Thursday 13 – Mind-boggling

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Thirteen things I just don’t understand:

  1. Blood sausage. I mean, really?

2.)Polar Bears. Not of the ursine variety but these:


3.) Subdermal body modifications. Um, ew. And what’s the point?

4.) Justin Bieber – Ok, I kinda get him but I am sad this is what our youth is like. I know; I’m old.

5.) The trenta size coffee cup. It holds more liquid than a human stomach can. The point?

6.) Toms shoes. They look poorly constructed and they’re “socially responsible.” That’s just about annoying as Truth commercials, in my opinion. See also: ugly.

7.) Oysters – I don’t, personally, enjoy ingesting snot.

8.) Crocs. (Yes, more shoes.) Someone gave us a pair that their kid could no longer wear and after about ten minutes, my son had a raging blister. Well, that’s what you get for wearing big bulbous PLASTIC shoes. No sesne.

9.) Charlie Sheen. Who cares? Why do we even care if someone is killing themselves?

10.) Poodles – I mean no offense but man, just not my kinda dog.

11.)  Quantum Physics. Then again, you probably don’t either.

12.) Radiohead. They’re just so… mediocre.

13.) Feminism. Call me a defeatist but I don’t see the point. It is what it is.