Friday Confessional – Here and there




  • After my half-marathon on Sunday I am going to eat like food’s going out of style. I’m thinking chicken wings. And beer. Lots of it.
  • Sometimes on slow Friday afternoons I watch stuff on Netflix in my office. I got through all of Bones and Buffy that way.
  • I had a dream about The Vampire Diaries last night even though I actually haven’t watched it. In the dream, I was friends with them but really self-conscious about my weight. They’re all so beautiful I just didn’t fit in.
  • I think I’m addicted to Tumblr. I’m surprised I don’t know of more people using it. Though, they’re apparently hyping it on Mtv now so it won’t be long until people find it, use, it abuse it, and trash it. Which makes me very angry.
  • I really try not to judge people but I’ve been bad about it lately.
  • I.e. – someone whining about how she can’t lose weight. Well, eating those two ginormous Subway Philly cheese steaks and then going to get three candy bars just isn’t going to help.
  • I’m sorry but I can’t exactly be sympathetic to your weight loss problems if you aren’t at least kind of trying.
  • Maybe this makes me an ass but I used to be big and I lost weight so I feel like I’ve earned the right. Maybe.
  • With that,  I am totally eating a roll of Smarties right now.
  • I squealed like a total fangirl at the end of last night’s Bones episode. I mean, SQUEALED.
  • David Boreanaz makes me want to do bad bad things.
  • I’m absolutely dreading the walk across campus to the library where a very annoying lady is going to school my students about databases. BORING.
  • When I leave the library though, I’m getting an iced latte. Damn straight.


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