Friday Confessional – I’m a doofus

I confess… I locked my keys in the car this morning. I have done this only one other time and then, I was pregnant so I had baby brain to blame. This time? No excuse.

I confess… I now feel seriously guilty for asking my husband to get the spare key from home and bring it to me.

I confess… If this day – which is obviously starting off sucky – doesn’t kill me, I am gonna want to drink tonight when we have GNO.

I confess… Tonight is a spur-of-the-moment GNO after this thing we’re all doing at 7. Which is totally a Passion Party.

I confess… I doubt I’ll be buying anything at that get together tonight. They charge way too much for hunks of vibrating rubber.

I confess… I made three little purchases on the internet this week (various stuff like bookmarks) and it made me so very very happy.

I confess… I read my first m/m romance this week. I have read some m/m/f before but this was the first with just guys. And it was SO good, y’all.

I confess… Even though I sometimes believe in the Madden Curse, I hope that Peyton Hillis of the Browns doesn’t get injured this season. I’d like to have him on my fantasy football team again. If there’s indeed a season!

I confess… I also think Peyton is a total cutie!

Ok, that’s all I got. Happy Friday!!

Throwback Thursday + Thursday 13

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Throwback Thursday/Thursday 13 post

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Opportunities, the future, etc…

I recently stumbled upon a possible employment opportunity while looking for other online teaching. My friend, who does all her work online, mentioned to me some great sites for writing tutors and so I set off to hunt down good sites. In the process, I started to wonder whether or not my children will be good at English and writing. I always was, since my mother had also been an English major. She didn’t force me to learn the correct way to spell or use proper grammar but it was something  I took pride in; I liked learning these things from her.

Elliot is already pretty good with his letters. He’s working on writing his name and can  write E very well. Like all parents, I hope for him to succeed in the things I particularly enjoy and find important. I think being able to write well and convey your thoughts through the written word is highly important to life success. I mean, I work with people who can barely craft a sensible email let alone spell correctly.

The most important thing – I think – is for them to be well-rounded and possess a lot of different skill sets. I hope they enjoy writing but I also hope they can do algebra and figure out chemistry equations too. And that’s the cool thing about having kids: knowing there’s this unknown future ahead of them, one in which they can be anything, accomplish anything and right now, it’s all wide open and can be made into whatever they want.

We Want to Know – Random questions edition

PhotobucketYay! Time to divulge some info about myself, which I both love and hate. Heh heh.

ETA: Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, and janette. Go there!

[1} What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Are you an eyes or a smile person? Maybe another body part?

I typically notice the symmetry of a guy’s face, then go for eyes and lips.  But of course after that, I definitely look at arms and legs. ;)

{2} If a movie was being made about you who would you like to see cast to play you? And would your movie be a comedy, drama, romantic-comedy, action film or a horror movie?
I always kind of thought I’d like Claire Danes to play me. Not because we share a first name but because she just seemed like the right pick. And I’d say drama because, well, my life seems full of it!
{3} Does your high school yearbook include a senior comment section? If so share what you said about your future goals. Have you met those goals? If you do not have a yearbook just share what your goals where when you were 18 and if you have met them. If you’re brave enough include your Senior Picture!
We didn’t have one of those sections but when I was 18, I really thought I’d go into some kind of art discipline and be starving but happy. I was really into photography at the time too.  I would say that no, I didn’t really meet that goal but it’s kind of better! Now, I have a senior picture – in print – on a bulletin board in our main office here. But I have no way to scan it in. So… too bad! BUT! Here’s a pic of me as a freshman in college. I’m on the left. I look totally different now!
4} What latest trend simply baffles you?
Freaking TOMS shoes. I don’t want to be socially responsible for the sake of some seriously ugly non-supportive shoes.
{5} When you walk into a room how do you present yourself? Do you walk in with confidence and command the attention of others or do you slink in and do your best to go unnoticed?
This really depends on how I feel and what the situation is. If it’s a bunch of people I don’t know, I try to be low-key. If it’s work and I am going into someone’s office, I always act like I’m confident and know exactly what’s up. Just like Lumberg. ;)
Ok, there ya have it. I have a pediatrician appointment this morning but when I get back, I’m going to all y’alls’ blogs.

My Book Boyfriend – Week 15

You’re probably sick of me picking Kresley Cole heroes but I am entrenched in  Dreams of a Dark Warrior and Oh Em Gee, Declan Chase AKA Aidan the Fierce is so ridiculously hot I cannot resist choosing him this week.

Regin, a recent deserter of Valhalla, has gone to the warlord’s encampment where he fights off foes who  attack the god Woden. She escaped her haven to find/help her sister, Lucia, and needed the aid of the mortals who fight in Woden’s name. When she first laid eyes on Aidan, she takes in his appearance:

He had broad shoulders and muscular arms, his build as massive as a bear’s. His blond hair was thick, some hanks plaited in ravels to keep them from his field of vision. He possessed all his teeth, and they were even and white. His sun-darkened skin made his wintry gray eyes stand out…

His towering frame was even more imposing, his height at least six and a half feet. His white tunic was of a fine weave, fitted over those wide shoulders.  Black trews of soft leather outlined his powerful legs. When a breeze blew up from the valley below, carrying the scent of summer wheat and stirring the blond hair around his face, she had the urge to sigh.

The berserkers were of the bear spirit and though mortals, had the opportunity to win immortality if they were successful in 200 battles. Before he could reach that goal, Aidan died but was reincarnated many times, each time running into Regin once more, with no prior knowledge of the love they once shared. Currently, he has returned as Declan Chase, the magister of an Order of mortals bent on eliminating creatures of the Lore.

I chose Chris Hemsworth for Declan because of his eyes. And as Thor, the dude is insanely hot.

The prologue sums up the undying love he has for Regin and I like the sentiment. Instead of hearing words of his, I think this speaks volumes. It’s a very pure and true love. It makes me sigh.

Just before his breaths ceased, he vowed, “Somehow love… I will find you”

And Aidan did.

Yearning for Regin endlessly, he was born again and again for the next thousand years, re-embodied in different guises and lives, with no memory of his past. Yet each borrowed lifetime ended more tragically than the last.

A pair of lovers – bound and cursed by fate.

Random Tuesday – So Much on My Plate edition


Ok people, you know what to do. It’s Tuesday, your chance to spew some random crap is now. Get on it!

  • I wanted chicken and rice so I went to Panda Express. But now I can’t stop singing this song.
  • If you remember that show, you get a cookie.
  • That Bang! game I mentioned in yesterday’s post has an ipod/iphone app. OMG, time suck!
  • At one point during our party on Saturday this random guy walked into the house (we had the door open because people were coming and going) and he goes into the kitchen, puts a beverage in the fridge and walks to the deck only to realize that… he’s at the wrong party. It was kind of funny, kind of creepy. He was a lot older than anyone there but I figured he was a friend of a friend. Turns out there was another party down the street. From then on though, whenever anyone showed up, they got quizzed on who the hell they were.
  • I need a new book to read. I am almost done with the 10th book in the Immortals After Dark series and I don’t have anything on deck. Sigh.
  • Isaac is 20 pounds, as far as the grocery store scale is concerned. We’ll see if the doctor concurs on Wednesday.
  • I took my annual trip to Wal-mart yesterday. I only go when everything else is closed and I remembered why: I hate shopping there. It’s crowded, the clientele is always trashy, even at this new one we have on the good side of town. Also, they expanded some areas which meant they combined others and I couldn’t find what I wanted in the art/office supply/card/party stuff sections. What a mess.
  • I want someone to explain to me the draw of the Royal Wedding. I mean, I like weddings, sure, but I don’t think I understand why we’re all so into it.

That’s all for this week. Your Man Candy is Adam Coussins out of England. He’s tattooed and I dig the chest hair; he’s kind of got that raw/rough look about him. Yum. Happy Tuesday!


I was debating whether or not to do MMOM but she didn’t host it this week due to the holiday. So here’s my feeble attempt to turn my weekend into some kind of blog post.

Friday was jacked up. Daycare was closed for Elliot so he came to the office with me – which was fine – and then Ash picked him up and they had lunch. I felt so bad for not being with them but I had my last class to teach and way too much work to just cut out. As the afternoon wore on, I felt sadder and sadder and since it was that “special” time o’ the month, my emotions got the best of me and by 4, I was in my car, eyes misting up, headed for the shelter of my bed. Turns out Ell and Ash missed their movie because they both took a long nap so they went to the last video store in town and got some dollar Disney movies.  After an hour nap, that evening, I set to cleaning up for the party on Saturday.

To clarify, this party is something that a newish friend of Ash’s throws each year. It’s a big thing/tradition, I guess. This year, when they brought it up, Ash volunteered our house. So all we did was provide the venue and they planned everything else, including food. I have to say, I was nervous about it because I didn’t know a lot of the people and wasn’t really in the be cheery kind of mood. But I made it work. Cleaned all Saturday morning until noon when I took Ell with me to my friend’s son’ birthday at a playground close to the house.

We stayed an hour then got on home to everyone already there, firing up the grill and the deep fryer for empanadas. The party was great actually. I spent a lot of time talking to various people and though the majority of them left around 8 PM, a few stayed and we played this cool game called Bang which was a hell of a lot of fun.

Once everyone left it was about 11 and we headed to bed, feeling really great. And then suddenly, I didn’t feel so hot. I had a headache that wouldn’t go away and then I found myself on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet. I find this odd since I ate a hamburger and a couple wings – and not much else – and I had one beer around 2 PM. Ugh. So I passed out and woke up Sunday still feeling bad. Ash watched the kids early so I could go back to sleep and when I awoke, I was well enough to at least function.

Didn’t do much Sunday. We were going to go out to eat for dinner but no one was feeling it, least of all the kids. Isaac was teething bad and Elliot was just in a funk. So we ate leftovers then played around in the front yard for a while, which seemed to alleviate Elliot of his attitude. And me of mine. I was in a no good mood when I determined I was probably getting a sinus infection. That wasn’t the reason we didn’t do a big Easter feast; we’re just not big on the holiday. I mean, Christians spaz out and make ham and other feast foods but really, it’s a pagan holiday at heart.

Anyway, I managed to get into the doc this morning and she thought it was just a cold with sinus symptoms because in order for it to be an actual infection, I would have to have these issues for 7-10 days. So I’m on the behind-the-counter type of Sudafed/Alleve and let’s hope it works. My head feels like someone kicked me right between the eyes.

It’s finals week on campus so things are a little slower. I have final grades to calculate and some other stuff to catch up on. I’m still pissed/depressed about the money thing I mentioned previously but they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe an online thing is going to present itself. Or something. I’m just hoping that reason shows up soon.

Happy Monday!

Gonna make it happen. I mean, make this post happen. Now.

PhotobucketI confess… (You’re going to judge me here.) On my watch, Isaac fell off the couch and right onto his head. It happened so fast, I couldn’t grab him in time. Luckily he was just fine. No loss of consciousness or anything.

I confess… I am feeling a little sad about the end of the semester. So many people I know and have helped over the years are graduating and moving away.

I confess… For a moment, I really feared I was pregnant again. Oh my God, I would have fainted were it true.

I confess… I am reading a rather filthy book on my kindle. I like the story but the way it’s written is kind of hard to slog through so I love it and hate it.

I confess… I’m writing this at home at 11:48 at night because tomorrow, I have to take my oldest son to work as it is Good Friday and his daycare that is run through a church is closed. Sigh.

I confess… As much as I know I should go to sleep right now, I would rather stay up and play skeeball on my ipod. Lame!

From the trenches

So, things are up in the air again as far as making more money. I can go into no further detail but it was a crushing blow yesterday morning. I got over it though. I cried briefly in my office, told myself it’s not the end of the world and moved on. It still sucks for the time being but what CAN be done IS being done. People are discussing.


I am back to running but I don’t feel like I am seeing the same results. Without the same Hawaiian vacation as a goal I see no tangible reason for even trying, other than – you know – health and wanting to look decent. But I somehow lost sight of that overall result. I guess I need to find a training plan and stick to it, even if I am not looking towards any races. I need to have some greater purpose when I’m out there hoofing it up hills in the sweltering heat.


The kids are amazing these days and I find myself connected to Isaac more and more. I remember worrying that I couldn’t possibly love another child like I did Elliot. How can one person put that much love into two people equally? It was a legitimate worry when I had Elliot; I solely devoted myself to Ash and then a part of me had to branch off and devote energy and myself to him too. Then add Isaac into the mix and again, I separate another part of my soul and hand it over to him.

He lets me rock him. Elliot never did; he’d flail about and cry. After Isaac gets his nighttime bottle, I turn him around and tuck him under my chin and we rock in the dark until he gets sleepy enough. I know when that moment happens because his body sags into me.

I am ever in awe of the things he can do, even at one. And though I try not to, I compare him to Elliot and when he hit certain milestones. Suffice to say, Isaac is such a different child. He is determined and  skillful with his movements and he has yet to meet a food he doesn’t like. I sometimes miss him when I am at work. I am so excited to see how he and Elliot will become friends.


My writing is at a stand-still. I wrote 26 single spaced pages on a novel and then started to question its quality. I started a short story that I think about constantly but cannot seem to work on. I love the topic and think it can be something great. But where to find motivation/inspiration?


Something good needs to happen…stat. This weekend: birthday party for friend. Then party with Ash’s friends. I’m hoping I will glean some kind of happiness from these events. Right now, things don’t look so hot from down here.

13 Reasons to join Tumblr

Participate in Thursday Thirteen.

I love Tumblr; here are reasons why you might want to join.

  1. If you blog and find yourself posting a lot of pictures, Tumblr might be a better outlet for said visuals.
  2. It’s easier to follow other blogs. I think their dashboard is easier to maneuver than your RSS feed.
  3. Specialized visual blogs. Tattoos, Bones, Cars, Food, Architecture, anything!
  4. You can follow local people and, if you’re like me and live in kind of a small town, it’s cool to see pictures of places you know.
  5. The “like” heart.
  6. The “F#@!yeah” blogs. They’re special tumblrs that are deserving of more recognition because they are just that awesome and premier.
  7. This is one of the best: Great Food.
  8. Lots of animated gifs.
  9. Completely random stuff.
  10. Inspirational blogs
  11. Customizable blog layouts that rock
  12. The “Explore” feature makes it super easy to find stuff you’re looking for.
  13. It’s a great addition to your morning routine of checking email, Facebook and other blogs.

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