Thursday 13 – Exceedingly difficult things to do with only one hand

  1. Using a hair tie. You most definitely need two hands to create a ponytail.
  2. Pulling up underwear/pants. Surprisingly hard with one hand.
  3. Driving. When I am relaxed, I one-hand it but have the ability to pick up slack with the second. Not now.
  4. Make dinner. A  wee bit difficult.
  5. Make a peanut  butter and jelly sandwich; imagine trying to get peanut butter out of a jar you can’t hold with the other hand!
  6. Get an infant in and out of a car seat. Nope. Not for one second.
  7. Change a diaper.
  8. Cut meat.
  9. Wash dishes. I manged to finagle it some but they’re not exceptionally clean.
  10. Tie shoes. Luckily, it’s sandal weather again.
  11. Open a bottle of water. Jars, ok, because you can use your knees but water will spill out.
  12. Surf the internet with any kind of speed/proficiency.
  13. Put on deodorant/shave underarms.

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