Friday Confessional – End This Week, Please! edition

PhotobucketOk, time to let go of all your week’s transgressions. Ready, set…

I confess… I so totally canceled class today. There was just no point since I allowed the group presenting to go on Monday instead.

I confess…I read a post somewhere yesterday (I can’t remember now) where a person was talking about crimes they committed before they knew how to cook, like putting dried spices in canned tomatoes and calling it spaghetti sauce. I have to say, I do this but my sauce is the bomb. Everyone I have served it to likes it. Just saying…

I confess… I just consumed over 600 calories… for breakfast. I am loading up for tomorrow’s 10 miler. I shouldn’t be worrying about it but I kind of am. Sorta kinda.

I confess… No matter what… Friends always makes me laugh. Time and time again.

 I confess… I have certain sports teams I don’t like, even in sports I don’t really watch. So today’s a good day to be me; Yankees are out of the play-offs…. yessssss.

I confess… My coffee today is pretty orgasmic. I just wanted it – needed it – so badly today.

I confess… I have laid low at work ever since all that commotion. I’d really like things to blow over; it’s probably not even on the other peoples’ minds but I can’t help but think they’re still judging me.

I confess… I’d be totally happy not accomplishing one single thing at work today, though I know that won’t happen. I have to order textbooks for next semester’s classes. Le sigh.

Ok that’s what I’ve got to lay down for you this morning.