Happy List Time


This week has been, admittedly, very awful. Sure, it’s probably partially been my viewpoint of it but still… it has not been fun.

  • When I got home from work yesterday, I grabbed a beer, went outside (where it was 79 degrees!) and read the new Martha Stewart while listening to my Lady Antebellum Pandora station.

(The view from my deck towards the neighbour’s house, though in Spring)

The beer

  • I thought my mother had given me 25 dollars in spa gift cards but on second look, there’s double. I am SO getting a sports massage here soon.
  • This weather makes me happy in general; 70s, sunny, the grass starting to get greener and the bushes blooming. Oh yeah.
  • I bought this cool steampunkish octopus pill box yesterday. I think it’s awesome!
  • We calculated that our triple pay (as the calendar dictates) month is April. This is good because I can then plan Isaac’s first birthday
  • I finished this book I was reading on my Kindle app and though it was heartbreaking throughout, it had a really wonderful ending; the torture was worth it!
  • I have two more Kresley Cole novels to delve into and I can’t wait!
  • I’m going to get ready for a baby shower! Over and out. Happy weekend.