Bad Blogger

My fear is that by skipping some of my usual memes, I’ll lose readers during this time when I am so unbelievably busy that I cannot post with any regularity. I’m only finding time to write right now because I am stealing all available minutes between work things; I am stretched oh-so thin and any second, this could all fall apart.

It’s been a hell of a week so far. Monday was insane. Yesterday? After I posted my Random Tuesday? It all went nuts. I got a call from school saying Elliot had fallen and probably needs a doctor. In essence, they were walking up the concrete steps that lead into the playground and Elliot fell down, biting into his bottom lip. There was basically a chunk missing. I could not – in any way, shape or form – get away from work. So Ash got him and went through this whole rigamarole with Urgent Care/Pediatrician/Urgent Care. Had any one of them actually done it, we wouldn’t have spent between 10 and 1 back and forth. Finally, they got back in at Urgent Care at one and that’s when I finally was able to break away. Ash left to get some work done and I stayed for the stitching part. The doc said had it only been on his lip, it would have healed up but since it goes down onto the skin beneath, he had to stitch.

Ell was exceedingly well-behaved for that part. The nurses were all impressed with how calm he stayed, as was I. They even thanked me and commented on how calm I was, which was also amusing since, hey, what was I gonna freak out about? If Ell wasn’t screaming or bleeding profusely, then everything was OK. They gave him an oral numbing gel and then once he was laid up on this seat, they needled in another anesthetic. When it was all done, he got a freeze pop and  I took him back to my office. I didn’t realize until he started whining that through all this, he ended up missing lunch and nap. When four year olds miss nap and lunch? Miserable! But he made it OK. In fact, he didn’t even really complain about pain.

The stitches come out Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime, he looks like he got jacked in the jaw. I should teach him to say – when people comment – “You should see the other guy!”

Back to “normal” this morning but I feel like I am a hair’s breadth away from losing it. I have a lot of things on my mind; my brain is full-up.

For one, the police are looking for a shady character who has been reportedly seen in my immediate area and has been accused of sexual battery, stalking and suspicious activity. Greeaaat. So even though it’s a hundred degrees (not kidding about that one) at 5 when I get home, I am totally running then. I don’t have the money to buy mace right now! I normally don’t worry about that because I run on main roads and at prime times but knowing there’s been a guy out there doing this stuff just makes me terribly paranoid.

I’m *still* broke but it will be slightly better next paycheck. Just have to make it one week and one day longer. And, with any luck, some of these other online things begin soon. My mind wants to believe that is happening sooner and I just keep  finding myself farther from it. BUT, I remember when I posted about how I wanted August to go quickly. Well, it certainly has! I mean, September tomorrow! Insane. My head is so very full of thoughts these days.  On the one hand, I have all those practical ideas bumping into each other… all the bills and logistics of children and travel and food. Then there’s all those things that make me happy, like Fall and pumpkins and warm lattes on cool mornings and leaves and walks with the boys… so so many things that I cannot even wait to break through all this ennui and be… there.

Random Tuesday – Let’s hear it for Fall semester! edition


Once again, we’ve come to Tuesday, which – let’s face it – is the BEST blogging day.

  • My, how I do love Fall semester; the fresh faces, the idea of learning new things, Football games, cooler weather… and loads of work!
  • I woke up at 5:45 yesterday, got to work by 7:45, didn’t take lunch, left at 5, took the family to dinner, then ran 3 miles. It’s a miracle I didn’t fall asleep on the couch until almost 10.
  • Last Friday, Ash and I had burgers for lunch, Harpoon IPA (OMG so yummy) and saw Our Idiot Brother, which was actually better than I expected.
  • I like that Elliot is 4 now but he’s like a ticking time bomb. He’s adorable and sweet one second – following directions and being so good – then the next, he’s yelling NO! at the top of his lungs and refusing to do anything. I worry he inherited my rage issues.
  • I have to just get this out there: I have forsaken Starbucks for Dunkin’ Donuts. Surely, the quality is just not as good but their medium is only 3 bucks and their iced lattes are really pretty serviceable.
  • BUT, I did get S-Bucks on Sunday and the treat receipt helps to make my weekly Target trip a leeetle bit more enjoyable.
  • Speaking of Target, their clearance end-caps have really not been as good as they used to. I used to come home with tons of super cheap usable things. Probably for the best; I’m still broke.
  • Is anyone else ready for Halloween? I didn’t think I was until I saw them setting up the Spirit store in the mall. I am SO ready.
  • Elliot wants to be Iron Man for Halloween and I think Ash is going to be the Cap. And Isaac? Baby Thor! I don’t know who I’m gonna be. Either Hulk or Hawkeye.
  • I had a freshman come into my office yesterday for class help and I do believe he fell instantly in love with me. I mean, he was fawning all over the place. It was semi-awkward but I kept my composure. When he left, my boss and I (who overheard) had a good laugh about it.
  • I have the Monday Night Football theme running through my head. It must be time!
  • I have to go post some stuff on a bulletin board now so I’m out.

Man Candy is model Johan Akan, who seems to be making the rounds on the models sites. I know he’s French and he once posed nude with Catherine Denueve. And he always looks good in whatever he’s wearing. Enjoy!

Out of sorts/Thursday 13

We watched “Limitless” last night. I didn’t want to, mostly because Bradley Cooper’s face makes me want to punch it, but Ash has been jonesing to see this movie forever. But there was a moment, right after he takes the first pill, when he says something to the effect of  “Everything just seemed clear and I knew what I had to get done.” For a second, I was intrigued by this idea. How much house cleaning could I get done on a pill like that? How much writing? How many miles could I run? But it would be cheating, I know. But the part about clarity struck a chord for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m going through the motions. If I am particularly stressed about something, my days are like torture because always running in the back of my mind is the worry about whatever it is that bothers me.  I’m juggling so many balls that I can’t focus on any one thing and do any of them well. Everything is just a blur.

I’m coming to the end of the money drought but it is still four weeks away until I have a real, true full paycheck. In two weeks I get job #1 in full and job #2 half. That’s an improvement but god, I wish I just had one job that paid a lot. It’s not like I haven’t looked but you all know: jobs are scarce. My sister goes back and forth between having one and two jobs. She works full-time at Yankee Candle and her boyfriend is a cook at a sports bar. He works double shifts and they are still struggling. I know it could be worse but times are bad. It’s cheesy and I have done it before but here are 13 things I am thankful for. Reminding myself of them does help to regain my sense of balance; helps me to center.

  1. Cheaper daycare! Elliot dropped about 85 bucks when he started VPK. (and 15% off that due to sibling discount. Rock!)
  2. Books. Real ones that I can hold in my hands.
  3. Evenings when the kids are happy and play together.
  4. Free stuff.
  5. Quiet. When everyone has gone to bed and the house only hums with electricity.
  6. Random acts of kindness.
  7. Mom and Pop restaurants.
  8. Vitamins. (Hey, they work.)
  9. Job/family/car/paychecks. All in one because really, who ISN’T thankful for this stuff??
  10. Football (Ok ok, cut me some slack. it’s almost Fall and football makes this season.)
  11. Music that makes me feel better.
  12. My blogging friends who comment.
  13. Target. I just love shopping there.

I know there are many more things to be grateful for but there ya go. Happy Thursday, everyone.

WWTK Wednesday – Virtues edition

Yay! Time to tell all about yourself! Hosted by the below and Queso.

Photobucket1. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

My sister never really seemed to be much for wisdom but there was one time – when she was living in the same city as me for a year – when she said “It’s always OK in the end. If it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.” And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how brilliant that statement is. And to this day, I live by this.
2. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Can I choose a couple of years? I look back over my twenties and from January of 2005 until Elliot was born in August of 2007, I did a LOT: planned a wedding, defended my thesis, graduated with a Masters, got a real job, got pregnant, and had a baby. It seemed like a whole lot but I am most proud of me, getting my life together at that time.
3. Who do you admire?

People who have their shit together. My boss is the kind of person who is always prepared and on top of things and has her life situated. I know she has a lot of stuff going on and doesn’t always have things go as planned but she is prepared to handle it. So her. And my husband, who can stay calm in the craziest of situations. I just wish I could do that.
4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

The above! I wish I could handle all things that come my way in a more calm manner. I usually freak out first and then tackle them. Though, some days I am more prepared than others.
5. How do you want to be remembered?

I definitely want people to remember that I was kind and willing to sacrifice for my family. I would also like them to think of me as put together and organized but able to drop it down and have fun.

(This must have been in Spring of 2006(?) because it was right after my tentative graduation form grad school.)

Random Tuesday – I have a smoothie and you don’t edition

I’m putting off my real work and writing this a day ahead of time. I like blogging better than work – for the most part.

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  • I am completely and totally over Summer. Like buh bye, move along, nice knowin’ ya. Now Fall, get yer ass in here.
  • Would you ever sell a body part for money? Like a kidney? I can’t say I haven’t considered it.
  • Pizza: best way to reheat?
  • We had a veggie tray for Ell’s party and some was left over. Me, thinking this was a great chance to be all healthy, brought some of it for lunch today, along with some cheese and crackers. Most unfulfilling lunch EVER. If I could, I’d go to Cracker Barrel right now and chow down on some chicken and dumplings. That sounds SO good.
  • Have you ever eaten Scrapple? It sounded good in theory but that shit was awful!
  • I’m on week three of training and here’s what sucks: goose poop on the sidewalk, gnat clouds around my head, and squeezing it into my evening. Here’s what’s good about it: totally suppresses my appetite, makes me feel skinnier, and there’s lot of shirtless guys running at the same time. LOL @ at myself  @ the last one. I’m a dork.
  • We’ve been watching “Bar Rescue” on Spike. It’s a pretty good show.
  • Elliot is almost 4; no, I cannot believe it.
  • I’m feeling SO unmotivated this week (so far).
  • You know I didn’t blog for four entire days? I blame the kid party. Which you can read all about here.
  • BTW, that above bullet where I talked about eating veggies? Worst food for running. My run yesterday was like torture!!

Ok, that’s all I have today except for this tasty treat: model Andrew Cooper, who is ridiculously All-America, eh?

Successful parties, sorostitutes, and MMMM

I have to say, I was pretty stressed out about Elliot’s party. Friday night, I could not concentrate and I was anxious. Even a bath with “relaxing bath foam” and calming music didn’t help my state of mind. Saturday morning, I just had to grab the bull by the horns and get stuff done. Five miles run by 8:30, call put in to my mom to let her know they could come over. She, my father and my aunt brought bagels and then we all started on our tasks. Ash went to pick up Ell’s new bike and get balloons. I went to Costco for snacks and drinks. My mom cleaned off the deck chairs. When we all met back at home, we set up the canopies, put out the coolers, inflated the bounce house/water slide (which they brought Friday evening) and put up Spider-Man decorations. My friend, Joanna, showed up at 1:45 because she so kindly picked up the cake for us and then everyone else began to arrive.

Let me just say, the party was a huge success. The kids loved the slide and the pool we had set up and we had pizza and cake and everyone just had fun. I am so glad it all came together; largely in part to my parents’ help but also, Ash planned really well. We didn’t open gifts with everyone there but at the end, when only his good friend, Peyton, remained. Both kids were exhausted afterwards but we decided to go out to Cabo’s for dinner anyway. I needed some real food, considering all I’d had was one piece of pizza and a slice of cake.

Sunday morning, Ash ran and didn’t care for breakfast so I took the kids to where my parents stayed (Aloft hotel) and then we all went out to Another Broken Egg, which is super tasty. The rest of Sunday was for relaxing. I was mentally and physically drained from all that activity. Oh, not to mention the 3.5 hours on Saturday night we were WITHOUT POWER. It was about quarter to 9 and Ash and I were settling in to watch some pre-season football and relax. We heard a pop and out went the power. Looking outside, it seemed as if we were the only ones without it. I called my neighbours to the left, who still had it and we went outside to meet others who were coming out of their homes. The people across the street and two houses down were out but the houses on either side of us were fine. Weird, right? Well, we heard a large truck around the corner so Ash trotted down there to see that a branch had fallen on a wire. Just the top one, which I guess explains the sporadic outage. He said the branch was on fire and a fire truck was just watching it burn. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even windy out. The branch just went.

Ash and I couldn’t figure out what to do so we ended up just lying down. I think that was about 10:30. Worst. Sleep. Ever. Around 11:30 Isaac woke up hot and crying and didn’t want to be held so I got him back to sleep somehow. I woke up somewhere between then and 12 thinking that I had been running the washer and it was  clothes for Ash’s morning run. So I stressed about that for an hour before drifting off and being woke up around 12:30 when it finally came back on. I then got up and finished laundry, checked on the boys, got the dogs situated and then finally fell back to sleep by 1:30. Ash’s alarm went off at 6:30. SIGH.

I did manage to catch up on sleep so here I am, Monday morning, with a gazillion emails to deal with. Also, it’s rush week so sorority girls are flooding the buildings to use the bathroom/get out of the heat. They have no common sense; they just hang out in the hallways, chatting it up like there’s no one in here WORKING. I HATE this week.


Monday’s Music Moves me (Hosted by Stacy and Xmas Dolly) has a school theme this week so here’s my choice:

Alice Cooper – The Great American Success Story. This is a great one!

Confined by these walls, time, and heat

The cooler Fall temps that we’ve seen the last two days in the morning have made me restless. Already. They remind me that Autumn is just around the corner. And that means football and more walks with the kids/dogs, and more money, and leaves, but less mowing and more raking. It means the smell of Fall in the air all the time and the freedom to play outside without drenching your clothes within minutes. It means Halloween and a trip to the pumpkin patch; photos of the kids. It means my half-marathon is at the end of October. And that we’ll have to travel again for Thanksgiving. But I feel this sense of wide openness coming with the impending new season.

Summer seemed like it would last forever and now it is waning. I knew it the first night I was running around 8:20 and the sun was almost gone, whereas a few weeks ago, I would have had almost full light until quarter til nine. The lightning bugs are gone too. I don’t know if it’s not warm enough or if the mosquito sprayer trucks eliminated them as well.

I guess there’s something sad about summer coming to a close, just as Fall is a little sad because it signifies that the end of another year is approaching. That cliched statement, “All good things must come to an end” echoes in my head. Likewise, with Borders going out of business, I have been thinking a lot about that. Some companies have been around for upwards of 100 years.  I suppose I’ve known for a while that bookstores would go the way of the record store at some point. My  regret is that I may not get published before digital has totally taken over and people no longer relish in the feel of an actual bound tome in their hands. That realization kicked my ass into gear; I wrote some last night (on my new mini lap desk I got on super sale at Borders!)

The end of the year usually does this to me: makes me hurry up and try to accomplish a few more things. Maybe it’s good I am teaching, running a race, AND picking up some extra online work. I like being busy. I like being full of things to do and not worrying about other stuff; there’s no time to so I am good. I can continue to operate like that for a while and I do better that way.

Are you ready for the next season? What do you like/dislike about Fall?

WWTK Wednesday – Childhood edition


As always, your hosts are the above and Queso and you should head over and play along!

{1} Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child?

I lived in Hollywood, Florida from the time I was six months old until I was just about 15. We moved to Orlando at that point and three years later I went to college. Since I am at work with no access to photos, here’s a pic of my childhood home from Google maps.

{2} What were your parents like?

I got the impression that even though they had a lot of separate hobbies, they still loved each other a whole lot. My dad lifted weights, played racquetball, and dabbled in photography. My mom liked to knit, crochet, and watch Masterpiece Theater (LOL.) Here’s a pic of them with Elliot a few years ago. I had no younger pics.
{3} Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up?

I have one sister and she is almost six years younger than me. I mostly treated her like a pet growing up because we had so little in common and she was oftentimes off in her own world. She used to claim she was from Mars anyway, so that right there gives you an idea. We didn’t really start talking until she was maybe 15 or so.

{4} Share a short story from your childhood.

I have a lot of specific things I could recall right now but the first real thing that came to mind was this Fall day, probably in late November. South Florida obviously doesn’t get many cool days but this particular day, I remember my mother coming in to wake me up and turning open the blue min-blinds in my room. She cranked the window open and cool, fresh air came into my room, filling my nose with that distinctly Fall smell; something like leaves burning and subtle hints of food. I’m pretty sure I had grits with a fried egg on top for breakfast and most of the morning I rode my bicycle around the neighbourhood, basking in the beautiful weather while I could. The Catholic Church we attended was having their Fall Festival and in the evening, we got there a little early so my mom could work a booth. I was meeting friends later but I got to hit some of the rides before it got too crowded. The first one I went on was the Himalayan and I was one of maybe four riders. I specifically recall what it felt like to be a single rider in a car, the centrifical force pushing me outward, squishing me into the cool metal of the car’s door. Music blared on the speakers overhead and the DJ/Carnie played Guns ‘n’ Roses Nighttrain, which was a great song for that ride. My friends met me later and the last memory I have of that day was of this really cool guy, Lee, puking all in the Gravitron. People didn’t think he was so cool after that.

{5} What did you look like? (share a childhood pic for a chance to win a prize)

I really want to do this because I think I looked really cute as a kid. (Again, no kid pics of me on my work comp.) I had Shirley Temple curls! I was a button-nosed, dark-haired little tom boy, who occasionally wore dresses. I was built like an athlete and ran everywhere. I wore a lot of pop culture t-shirts. And those shorts with the white piping. And velcro shoes from Buster Brown.

Random Tuesday – Purgatory edition


Tuesday. AGAIN. BUT, time is flying by so let’s not complain. Let us dance about, frolicking, rejoicing in the glorious random of… Random Tuesday.

  • The couple weeks before the Fall semester begins are this weird sort of lull time. Crazy busy at times, dreadfully boring and quiet the others. I have a ton to do to get ready for teaching but nothing pushing me since it’s not imminent. HATE.
  • Over the weekend, I just could not get enough of limeade. I made it from frozen concentrate (I know, I know) but I just had a taste for it. In fact, I’m jonesing for it right now.
  • I was on a reading hiatus since we got back from vacation but this book I’m in the middle of (Backstage Pass, Olivia Cunning) is seriously good, y’all.
  • You know I am still peeling from my sunburn 3 weeks ago? Annoying!
  • We’re planning this birthday party and it’s getting crazy now. Oh, we need that too! Oh, let’s get this, it goes with the decor! It’s ballooning at a phenomenal rate! But we are definitely setting the bar for birthday parties for the entire year. Parents, take heed.
  • I want to get into the Avett Brothers but don’t know where to start. I mean, I like the idea of them but don’t know if I want to invest time looking and being critical. Ha ha.
  • I’m craving cake. Good thing there’s a party coming up. And good thing I’m running all the time.
  • Did I mention that not only am I training for a half-marathon but I am BACK TO BACK training? After my October 29th race, I have 10 weeks until my Disney half. If I take a week off, nine. I may do that though and find some kind of abbreviated plan for this sort of thing.
  • On Friday, we went to Target right after school/work and I let Isaac dominate a box on animal crackers. That right there is the difference between your first kid and the second.
  • It’s gorgeous in North Florida today! 75 and cool. Reminds me that summer is on its way out and Fall – my all-time favorite season – is on its way in. I already knew by the fact that the sun isn’t up nearly as long as it was in July but this? Is amazing.

OK, that is my humble offering to you today. Please take a moment to ogle Lucas Bernardini.