Friday Confessional – Been a bad bad girl



I confess… I totally forsook work from 2-5 yesterday to finish reading a book. It was REALLY good and I wanted to get it done before starting on this other one. Making up work today? Totally worth it.

I confess… I may have had a slight breakdown this morning about, well, everything: money, the one-handedness, EVERYTHING. But then I accepted my faults and found ways to fix my problems. Moving on.

I confess… I bash on the lameness of The Real World and yet, I totally watch it. I’m waiting for the good kid to go bad.

I confess… I’m having Bones withdrawal symptoms: anxiety around 9 PM, Thursdays, the itch to text my friend during that hour, flipping to Fox only to see something else in its place and angrily tossing the remote down. I got it in a bad way, people.

I confess… When, on Wednesday, neither I nor my students were ready for class, we just talked for a bit and I let them go early. Quality teaching right there!

I confess… I am actually – and this sounds SO awful – hoping something goes in my favor, which would mean it would be going very badly for another person. Her loss would be my gain in this situation. I have nothing against this person but I really need the outcome.

I confess… I have been bad about reading your blogs so if you’re a frequent commenter, I am really sorry for not visiting. Websurfing with one hand is such a pain!