Random Tuesday – Kiss My Ass, Florida Weather


Ok, I have to say, the first week of August flew by. Let’s hope the next four do it just as quickly. Oh hey. You didn’t come here for my take on time but you did come by for the random. Let’s get it on!

  • A couple years ago, Ash got me a Crock Pot for Christmas. I can honestly tell you I have used it all of 5 times. But I dominated a chicken dish in it on Sunday. It was SUPER good and even the kids ate it. This felt like a huge accomplishment.
  • The Crock Pot is an underrated appliance; you could make magic with that thing!
  • I took the boys to the mall Sunday afternoon because a.) it was rainy and b.) I thought it might be less crowded because Summer graduation was Saturday and the back to school sales haven’t yet started. I was wrong. I then remembered why I don’t go to the mall: people. Rude ass people. It was so irritating!
  • One thing I don’t like about myself is I tend to be elitist and judgmental sometimes when I encounter a lot of stupid people or people doing stupid things. I have no tolerance for it and when I talk about it, it makes me sound really awful. But it is what it is. There ARE a lot of stupid people out there.
  • Two bands I have been playing the hell out of lately: Cinderella and Dokken. Why yes, it IS still the 80s in my head.
  • On Monday, Elliot woke up having peed the bed for the first time in – maybe – 6 months and Isaac woke up 30 minutes early. I normally say I don’t mind Mondays but that was awful! It was like, ‘Come on, Monday. Really?’
  • I haven’t talked to my sister since she got mad at me during that family dispute. I’m waiting for her to call me though.
  • Ok so yeah, it’s hot. The whole country is pretty hot right now and I don’t mind it. It’s the rain at the worst times that I mind. Always when I’m trying to run errands or something equally important. Not in the middle of the day when I’m stuck in the office.
  • When at the mall yesterday, they had one of those gift card stands. You know, with Starbucks and book stores, and all kinds of restaurant gift cards of all denominations. I found it interesting that they have ones for Bob Evans when we don’t have one of those anywhere nearby. But it made me want to eat there!
  • Last chance to enter my book give away!
  • Even though there’s no one around at work right now, I am busy. Sort of kind of freaking out about the Fall semester. So I am mainlining Starbucks doubleshots and playing loud metal while I work out the kinks of this schedule. I am STRESSED and I’ll comment on y’alls blogs when I can properly function.

That is all. Oh, Man Candy. Romain Vennat. I know nothing about him except that he is beautiful.