Random Tuesday – The Springtime is coming edition


Oh Tuesday, how you bring me great joy and great pain. At least we have this little bloggy goodness awaiting each week!

  • In the month of February, I managed to blog 22/28 days. Not bad considering I pledged to post every day in 2011. I find that goal to be a little bit preposterous, really.
  • I thought the Oscars were a bit boring and predictable. Sometimes they just have a different feel to them and this year, I didn’t get as excited. Franco has got to be one of the worsts hosts in the history of the Academy Awards. But I will say, I was happy to see Christian Bale finally win one.
  • I honestly can’t believe it’s actually March.
  • I also can’t believe that by the end of this month, I will be 32. Oy.
  • But since it’s starting to be more Spring-y, I think I will start to figure out some kind of swap with that theme to it. I’ll keep you posted.
  • I breastfed Isaac for the last time on Friday night. I came to terms with the fact that it is probably the last time I will ever do that.
  • My foot is *finally* feeling better but I am going to wait a couple more days before running. But thank God. I was so sick of not running that I had to actually focus on other things. So I did the exercise ball and started doing weights. Arms HURT.
  • You know what drives me nuts? When people type a word and are trying to emphasize something but exaggerate the wrong letter. For example, “Heyyyyyyyy, what’s up?” You should type many Es if that’s what you mean. It’s worse if you say something like, “Whattttttt?” It should be “whaaaaaaat”! Get it right!
  • I brought coffee from home today and even though it’s good, it’s not a barista-made latte.
  • I’m a snob like that. But I shall sip my homemade stuff and accept the fact that I have to save money somewhere.
  • At least we got money back on our tax return! I was pretty sure we were going to owe. Thank God for that child payment, right?
  • I ate mashed potatoes and boiled peanuts yesterday for lunch. Was running out of time and didn’t feel like making anything.

That’s it, you guys. Get on out there and comment on others’ blogs o’ randomness.

Your man candy today is Logan McNeil a Ford model who has been on my list of potential Tuesday goodies and then I ran into him in a video being an usher at last year’s Oscars.  He looks good in a tux, that’s for sure. But in a state of undress he’s fabulous too. In fact, I had a hard time deciding what pic to use because he’s hot in all of them. Enjoy!