Random Tuesday – Seriously Random Rants

So, here we are, again, on a Tuesday, spewing randomness. Go to Stacy’s blog if you wanna join in.

  • I totally skipped blogging on Monday. Work is a ton of bricks and I am the poor soul trapped beneath them.
  • I had four shots of espresso this morning because the machine makes 2 at a time and I ordered a large – 3 – so she asked if I wanted the fourth. I am worried for when my eventual crash shows up. You’ll find me passed out and drooling on my desk.
  • I was going home around 1:30 on Friday and as I was about to round the corner to my street, I was halted by emergency vehicles. Since I couldn’t see my house, I was immediately freaking out. I parked my car and went to talk to a neighbour who was gawking and it turns out some tree service guy got pinned under some branches on a neighbour’s roof.  Later on I found out that the city used it as an extraction training exercise, which was why there were 2 police cars, 3 ambulances and 4 fire trucks!
  • On Saturday I ran three miles, got home and immediately mowed the lawn. I haven’t felt that exhausted in I don’t know how long. Which actually made me feel quite old.
  • I am not huge on Easter but I have already filled 3/4 of the eggs for Elliot and Isaac to find and I sorta have baskets ready for them. I do it more out of this innate sense of obligation that I seldom question. My mom always made us baskets, therefore I make baskets. Logical.
  • I mentioned last week my on-going mental list of things I will be purchases/acquiring when I have more money. One of them will be going back to yoga. I need to stretch! I am so stiff and achy.
  • Now this IS a really random thought but man, I really miss CompUSA. I worked there for two years and I miss the days when we had decent stores for that stuff. Best Buy doesn’t cut it when it comes to computers.
  • Isaac is SO close to walking and I can’t help but wonder if I ought to work with him more. Should I just let him figure it out on his own? I mean, it’s not a race to get to these milestones.

And now, because I am equal opportunity, I present the first man of color Man Candy. Shemar Moore, I remember you from my days of watching Young and the Restless. You are as hot now as you were back then. That body… ::fans self::…hoo boy. Enjoy!