Meet ‘n’ greet

So yay! Java is going to keep hosting this meme. This is great news! Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1.  What are you wearing right now?

I am wearing jeans, flip flops, and my Bon Temps Football shirt (a la Sookie Stackhouse). It’s conference day so I don’t have to teach, which means I can dress down.

2.  Do you have any freckles?

Nope, this is a freckle-free zone. Awww.

3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?

Without a doubt, the Butter Rum. However, I seem to have trouble finding it. This past holiday season, Michael’s had them by the register so I got 4 packs.

4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?

Last Friday, Ash and I saw Unknown, which was alright but I’m not sure this is exactly the role for Liam Neeson. He’s trying too hard to be an action star.

5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?

I bet almost everyone will say TV; I could go without the actual appliance of the TV because so much is on the net these days. In general, I don’t have to have TV shows. But music… life would be so dull without it!

Alright, head over to Java’s house and link up!

A good, good weekend


I meant to do this yesterday but I was busy doing half the stuff on this list! Here’s what’s awesome this week:

  • Elliot and I went by Tomatoland and got fruit and veggies and also, a bag of boiled peanuts. We then went to Dorthy B. Oven park and walked the little path through the gardens and ate our peanuts on a wooden bridge. It was nice to spend time with just him.
  • Eating at Momo’s pizza with the kids. Elliot behaved, Isaac was happy because we were sitting outside. And I got a beer that went straight to my head. We went over to Tasty Pastry after and got sweets. I had a red velvet cupcake and 2/3 boys got cookies. :)
  • A nap was had by all when we got home.
  • Ash and Ell washed the car while Elliot and I lazed around under blue skies.
  • Some of Ash’s friends showed up unannounced – which annoyed me- but I ended up talking to one of heir girlfriends about romance novels.
  • The combine is on NFL network this week and for some reason, I really love watching it.
  • If this sun comes out today, I’m taking Isaac to the same park to do a photoshoot like I did with Elliot when he was this age. I love taking pics.

That’s it for now. More happy moments to come today. :) Happy Weekend!

Friday Confessional – Psst, hey, you know what?



Confess away, my friends.

  • I don’t like either Colin Firth or Bradley Cooper. The former is just meh and I am bored by period piece movies (for the most part) and the latter makes me want to punch him in his ugly face. I don’t have a rational explanation for this, however.
  • I was cleaning up dog bombs in the yard and came across some little gifts from my neighbour’s feral cats. I carefully collected said presents and promptly delivered them to the neighbour’s yard. Aaaand you’re welcome.
  • I get really irritated when I think of something I want to complain about on, say, Twitter, but then remember that a friend who follows me would probably be offended. And it’s not the fact that I would offend her but rather, that I am censoring myself like that that gets me.
  • When people tell me really personal things, I rarely feel embarrassed but I wonder if I am ever blushing.
  • People tend to do this often. I am not sure if I am a good listener or if I just make them feel comfortable or what.
  • I don’t wear make-up except if we’re getting dressed up for an outing. On a daily basis, I don’t want to mess with it. But while looking in the mirror to pluck last night, I came to the realization that I might just have to start; my skin doesn’t look “old” but I noticed some imperfections that I don’t exactly like.
  • I created a Janet Jackson Pandora station and when it started playing NKOTB songs… I thumbs upped them.
  • I tend to get really interested in things from my youth. For example, my dad went to the town where I grew up last week and a mall where my mother worked is still there but shut down, as it has been for a long time. He wondered if it was all the same inside and I found a Facebook group all about it and it is, it’s just closed up… a time capsule for the 80s. I am obsessed with finding out more about it now and people who might remember it.
  • I sometimes have dreams about places like that, from my childhood. I dream about being trapped in malls we used to visit or in water parks and I am the only one there. I think places have a big impact on how I view myself and my surroundings now.
  • As a child, however, I was irrationally afraid of old houses, even if we were just driving down a street full of them.

That’s what I got for ya this week. What do you have to confess?

Thursday 13 – Come on, get happy

I once blogged about some things that made me really happy based on a book I read. In essence, it’s just like 1000 Awesome Things; focusing on tiny things in life – quirks, moments, happenings – that can bring you great joy. I thought since it’s kind of a dreary morning, gas prices are rising, and I have already spent tomorrow’s paycheck , it’d be nice to raise the cheer around here.

(You can participate in Thursday 13 here)

  1. That first time Isaac said ” bye bye” to me when I left him at daycare
  2. Shopping at small produce markets
  3. Making sun tea on a sprightly bright summer day
  4. Stepping into my darkened house after a long day at work
  5. Finding a new road that leads out of town, preferably one with lots of trees
  6. When my morning coffee is really really good
  7. Finishing a really awesome book and having another one to delve into
  8. When a friend unexpectedly takes me to lunch
  9. Chatting with friends online and you both send the same message at the same time
  10. When winter gives way to spring and everything feels renewed
  11. Getting Final Jeopardy! right
  12. Running a really hot bath and slipping in; that initial burn
  13. Getting an unexpected Thank You note

Those are just some things I cherish. How about you?

Big Decisions

I haven’t written a lot of substantial posts lately because let’s face it: my life is pretty stable right now. With the kids at manageable ages and the running and both Ash and I at least having jobs, we’re doing alright by today’s standards. This is desirable, of course. I remember days past where I wasn’t sure I could make that month’s bills and/or where I’d be working come summer, etc. We’ve gotten ourselves to a plateau and we’re happy just coasting. Sometimes it can be dull. Sometimes I get to feeling that old ennui…

But sometimes, when I am reading other mommy blogs, I start to think if I should reexamine my life and the choices I have made. Though I love my job, sometimes I feel really frustrated by the amount of effort I put in versus the amount of money they pay me. I’m not surprised by it; academia has a way of severely underpaying people who work hard and overpaying idiot sacks of shit like a few of the people who work a couple floors above me. I wish it were fair but as my parents told me repeatedly as a child, “Life isn’t fair. Get used to it.” I get on job boards maybe once a month and scour the listings to see what I could possibly apply for that would pay even a fraction more than I make now. The thing is, I only need about 200 more a month.

Ash used to urge me to stay home with the kids because what we pay in daycare alone equals roughly one of my paychecks. Think about that then all the other bills a family of four (and three dogs) has. It’s slightly ridiculous. I am of the belief that daycare/preschool is integral to a child’s development. Elliot has seriously benefited from it; he has always been a sharp kid but his social skills have improved and he just knows how to be an all around better person. He’s more balanced because of it. I see nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom but I always said it wasn’t for me…

… and it still isn’t. I just realized today, however, that if I could secure some side job type things, then I might be willing to give it a go. The main things holding me back before were the a.) loyalty I have to this job and the people and b.) the lack of social interaction with adults. I could handle the latter; just make sure I plan activities and do things with friends when I can. The former, well, I think it became apparent to me about six months ago that I could quit and still be happy. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The one thing I think I will dislike about it most is that if I am only bringing in a small amount of money, I will feel bad about spending it on extra stuff. Can I justify that pedicure if I am bringing in less money? I have always had an issue justifying spending anyway; this would just make it even more mentally anguishing.

I haven’t mentioned my change in thought to Ash yet, though I know he’ll support me in whatever I choose. There’s a lot of things that would need to be secured before any of this goes down but I have to say, with this prospect out on the table, I am feeling energized and revived in a way. This is a very good thing.

My Book Boyfriend – Week 6

This week I am choosing Brian from Cherrie Lynn’s Rock Me.  I didn’t love this book but I did love Brian. He was everything I used to hope for in a boyfriend when I was, say, 20. And to this day, I guess I still have a thing for tattooed and pierced bad boys.

The best model I could find is Nicholas Lemons, known for his tattoos and bad boy look. (Minus the goatee; sorry.)

Brian is a tattoo artist who gave everything he had to open his own shop, though his family wasn’t exactly keen on it. Once dating Candace’s cousin, he’s now single and Candace has mustered the courage to walk into his shop and get her first tattoo for her 23rd birthday. Brian is the only guy she trusts to initiate her into that side of culture. Here’s an excerpt from when she’s on his chair, readying to be inked:

His olive skin was maddeningly without blemish. Exquisite lips, full and defined, were framed by a goatee that looked so sleek and soft…How would it feel against her skin if he ever kissed her? Rough or silken? Would it tickle or scratch? Should would never find out, but a girl could dream.

Brian gets involved with Candace and can’t seem to quit her. Here’s an excerpt from chapter 6:

Candace,” he said softly. “You’re incredibly beautiful, and I-” He gave up with a sigh. She opened her eyes to see him lean his head back in despair for a moment. “I would be a fool to leave.”

Though looks denoted otherwise, he’s a sweet, romantic guy. Plus, he has a specific piercing that definitely did right by Candace. ;)

The book’s worth a read if for nothing else, Brian is a compelling character full of patience and a sexual sort of savagery. I dug him.

Random Tuesday – No zombie apocolypse for us edition


SO. It’s that time again. By the time you read this, I’ll be at the pediatrician’s office with both children, probably pulling my hair out and praying the wait isn’t too long… which is almost always is. Le sigh.

  • Looks like it’s going to be 45/75 for the next ten days. This? Is awesome.
  • The weekend was so great that we got some housework done – inside and out – and we all had a lovely time.
  • I was even in a better mood compared to last week when the slightest thing warranted a roundhouse kick to the nearest groin.
  • Yesterday, every food I ate pretty much sucked. Healthy Choice Steamer? Garbage. Baby Ruth? Stale peanuts. Blueberry yogurt? Just kind of tasteless. What gives?
  • I was really intrigued by the quote by Toni Morrison in this short tribute to her for NPR. I think she’s right about racism.
  • Here’s another little protest sign to get you thinking.
  • I’ve decided to write a letter to the vacuum place, just telling them how I feel about their service. I know it won’t make a difference but the more I think about it, the angrier I get. I’m not normally a letter writer in these kind of situations but I feel it necessary.
  • Does anyone actually care about all this Charlie Sheen BS? I keep hearing about it as if it’s actually important. It’s usually juxtaposed with the stuff about Libya or Egypt. WOW.
  • Ice + heat + ice + heat = foot feeling slightly better. Hoping to run within the week.
  • I have “Get Off Of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones stuck in my head.
  • While most people would be thrilled to get them, I am not happy about having pain meds after my surgery. I don’t like to take asprin, let alone, like, percocet. Ugh.
  • But, that gives me a reason to finally finish weaning Isaac. He’s only getting one meal out of me a day and it’s really only for comfort, I think. Here’s to reclaiming my boobs!
  • Ash’s climbing buddies came over last night and I remembered how fun it is to hang out with people. Why don’t I do that more often? Oh yeah: children. Sigh.

That’s all I have in randomness this week.  I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find Man Candy with my readers in mind. No offense to you guys – I aim to please – but this week is for me. :) I featured Joseph Sayers a long time ago when I don’t think I was even linking up to this meme. I don’t know what it is about him but he just does it for me. This pic? I’ll be in my bunk…

Meet Me on Monday – new host edition

I was saddened to sit down to my computer this morning and see that Java, who formerly hosted this meme, was going to be quitting her blog. Luckily, Heather @ Acting Balanced picked it up. And I am thankful!

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

I have a pair of winter shoes and then about four pairs of sandals for summer and that’s IT. I’m just not a shoe gal! But, I love my Merrells. My favorite pair looks like the one in the forefront there but in a lighter shade.
2. Cake or Pie and what flavor?

Sometimes when I am at the store, I can’t resist the baker’s single servings slices of cake. Depending on my mood, chocolate or lemon. BUT, I actually prefer pie but not the kind with a big crusty top. I really love a manadarin orange pie.

3. What was the last book you read?

Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley. And even though it was in the romance category, it was heartbreaking and mentally exhausting!

4. If you could buy one piece of technology/electronics what would it be and why – price is no object?

Hmm, this is actually kind of tough. I need a new motherboard but that’s too simple. I was watching HGTV the other night and a show about amazing bathrooms. I’m going to go with the most advanced shower money could buy.

5. Where do you do your best thinking?

Hmm, either while running or in the car. Though, I always come up with ideas right before I take a nap.

If you want to partake and keep this meme alive, head on over to the site!

Acting Balanced

Happy List Time


This week has been, admittedly, very awful. Sure, it’s probably partially been my viewpoint of it but still… it has not been fun.

  • When I got home from work yesterday, I grabbed a beer, went outside (where it was 79 degrees!) and read the new Martha Stewart while listening to my Lady Antebellum Pandora station.

(The view from my deck towards the neighbour’s house, though in Spring)

The beer

  • I thought my mother had given me 25 dollars in spa gift cards but on second look, there’s double. I am SO getting a sports massage here soon.
  • This weather makes me happy in general; 70s, sunny, the grass starting to get greener and the bushes blooming. Oh yeah.
  • I bought this cool steampunkish octopus pill box yesterday. I think it’s awesome!
  • We calculated that our triple pay (as the calendar dictates) month is April. This is good because I can then plan Isaac’s first birthday
  • I finished this book I was reading on my Kindle app and though it was heartbreaking throughout, it had a really wonderful ending; the torture was worth it!
  • I have two more Kresley Cole novels to delve into and I can’t wait!
  • I’m going to get ready for a baby shower! Over and out. Happy weekend.

Friday Confessional – What’s it gonna be, Friday? Huh?



Ok guys, time to spend some couch time with the folks above and let it all loose.

I confessI did something really stupid and clumsy yesterday. I was loading my *finally* fixed vacuum into the back of my car and an attachment fell off. My reflexes told my arm to reach out to catch it but in the meantime, the foot or so of the hose extension that is hard plastic came out of its docking area and bashed me in my nose…hard. So hard I saw stars and couldn’t see clearly for a second. I composed myself, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then got in my car and cried. Then I went home, only to realize my nose was bleeding. And it didn’t stop being bloody for about an hour. I have never had a nose bleed so I had no idea what to do. It was an awful lunch break!

I confess… I let Elliot wear the shirt portion of his Spider Man Underoos to school today because I don’t need THAT argument first thing in the morning.

I confess… It’s going to be really had to sit in my office and work this afternoon when it’ll be 79 and sunny outside and college kids will be in various states of undress, throwing Frisbees, soaking their toes in the nearby fountain, etc. I am dreading this afternoon.

I confess… I’m still doing it: reciting that prayer every time I type a new confession. And in that, I feel a little guilty about having not gone to church in a really long time, if you don’t count Christmas.

I confess…I have been a real crankypants all week long.

I confess…I totally cried in my car when I heard about the man poisoning the 130 year old oak trees on Auburn’s campus. Not only for those poor trees but because, humanity, really?? You wonder why I hate people sometimes….

I confess… I don’t really want to go to this baby shower tomorrow that I am committed to. Mostly because the girl is the kind of person who has a ton of rich family members so she already got everything she could possibly need. My gift won’t count for much.

I confess… I am kind of worried about the full moon. Evey night this week it has seemed full but it’s official today. I am always in a strange state when it’s full. Also, I wouldn’t shop today. Retail customers always act like assholes on full moons.

I confess… Though I am relatively broke, I am heading over to Etsy to buy something. I feel like I need to treat myself

Alrighty, y’all. Have a great weekend. See you on the flip side.