WWTK Wednesday – Time is on My Side edition

PhotobucketI like this week’s questions; simple, straight to the point.Visit the above and your co-host, Queso to play along.

{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?

Hmm, tough one. This is going to sound super lame but I would try to implement some cleaning during that time. Either that or tack it onto my sleep.
{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?
OMG am I ever a morning person! Even before I had kids I preferred to wake early and get things done then come home and maybe nap. I have pulled all-nighters and I have stayed up until 6 AM playing video games but I prefer to get to bed at least by midnight and be up early.

{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?

I’m averaging about 5-6 hours but I’d like to get between 6-7. It would be nice but I don’t see that happening.
{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol’ interweb?

Most all my blogging is done as soon as I get into the office and then throughout the day, if I am not too busy. I hardly ever write at home!

{5} What is the ONE thing you’re never too busy for?

I am never too busy for my kids. It may feel that way and some nights – sure – we’re slammed and we didn’t spend quite as much time together, but I don’t want work or anything else ever to interfere with the attention I give them.