Random Tuesday – Recovering from Christmas edition


I’m not sure there’s any way to really get back on track after the holidays except for everyone to go back to school/work and just start acting normal. But here’s what’s rumbling around in my head this week, as I try to put my house back together.

*Btw, this week you get a warning about the impending Man Candy below. In case you’re scrolling down with kids looking over your shoulder. You’ve been warned*

  • Elliot got a plethora of toys and now that we’re back home, I haven’t the slightest idea where to begin on putting them away. I think my first task should be to clear out a lot of old toys he never plays with.
  • I usually make a point to stay with my parents for only three days. We stayed four and on the fourth day, my father and I argued. See? There’s totally a reason for three. Three is enough. Four or more = everyone pissed at each other.
  • When we went to Kohl’s this morning, one of the employees was cleaning up front. On our way out, Elliot asked where that guy went. Then he said, “Where’d that black guy go?” Groan. The other female employee said “Ooooh” as if he’d done something wrong. And I felt compelled to apologize at first and then I thought again. He has a relatively diverse preschool class: three African American girls and an Asian boy. Half his teachers are black. Oh, and he’s THREE. He doesn’t understand the social implications of asking where the black guy went. He only knows colors. Now I kind of want to go back and lecture that girl for not understanding that.
  • I am sick of feeling like I might be getting sick any moment. My mom had the flu the week before we went down there. And that week, Isaac had some kind of stomach virus. After he puked up on Ash, he then got it. THEN, on Christmas Day, my sister felt like crap, ended up in the ER with Influenza-B, which is apparently the rarer strain. I am furiously drinking my vitamins and praying for the best.
  • What is up with The Fresh Beat Band? Ell used to like it but he’s moved on – thank God – to other shows but if it’s the only thing on, he’ll watch it. I want to hurt the white boy; he’s SO ANNOYING.
  • BTW, I hate typing on laptops. Elliot’s on my computer because that’s where we have The Little Mermaid and I am stuck on our ancient Dell. HATE.
  • Things I got for Xmas included socks, gift cards, cupcake tiered holder, FSU garden gnome, and running accouterments.
  • I didn’t get Cory Bond as I had asked for ;)
  • Spill: what did you get and what did you not get but wanted?

Man Candy! Maxwell Zagorski is yummy in a boy next door way. In an Abercombie model way. Lucky for you, that’s what he is.