Thursday 13 – Thirteen Awesome Green Things

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1.) Fried green tomatoes – a Southern delicacy, if done correctly, these taste great!

2.) Pickles – Come on now, you know you like ’em. In tuna salad, on a burger, as a side to a southern lunch… pickles rock!3.) Green M&Ms – I swear to you, they taste better than the others. Plus, I heard they’re an aphrodisiac. ;)
4.) Green Lantern – He’s a pretty cool guy, despite the fact I think the movie is gonna suck.

5.) Army uniforms – ;)

6.) Mint – without it, we’d be a world full of people with bad breath

7.) Trees/grass/nature – Something purely awesome about them

9.) Wasabi – though not its pure form, the kind you eat with sushi is great

10.) The recycle symbol – We all know it

11.) Bactine – As a kid, my mom always used this on scrapes and now that I have children, I always think to buy this. I still remember the smell…

12.) Elf! – This is one of my all-time favorite movies

13.) Christmas trees – I know I said trees before but can I get this one too?