Random Tuesday – 2011, what have you done for me so far?


Another Tuesday, another excuse not to write a “real” blog post. Do I care? Not really. This is me. Not caring. What’s up now, huh? :)

  • How come I had never seen a Parry Gripp video before? OMG, hilarious!
  • I don’t care what anyone says; tapioca pudding rocks my freaking socks off.
  • No one gave me a fruitcake this year and I’m bummed. I actually like that stuff.
  • My mom got that iPad I mentioned a few weeks back and as far as I know, the only thing she has done is charge it. Sigh. I just hate to see good technology wasted.
  • Though I complain about Elliot a lot, he was really sweet last night. We were lounging  in my bed watching the new Avengers cartoon and he said something like, “I’m so sorry mommy about your knees”, since he knew they were hurting from my nine mile run. What a sweetie he can be. You know, when he’s not being a jerk.
  • Is anyone else looking forward to The Cape? It starts next Sunday on ABC, I believe. Looks pretty awesome.
  • I didn’t make any actual resolutions but I really want to: make time to write, fit in a yoga class, and do more artistically creative projects in 2011. But my main goal is to keep losing weight so Ash and I can go back to Hawaii.
  • Speaking of, I got some spa gift cards and am considering various degrees of waxing. However, this is a very scary idea to me. It’s not exactly the kind of subject people like to, er, speak freely about but if you have any encouragement about bikini waxes, feel free to share. I may or may not be swayed. ::shudder::
  • For lucky #13 in Man Candy this week, I am featuring one of my favorite dudes: David Boreanaz. The man is so hot I have trouble putting it into words. ::Melts::