life. I missed sitting down to my desk and blogging but this was an eye-opening experience and I am really glad I got to partake in it.

Friday Confessional – Vet’s Day edition

PhotobucketI confess… I wish I had had the money to do the Autumn Swap but with a lot of other expenses this pay period, I just could not do it.

I confess… This next paycheck works out to leave me with extra and I have it aaalll planned out. :)

I confess… I kept forgetting all week that we had today off. It was nice to suddenly realize it right before bed last night.

I confess… I am trying hard to look at the good things we’ll do today, knowing I have little to no money to spend.

I confess… I am pretty darn excited for the parade this morning and going to the fair in the afternoon.

I confess… Earlier in the week I was so anxious to get started on a certain project that I freaked out when I could not begin…because it wasn’t actually due for the other people yet. I was just a bit TOO on the ball there. Maybe paranoid?

I confess… I’m not doing this thankful for something each day thing but I kind of feel like I should. Except it’s a it too late. Le sigh.


OK, that’s enough. I have kids to take care of and a house I could be cleaning; utilizing this day off!