Thursday 13 – Exceedingly difficult things to do with only one hand

  1. Using a hair tie. You most definitely need two hands to create a ponytail.
  2. Pulling up underwear/pants. Surprisingly hard with one hand.
  3. Driving. When I am relaxed, I one-hand it but have the ability to pick up slack with the second. Not now.
  4. Make dinner. A  wee bit difficult.
  5. Make a peanut  butter and jelly sandwich; imagine trying to get peanut butter out of a jar you can’t hold with the other hand!
  6. Get an infant in and out of a car seat. Nope. Not for one second.
  7. Change a diaper.
  8. Cut meat.
  9. Wash dishes. I manged to finagle it some but they’re not exceptionally clean.
  10. Tie shoes. Luckily, it’s sandal weather again.
  11. Open a bottle of water. Jars, ok, because you can use your knees but water will spill out.
  12. Surf the internet with any kind of speed/proficiency.
  13. Put on deodorant/shave underarms.

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My Book Boyfriend – Week 11

So I was scrolling through my archived ebooks and was reminded of Elle Kennedy’s  Out of Uniform series. All of them are totally hot quick reads; great by-the-pool/sitting-in-the-sun reads. I have enjoyed all of them and have a guy cast for  Heat of the Storm, though I don’t remember which, if any had blue eyes.

So, I pick Will Charleston, A hot Navy SEAL who has known Mackenzie for 15 years and is tired of waiting. I always love when it’s the guy who’s lovesick for the girl instead of some chick pining for a guy she can’t have.

(Chris Champion, who I’m pretty sure is a model/porn star)

To demonstrate Will’s tenacity and his unwillingness to lose, here’s an excerpt:

He dipped his head, his lips hovering over her ear, his hot breath fanning over her skin. “You’ve been doing this to me from the moment I met you, Mac”


“Don’t.” His breath tickled her earlobe. “Don’t make excuses,  or give me reasons why we can’t do this. I’ve stood patiently on the sidelines for fifteen years, watched you date other men, waited for you to see what’s in front of you. But I’m tired of waiting.”

I think we can all agree we’d love some super hot Navy guy to tell us something like that. And that’s why he’s this week’s book boyfriend. Feel free to go play along at the Unread Reader.

Random Tuesday – Even if Unhosted


I am sad to say The Unmom is on temporary hiatus from this awesome meme. BUT, I will still do it because why the heck not?

  • My carpal tunnel surgery was a success, even if the waiting room I had was next to loud construction, they were behind schedule by an hour, and I had a bad reaction to anesthesia + pain meds. Today, I am feeling much  better.
  • I took Monday off to rest up some more; did little to nothing. (If you don’t count sitting at Panera for an hour, laundry, and watching Metal Mania on Vh1.)
  • It’s amazing all the things we don’t think about needing both hands for. Tune in Thursday for a comprehensive list.
  • My 32nd birthday didn’t much feel like one. But my family took care of me and that was awesome.
  • We watched “Rock Star” on Sunday. With Marky Mark. I’d never see it and well, wasn’t missing much. But it did remind me to rearrange my ipod with some good 80s metal.
  • I have three new books to read soon and I am so damned excited!
  • I started working on a short story that I’m eager to try and publish.
  • The weather has forecast thunderstorms all week but so far, it’s been cloudy with one or two quick showers. Lame! If you’re gonna do it, go all out!
  • Did you ever see the movie “Accepted”? Last week I said something to Ash like “talk to me about dinner” but he wasn’t listening so I kept repeating it ’til it started to have the same intonation as when Jonah Hill, while being hazed by his frat brothers, says, “ask me about my weiner!”. Though he was in a hot dog costume. Anyway, since I did that, we’ve been randomly blurting out that phrase. I hope Ell doesn’t pick it up!
  • In case you were wondering, yes, we’re still broke.
  • Also in case you are keeping track, Baby Isaac (as we so often call him) will be ONE in 17 days. And OMG.
  • And your Man Candy for the week is for anyone who requested “real men”; at least one with some chest hair. Enjoy!

Michael Churchill

Meet Me on Monday – Limited Edition

Via Java

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos?
I prefer them soft at home but crunchy and greasy from a restaurant.

2.  Do you scrapbook?

For a while I tried to; I love the idea but just don’t have time.

3.  Do you take any daily medications?

Just glucosamine for my runner’s knees. I have a daily asthma med that I really only need 1-2 times a week.

4.  What is your favorite sound?

Hmm, tough question. It would be cliche to say my kids’ laughter (though that wins)  so maybe late afternoon: birds, wind, distant cars. Calmness.

5.  Where were you born?
Laurel, Maryland. My parents moved to Florida when I was 6 months.

Friday Confessional



I confess... I am writing this on Thursday since tomorrow I’ll be out of commission.

I confess… I have a venti iced latte in front of me. I NEVER go above a grande. But today was a venti kind of day.

I confess… I have kind of fallen in love with the Last Airbender cartoon. It’s fun and funny!

I confess… The last two days, I got up when my alarm went off and promptly went into Elliot’s room to see if he peed. We’ve been Pull-up free at night since Sunday and he’s only peed once. But when it’s been dry, I’ve crawled into bed with him and fallen back to sleep for ten minutes.

I confess… I really hate lima beans. And they keep popping up in meals I want to eat, ruining them.

I confess… I can’t figure out Groupon to save my life.

I confess… I’m BSing my way through this freelance gig. I am in no way a breastfeeding “expert”.

I confess… I’m really really happy to have tomorrow off even if it is to be cut open.

Ok y’all, go over and spill yer beans.


Thursday 13 – Mind-boggling

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Thirteen things I just don’t understand:

  1. Blood sausage. I mean, really?

2.)Polar Bears. Not of the ursine variety but these:


3.) Subdermal body modifications. Um, ew. And what’s the point?

4.) Justin Bieber – Ok, I kinda get him but I am sad this is what our youth is like. I know; I’m old.

5.) The trenta size coffee cup. It holds more liquid than a human stomach can. The point?

6.) Toms shoes. They look poorly constructed and they’re “socially responsible.” That’s just about annoying as Truth commercials, in my opinion. See also: ugly.

7.) Oysters – I don’t, personally, enjoy ingesting snot.

8.) Crocs. (Yes, more shoes.) Someone gave us a pair that their kid could no longer wear and after about ten minutes, my son had a raging blister. Well, that’s what you get for wearing big bulbous PLASTIC shoes. No sesne.

9.) Charlie Sheen. Who cares? Why do we even care if someone is killing themselves?

10.) Poodles – I mean no offense but man, just not my kinda dog.

11.)  Quantum Physics. Then again, you probably don’t either.

12.) Radiohead. They’re just so… mediocre.

13.) Feminism. Call me a defeatist but I don’t see the point. It is what it is.

What’s the dillyo?

Compiled list of life crap. You know you like it.

  • Prior to this season, I had been immune to all allergy meds except Zyrtec. My allergies are so severe right now that even that isn’t working. I can’t stop sneezing, my nose is always stuffed up or running no matter how many tissues I burn through and my skin is raw from all the blowing. (tee hee. Yes, I am 13.) I effing HATE pollen season.
  • Running has been on and off since I recovered from my injury. I was slated for surgery so I stopped the day before and then had to reneg on that. I haven’t been as diligent about it as I should be (every other day, every two days) and it’s kind of pissing me off. After Friday, I won’t be able to do it for two weeks because I’m not allowed to sweat on my incision.
  • My mother will be here tomorrow afternoon. She was originally coming up because she’s on Spring Break and my birthday is Sunday. It works out that she can lend a hand while I am semi-incapacitated. I’m looking forward to her entertaining the boys and some home-cooked meals.
  • I picked up this freelance writing kinda thing. I haven’t made any money yet but it’s nice to at least have the prospect.
  • Isaac’s sleeping has been all kinds of jacked up lately. He didn’t seem to have any problems adjusting to DST; he went to bed a little after 7 that week. Then he suddenly did this thing where he went down fine but then woke twenty minutes later screaming. I sat in the chair and rocked him, figuring it wouldn’t work because Elliot never let anyone rock him. He would not sit still. Isaac has been letting me rock him and we have sat every night for three days now just rocking in the silence of evening. I am finding great enjoyment in this small act.
  • Easter candy is seriously tempting me.
  • Isaac’s first birthday is approaching and I’ve decided to go with a friend’s idea of joint party with her daughter, who is 8 days older. I’m letting them make most of the calls since it’s their first first birthday. I am excited for Isaac to be one but I’m not clamoring to design some super fantastic party for him.


Ok, that’s what’s going on around here. There’s other minor stuff like rainbow sherbet on my deck at dusk and a new short story I am working on but again, just minor. What are you up to?

My Book Boyfriend – Week 10

Thanks to Inspector Librarian I am going to feature a comic book character today. Why I didn’t consider them “books” before, I have no idea.

SO, ::clap clap::. This is Nightwing:

AKA Dick Grayson, AKA second Batman, for the time being. He was just Batman’s sidekick – the very first Robin – then he became Nightwing, and then he had to step in when Bruce Wayne “died” and become Gotham’s hero.

I have always thought Grayson was sexy, for a fictional/cartoon character. He has style and grace and complimented Wayne really well. Bruce did the thinking and Grayson was the talker. They worked well together. He was also the ladies’ man. His relationship with Barbara Gordon was pretty sexy but also lent well to romance and heartbreak. Here’s a couple snazzy quotes:

Quote1.png Barbara, I have to leave in a few hours to try and save the Universe and I don’t even know if I’ll be alive tomorrow, but if I am — will you marry me? Quote2.png

Quote1.png Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sometimes the only thing between you and them is the mask and cape. Quote2.png

Quote1.png I’d do anything for Bruce. I thought he knew that. Quote2.png


I think he embodies a true hero and that makes him sexy. If I had to cast him, I’d pick Jack Mackenroth. A lot of people on the net want Ian Somerhalder but I think Jack is a lot more manly. He’s a designer and a swimmer and well, just hot.

Random Tuesday – Brain Fog Edition


The funny thing about day specific memes is trying to tell people new information you didn’t discuss in other posts; funny how difficult that can be. But if you’re in the mood for some randomness, check out the Unmom by clicking the ham-licious button above.

  • I admit, I’m trying to get ahead on my blogging this week because I am busy and due to my impending surgery. So sue me if I wrote this on Monday.
  • I just took a Claritin (which hardly ever works but I didn’t have any Zyrtec) and OMG the foggy brain syndrome has kicked in. I feel totally out of it. Oh, and my allergies are STILL killing me.
  • Have you ever had Sun Drop? I don’t drink soda anymore but Target had cute little bottles of the stuff for 50 cents. It’s better than Sprite AND has caffeine. Winning!
  • BTW, damn you, Charlie Sheen, for being an ass who has made catchy stupid phrases famous again. Duh!
  • My birthday is on Sunday and while I’m not *asking* for gifts – I’m not THAT egotistical! – I will point out my nifty Paypal button. Isn’t it sweet??
  • I’m kinda sorta hoping for some familial birthday cards to appear in the mail with something monetary inside.
  • Though really, at 32 I think I’ve reached the point where even my grandparents have stopped caring about my birthday.
  • As mentioned in my previous posts, there will be a point in the coming months when I’ll actually be making more money. I cannot WAIT until I can justify a few more personal purchases each month. I need some retail therapy, people!
  • Have you seen the video of the baby who is both scared and amused by his mother blowing her nose? It’s really pretty funny if nothing else for the laughing. Babies laugh without restraints. I love how Isaac laughs.
  • My parents had to put their adopted greyhound to sleep last week. He had this cancerous thing on his foot and it finally started to leak and to save everyone a lot of pain and trouble, they just put him down before it really got bad.  He was ten and lived a much better life than he would have if he’d stayed racing. The only sad thing about it to me – I didn’t have any particular attachment to him – is that the other day, Elliot was telling someone, “I have a dog at Gramma and Papa’s house. His name is Spencer. I like to pet him.” And the next time we go, he’s going to ask where Spencer is. THAT will make me cry.
  • My school’s basketball team made it to the Sweet Sixteen. I never thought I’d see the day. It’s petty cool.

Ok, that’s what I got so it’s time for your Man Candy. You know, it’s funny: I have this working list of potential hotties I look at each week and for the last three or four, I’ve gone with someone not even on the list. I guess I just fluctuate on what interests me. Like how I no longer find Johnny Depp all that attractive. Weird, right? Anyway, this is model Allen Walker. And he’s a stud. Happy Tuesday!

In lieu of…

I’m forgoing Meet Me On Monday today; I just didn’t get anything posted last night and I hate being so far down on the linky list. Besides, I have other things I can talk about. Like my weekend.

Bright and early, everyone woke Saturday. Both boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed at quarter to 7 and Ash had to get up to prepare to mountain bike for the first time in oh, maybe two years. It was my goal for the morning to get the boys dressed nicely and head to the park for pics. Really, I wanted to get some photos of just Isaac like I did Elliot (around 8-9 months):

It was a semi-success, in light of the fact that they will not look at me at the same time. The weather was nice and they were in good moods at least. And really, that’s all I can ever ask for. I admit to bribing Elliot with “anything you want” from the store. All he wanted was the usual free cookie. For being a master manipulator, this was surprising. (He’s saying something in that pic…)

We went to Publix after and dominated a popcorn chicken  while we walked and I spent way too much money in hopes that I won’t have to go back until the next paycheck. For someone who typically hits the store every other day (and sometimes every single day) this was difficult. But I have to accept some changes if I’m going to be *this* broke. On that note, my Filckr pro account expires at the end of this month. Sigh. Looks like I’ll be selling more things online. This new money that my bosses are working on getting me is not here, not just yet.

But that’s ok; I can hang in there a little longer. We’ve made it this far. In the afternoon on Saturday, I borrowed my neighbours’ pressure washer and de-gunkified the vinyl siding on the back of our house. Thank God our house is three sides brick; that thing will kill your arms after a while. The rest of the evening was filled with sitting outside, bike riding, a brief walk, and college hoops.

On Sunday, Ash got up and said he’d take the boys out so I could clean. *Squee!* I got to clean the house AND run five miles, which was so awesome, I can barely contain myself. I was, of course, exhausted but luckily, both the kids slept and I got a nap too, making the last couple hours with just me and them bearable. We had our one non-peasant meal of the week – steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob – and finished the night off with more college hoops. Never thought I’d see the day when FSU’s basketball team would make it to the Sweet Sixteen. I had heard ND’ D was crap and apparently it is. I have to say, I enjoy watching all this March Madness because I DON’T have a bracket. That would just stress me out.

It’s a new week, I feel quite even-keeled, my mom’s coming on Thursday and my birthday is this coming Sunday. Things are good. Happy Monday!