Gonna make it happen. I mean, make this post happen. Now.

PhotobucketI confess… (You’re going to judge me here.) On my watch, Isaac fell off the couch and right onto his head. It happened so fast, I couldn’t grab him in time. Luckily he was just fine. No loss of consciousness or anything.

I confess… I am feeling a little sad about the end of the semester. So many people I know and have helped over the years are graduating and moving away.

I confess… For a moment, I really feared I was pregnant again. Oh my God, I would have fainted were it true.

I confess… I am reading a rather filthy book on my kindle. I like the story but the way it’s written is kind of hard to slog through so I love it and hate it.

I confess… I’m writing this at home at 11:48 at night because tomorrow, I have to take my oldest son to work as it is Good Friday and his daycare that is run through a church is closed. Sigh.

I confess… As much as I know I should go to sleep right now, I would rather stay up and play skeeball on my ipod. Lame!