Friday Confessional – Unrestricted



I confess… I am eating one of those Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. This is wrong on two counts: it’s 500 calories and I said I’d give up meat on Fridays during Lent. Mmmm…sausage.

I confess… I am worried about seeing my father this weekend. We (I guess, long story) had an argument and he’s apparently holding a grudge. Sigh.

I confess… I don’t think I properly thanked Ash for what he did yesterday: skipped D&D and brought me dinner. Awww…

I confess…I’m scared of getting my stitches out. More like anticipating the inevitable and possible pain. Though I usually handle pain just fine.

I confess… Being without stitches means I have to do dishes again. Sigh.

I confess… I am so ready for Isaac to be one (on the 15th!). And two, and three. And old enough so that he and Elliot can be off playing by themselves. Oh, so selfish am I!

I confess…It bothers me slightly when my sister and her boyfriend stay here. No matter how much perfume/cologne they use, they’re stuff still smells like smoke and then so does my guest room.

I confess…I am skipping work because of my doctor’s appointment and impending guests. Peace out!