Friday Confessional – I’m a doofus

I confess… I locked my keys in the car this morning. I have done this only one other time and then, I was pregnant so I had baby brain to blame. This time? No excuse.

I confess… I now feel seriously guilty for asking my husband to get the spare key from home and bring it to me.

I confess… If this day – which is obviously starting off sucky – doesn’t kill me, I am gonna want to drink tonight when we have GNO.

I confess… Tonight is a spur-of-the-moment GNO after this thing we’re all doing at 7. Which is totally a Passion Party.

I confess… I doubt I’ll be buying anything at that get together tonight. They charge way too much for hunks of vibrating rubber.

I confess… I made three little purchases on the internet this week (various stuff like bookmarks) and it made me so very very happy.

I confess… I read my first m/m romance this week. I have read some m/m/f before but this was the first with just guys. And it was SO good, y’all.

I confess… Even though I sometimes believe in the Madden Curse, I hope that Peyton Hillis of the Browns doesn’t get injured this season. I’d like to have him on my fantasy football team again. If there’s indeed a season!

I confess… I also think Peyton is a total cutie!

Ok, that’s all I got. Happy Friday!!