Friday Confessional – I Need to Chill Out edition

PhotobucketI confess… I have felt simply exasperated by my children this week. It’s been very hard not to get angry with them.

I confess… I put myself in time-out so I didn’t lose it with the kids.

I confess… I tried to do a budget for the next several paychecks and it totally fried my brain. It was all making sense at first but then my eyes went blurry and I just had to stop.

I confess… After that budgeting fiasco, I went home and zoned out. I got on the couch and napped for an entire 30 minutes! And it was so… quiet. And peaceful. And then the kids came home.

I confess… I got so irritated by Elliot that I started cleaning. And I totally cleaned our desks in the office. I felt pretty damn good about that.

I confess… I tend to clean when I get in that state. Sometimes I fear that I can’t get started unless I AM upset…

I confess… I feel kind of emotional today. And I am nervous for Ash; he’s taking a certification test.

I confess… I actually WANT to do my run that I have tomorrow morning. I think I may have officially lost it.

Ok, that’s what I have. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We’re supposed to have much cooler temps and I am stoked!

WWTK Wednesday – FOOD! edition

Hosted by the below and Queso. Get on with it!


{1} What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?

I would say coffee but some days I do go without. But if I skip it in the AM, I most likely will crave it in the afternoon. I’m going to go with water, as boring and bland as that is!
{2} What is your “go to” food when you don’t feel well/need comfort?

My initial answer is breakfast but to be specific, I love a scrambled egg sandwich with cheese on toast. It’s just so good! And lately, I’ve been frying the egg instead.
{3} Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?

I have had people request my lasagna recipe, because I make my own sauce for it but lately, it’s been my sage butter roasted turkey that Ash has wanted. (BTW, if you Google “sage butter turkey”, the 9th picture that comes up is actually my mother making said recipe!)
{4} What are 3 foods you have TRIED, do not like and will NEVER eat again?

For one, oysters. I know a lot of people love them but I didn’t; not one bit. Another is lima beans, though I know I’ll probably encounter them IN something and just accept it. And honestly, I haven’t got a third. I like almost all food!

and our final question comes from Dee@ HomesickCajun

{5} What’s one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??

I should say brussel sprouts but I keep running into people who like them. But I also keep running into people who think boiled peanuts are gross. Here in the South, we love ’em!

Talk To Us Tuesday – Week 3

This week, I have a lot of things on my mind but I spewed a bunch of them in my Random Tuesday post. So I think I’ll talk about Friends and Rules.

Before we had children (so as long as 5 years ago), Ash and I found ourselves involved in a Dinner Club with some other couples. Not all of them had kids but most. (Initials used to protect the semi-innocent :) ) Ti and K had two kids, D and J had one, Ta and H had one… then there was us and one other couple. We went to dinner once a month and had a blast. Well, C and R entered the picture and she and I were pregnant at the same time. So we’re this group of people who have a history and lots in common.

That was your backstory. A couple weeks ago, D set up a zoo outing. And I noticed that C wasn’t there, which I found odd. Her son, P, goes to school with my kids and she’s pretty good friends with Ti. Anyway, I just assumed she was invited but couldn’t go because they were in GA, b/c that’s where her family is and they go on most weekends. Turns out that no, D just didn’t invite C. And man, was she ever pissed. Turns out D had been treating her pretty poorly for a while now. Well, I semi-brought it up at Girls’ Night (D was not there this time). And C shushed me because she didn’t tell Ti about it. I was kind of surprised. See, if I had an issue, I’d ask about it. Especially if there was seemingly no reason for C to have been left out.

This all got me thinking about the dynamic between groups of friends. I was especially tuned into this because every year for Halloween, Ti and K do a big thing at their house because they have a very kid-friendly neighbourhood. She makes a big dinner and has snacks and all and then the kids pile into a trailer pulled by a truck and we Trick-or-Treating. My problem is, that’s really irritating. Getting in the truck, walking to the house (which takes time depending on the age of your child), getting back into the trailer, driving 2-3 houses down… lather, rinse, repeat.

So I sort of blurted out, after my second beer on Saturday, that we might not go this year. And though I know Ti didn’t *really* care, the thing is that now, I’ve set into motion an entire… THING. Next time they set up a get-together, they’ll think twice about inviting me, because if I opted out of one thing, I may opt out again. I know they aren’t trying to be vicious, but I swear this is the mindset. And maybe something like that happened between D and C and that was why she was left off the Facebook invite.

I don’t know but I shouldn’t stress about it the way I do. But I kind of want to just take my kids around our neighbourhood and not worry about the big to-do. I don’t want to do anything to rock the boat but it appears this sort of thing always happens. How do I prevent this except by always saying yes, even when I don’t want to?

Random Tuesday – The World is Full of Injustices edition


Not all my bullets are about the injustice in the world but you know, it’s a theme. Go with it. And then go on over and link up yourself!

  • I just feel like sometimes, things happen that make you go, “Really? Are you serious?” And then ::facepalm::
  • Like on Sunday, when I just needed a break and some coffee because I was exhausted. I drove all the way to the Dunkin’ Donuts and they said due to a power outage earlier that morning, all the skim milk went bad. JUST the skim milk. Can I not catch a break??
  • I semi-subbed a class for a fellow TA on Monday and all I really had to do was start a movie. Except said movie didn’t play correctly and I had to re-download it, which would have taken about 8 minutes. The kids gave me attitude, I told them they didn’t have to stay if they didn’t want to because – heck – not my problem, you know? And then they gave me attitude. Little bastards. Nine out of 25 people actually stayed. I hope the TA gives them a quiz.
  • Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Isaac hurled around 11 PM Sunday night but for what reason, I do not know. My only guess is that he had too much cheese and he really is lactose intolerant. (We’ve had him on Lactaid for months after the transition to whole milk didn’t pan out.)
  • Sunday afternoon, I was in the office and Ell and Isaac were playing in one of the bedrooms and I hear Elliot asking someone questions. Something like, “Do you have dogs or cats?”. And I asked, ‘Who are you talking to, Elliot?” And his answer was, “The boy outside.” And sure enough, the kid who lives down the street (maybe 8 or 9?)  was outside Isaac’s window – step dancing! – and talking to him through the window. A.) The blinds were closed so Elliot peeked out when he heard the noise; it’s not like the boy could see anyone in our house so he was just step dancing in my yard. B.) When I asked Ell what the boy was doing he said he was in our mailbox. Well, I went out there to say something – I was going to be polite – but he was already gone. And our outgoing mail was still there. But still. What do I DO about that?
  • Ash is studying hardcore this week so I’m picking up the slack. Because you’re not hardcore… unless you live hardcore!
  • I have to go to the dentist today. Seeing as how that’s right up there on the list of Americans’ worst fears, I thought I’d mention it. I, for one, don’t mind it one bit.
  • I also don’t mind public speaking, which is #1 on that list.
  • I don’t know if going to the dentist is on that list anymore. Or if there even is a list. I’m totally BSing you now.

Aaaand there you have it folks. Your Man Candy today is Jared…Koronkiewicz. I think he has a great modeling career ahead of him… and that he’ll eventually change that last name. Peace out peoples!

Weekend remediation

When your almost 18 month old cries in the night, you usually ignore it… once. Upon the third time, you’d better check on ’em. In my case, there was most of his dinner in two piles in the crib. Bath, change of sheets, and back in bed within 20 minutes. He seems to feel fine otherwise. Give him another 10 and there he goes again, this time, rolling in it even more. Another bath, no more clean sheets. You decide to sit in the Lay-Z-boy with him with a bowl. But he can’t get comfortable or sleep so you’re both just sort of in a daze, wanting to sleep but not able. By 2:30, you tell the kid to go to sleep and leave the room, because he’s obviously done upchucking. Only 3.5 hours later, he wakes again, starving and thirsty and you’re up for the day; work, teaching, four mile run and dinner all wait for you and your bed and rest seem a lifetime away.


Seven women, moms all. Chocolate chip cheesecake ball served with ginger snaps, baked mushrooms filled with cream cheese and bacon, Oreos, 2-Bite Brownies, chips and salsa, a cheese and salami platter, beer, soda, Pringles, and candy corn. Mad Gab. Recounting tales about our pasts: pregnancy, birth stories, husbands, kids, long ago, far away. One AM bedtime, jolted awake by husband’s alarm the next morning.


After a piece of toast and a banana, sufficient knee taping and revamping the playlist, I set out for nine miles, wanting to so very badly for it just to be over. I was not feeling it, unlike most days when I know I’ve committed to the distance and I just go it. I chose a new route which means it felt extra long. I ran along the rest of the Blairstone path, which passes by a creepy swampy underbridge, some ghetto housing, and then Woodgate and then Hermitage Boulevard. The change in scenery seemed jarring and it was really early, still kind of dark. I wore Ash’s watch so seeing my actual average pace was disconcerting as well. I was at about 11:28 and even though Saturdays are my LSD, I wanted better. The way back was alright but I felt a new pain: some kind of strain behind my right knee. All I could think about was the biggest glass of cold water imaginable and laying down. Got home in about 1:45, which is really not bad. Ash had gotten bagels, which made me ridiculously happy. I always get them after his runs so it was magical to go home to that.



Monday’s Music Moves Me – Spotlight!

Check it out: I was chosen for the Spotlight Dance again!

Spotlight DancersSo cool. Anyway, this week, since it’s a freebie week, I think I’ll choose…

The Band Perry – All Your Life. This song is not only endearing but I feel like this band really means what they sing and I like that a lot.

Hope you enjoyed this song! Head over and check out the other participants today.


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Friday Confessional – I’ve been pretty darn good

PhotobucketI confess… I didn’t go to work much this week. Well, I left early on Tuesday, worked 3 hours on Wednesday, took a long lunch Thursday, and am taking a half day today. Half of that time I was sick though. :(

I confess… I didn’t realize that the 23rd is now the first day of Autumn. Isn’t it normally the 21st?

I confess…I have no interest in teaching today. But it’s Friday and we’re going over some basic and necessary stuff.

I confess... I went to Firehouse Subs yesterday and, upon entering, remembered they got this new fancy soda machine with a touted 120 different flavor combinations! Too bad almost half of them weren’t there AND when the coke zero was replenished, it tasted like trash. I chucked an entire soda right into the solar trash compactor.

I confess… I really don’t like Barnes and Noble. I am still so sad over Borders closing.

I confess… I am pretty darn excited for Swapoween! I want to start buying!!

I confess… I don’t have many juicy confessions today; that’s what happens when you’re sick and dead to the world.

Peace out, girl scouts. Have a good weekend and all. When you’re sleeping all cozy in your beds tomorrow morning, think of me struggling through a nine mile run; guaranteed to make you feel better!

Trying something new

I found this site called The Simple Woman’s Daybook and since I’m pretty simple – heh heh – thought I’d give it a go.


Outside my window… It is dark and dreary. It’s not raining but it was, so the streets are slick and everything looks sad.

I am thinking… about lunch. My friend and I are heading to the Cravings Truck for lunch, even if it is raining. Their chicken and waffles are to die for! Actually, we’re going to get subs instead since the weather is crap.

I am thankful… that this cold seems to be going away. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday, when my head ached and I was on and off hot and cold and just worn down.

In the kitchen… I have no food. We learned how to eat out of our cupboard this week… and it wasn’t all that bad! Though, it is time to restock.

I am wearing… jeans that are now too big in the waist since I have been running and a 3/4 length purplish plaid cowboy type button down shirt.

I am creating…  The Spring schedule of freshmen English courses.

I am going… semi-insane from not having a whole lot to do at work. I mean, I have the above  but it isn’t taking up all my time. It’s week four of the semester and everyone’s just chillin’, not having any problems for which they’d need me.

I am wondering… what it would be like to live in a world where zombies really existed. What if they were present like birds and just stumbled around your house? (I’m talking the slow stupid kind. Ones you could easily kill.)

I am reading… Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning.

I am hoping… for some inspiration soon.

I am looking forward to… being done with my nine mile run on Saturday.

I am hearing… the low hum of voices down the hallway.

Around the house… things are kind of messy. Our baby gate that kept the dogs out of the back end of the house broke so we’re in flux right now.

I am pondering… what four year olds must be going through. Elliot seems like a hot emotional mess half the time.

One of my favorite things… about the fall/winter is my interest in tea. Seems as soon as it get cooler, I crave hot tea.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Friday Ash and I will eat and see a movie and do some grocery shopping. Saturday I run and have girl’s night. Sunday, Ash runs then it’s football all day.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I’m ready for Autumn leaves and pumpkins on the porch!

My Book Boyfriend – Let’s revisit this meme edition

Been away from this one for a while, mostly because I haven’t been reading. I got a little caught up in the running and all that other stuff. BUT, then Tuesday September 6th came out and a book I previously ordered (Rock Hard) showed up on my doorstep and two books from my favorite authors came out.

SO, this week I choose Adrian Brown from Lauren Dane’s final installment in the Brown Series, Never Enough. And I tell you right now, I don’t care WHAT people are saying on the Goodreads reviews, I think Dane nailed it once again in this book. Y’all just don’t know what makes for good tension apparently.

Ahem! Anyway, I think the guy on the book’s cover:

is A+ perfect for Adrian but I have to pick someone else SO, I chose model Noah Mills:

Summary of plot: Gillian’s now dead sister once slept with Adrian and only on her deathbed, after 13 years, did she reveal to Gillian that Adrian was the dad of the son said deadbeat sister gave up at birth; the one Gilliam raised. When she found out who the dad was, she felt it was her responsibility to tell her son and to tell Adrian. Aaaaand go from there.

Gillian and Adrian got off to a rocky start but then when they finally jumped that hurdle, they found out they had some insane chemistry. There’s so many good lines and – suffice to say – this book is totally worth a read. I even cried a little at the end. It had to do with being the mother of sons and well, family in general. But a hot hero doesn’t hurt any!