Random Tuesday – Race Week!


That’s right, another Tuesday, another awesome list of things from my awesome life that make you want to be just as awesome as  I am. Or, you know, something like that.

  • Sunday is my half marathon. I am both nervous as hell and totally relieved. To think, only one more grueling long run and it’s over. Until I decide I want to do this all over again. Mwuhahaha. What am I thinking?!?
  • Elliot dressed himself yesterday and he picked: black basketball shorts (to his credit, it was about 55 out), his Steelers jersey, white shoes and gray and red socks. The socks didn’t look THAT bad but I went with it because he’s 3.5 and dressing himself; one less thing I have to do in the morning!
  • I printed out a sample meal plan for carb-loading the three days before the race. Everything looked really reasonable until I realized it was a combined total of 4000 calories! OMG. If I ate that much in a day I think my stomach would simply implode in on itself. I am going to amend it to be about half that. I want to store up energy but not go glutton-style. Sheesh.
  • I have been so ravenous lately. All I want to do is eat.
  • I had a moment last night wherein I felt terribly guilty for a.) not reading the books my mom has loaned me and b.) not playing Starcraft II in a while. These things hang over my head and make me feel bad, and yet, I don’t do them! Argh. Must break the cycle.
  • Though I knew of similar, uh, things, I just recently found out what an apadravya is. For those of you fixin’ to Google that, make sure you aren’t at work or around small children. LOL.
  • I’m broke. There, I said it. I have a check for 100 dollars I got for some photo work that I was saving for something special, just for me. Looks like those groceries are going to be special, just for me instead.
  • I think that this pic will blow your mind.
  • I asked one of my favorite authors a question on her blog and she answered! (the second one.)
  • Since my sister doesn’t read this blog, let me ask you this: she’s 26 and works retail but they only give her part-time hours. Because she’s not that busy, she sits around a lot. Every time we talk, she complains how bored she is. I send her books and things but I feel like she’s wasting so much of her life. I know it isn’t my place to fix her or anything but how can I make her realize that some day she’s going to wake up and see that
    she missed out on so much?
  • Ok, that one was a bit of a downer so let’s follow it up with this week’s tasty Man Candy. This is Calen Froese from Canada, eh. :) Don’t say Canada never did anything for us; this guy is ridiculously sexy. According to an interview I read, they’re calling him the next Brad Pitt. Hey, someone’s gotta fill those shoes as the dude ages, right?