Random Tuesday – Even if Unhosted


I am sad to say The Unmom is on temporary hiatus from this awesome meme. BUT, I will still do it because why the heck not?

  • My carpal tunnel surgery was a success, even if the waiting room I had was next to loud construction, they were behind schedule by an hour, and I had a bad reaction to anesthesia + pain meds. Today, I am feeling much  better.
  • I took Monday off to rest up some more; did little to nothing. (If you don’t count sitting at Panera for an hour, laundry, and watching Metal Mania on Vh1.)
  • It’s amazing all the things we don’t think about needing both hands for. Tune in Thursday for a comprehensive list.
  • My 32nd birthday didn’t much feel like one. But my family took care of me and that was awesome.
  • We watched “Rock Star” on Sunday. With Marky Mark. I’d never see it and well, wasn’t missing much. But it did remind me to rearrange my ipod with some good 80s metal.
  • I have three new books to read soon and I am so damned excited!
  • I started working on a short story that I’m eager to try and publish.
  • The weather has forecast thunderstorms all week but so far, it’s been cloudy with one or two quick showers. Lame! If you’re gonna do it, go all out!
  • Did you ever see the movie “Accepted”? Last week I said something to Ash like “talk to me about dinner” but he wasn’t listening so I kept repeating it ’til it started to have the same intonation as when Jonah Hill, while being hazed by his frat brothers, says, “ask me about my weiner!”. Though he was in a hot dog costume. Anyway, since I did that, we’ve been randomly blurting out that phrase. I hope Ell doesn’t pick it up!
  • In case you were wondering, yes, we’re still broke.
  • Also in case you are keeping track, Baby Isaac (as we so often call him) will be ONE in 17 days. And OMG.
  • And your Man Candy for the week is for anyone who requested “real men”; at least one with some chest hair. Enjoy!

Michael Churchill