Friday Confessional – Whilst I eat a donut…

PhotobucketOh, it’s that time again to let it all go, let a random (semi) anonymous audience know your deepest darkest weekly transgressions. That’s what the internet is for, right??

I confess… I really failed to censor myself this week a couple times, saying things that may have hurt other peoples’ feelings.

I confess… All week I wanted to shop. I planned all this stuff out for the money I’d get in today’s paycheck and now, admittedly, I kind of don’t feel like it. Sigh. It’s only really good when you’re compelled to go AND have the money.

I confess…We’re totally seeing Bridesmaids  today, even though I swore I wouldn’t. But peer pressure got the best of me.

I confess… Our building has little gnats all over and I feel like I am losing my mind every time one flies near me. DIE!

I confess… I actually didn’t foresee the crazy thing that happened in the Bones season finale. I guess I didn’t think the writers had it in them to do *that*. Big shocker for ol’ oblivious me over here.

I confess… I am about to go read all y’alls’ confessions and procrastinate until 11:30 when I head out. Have a good weekend!